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Regional and Local Data

National Regional Profile presents a range of key social and economic data covering a five year time period. Profiles are available for smaller regions, including Local Government Areas and Statistical Areas, as well as larger regions up to and including Australia.

Regional Data in ABS Products page helps you locate regional data in ABS publications.

Image: Census Data
Census Data

An extensive range of data is available for Local Government Areas from the Census of Population and Housing.

The Census data page provides you with access to all Census data that is available online. It contains a description of all the products available (including TableBuilder), allowing you to choose which product best suits your needs.

Census home page provides links to other information about the Census, including access to historical data and reference material.

Image: Releases by Topic
Releases by Topic

The following releases contain data for Local Government Areas across Australia.

Regional Population Growth (cat. no. 3218.0)
Population by Age and Sex, Regions of Australia (cat. no. 3235.0)
Births (cat. no. 3301.0)
Deaths (cat. no. 3302.0)
Building Approvals, Australia (cat. no. 8731.0)
Estimates of Personal Income for Small Areas (cat. no. 6524.0.55.002)
Wage and Salary Earner Statistics for Small Areas (cat. no. 5673.0.55.003)

Image: Using Data for Statistical Local Areas
Using Data for Statistical Local Areas

Some historical ABS releases use Statistical Local Areas (SLA). The SLA was a general purpose spatial unit in the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) used to collect and disseminate statistics. SLAs were based on the boundaries of incorporated bodies of local government where they exist. Where there is no incorporated body of local government, SLAs are defined to cover the unincorporated areas.

One or more SLAs form each Local Government Area (LGA), and so some data at SLA level can be aggregated to LGAs. You can look up the SLAs that make up your LGA
in: Australian Standard Geographical Classification (cat. no. 1216.0).

From July 2011 the ABS has been progressively replacing the current ASGC with the new
Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) as its geographical framework. SLAs are not part of the ASGS and therefore data at this geographic level will progressively become unavailable. LGAs are part of the ASGS and the ABS will continue to support LGAs with the data it currently provides.

A summary table of the ABS publications impacted by the transition from the ASGC to the ASGS is included on the ASGS Implementation Schedule for ABS Publications page.

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Tailored Information

ABS can customise data tailored to your needs. Read about our
Information Consultancy Services.

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