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Providing Data to the ABS

Local Government bodies provide data to the ABS in a number of collections and surveys. Examples are Local Government Finance statistics and monthly details of building approvals. Local Government may also be selected in other ABS sample surveys.

Information about participating in ABS surveys can be found in Survey Participant Information. This includes information about confidentiality, ABS legislation, frequently asked questions, and information about household and business surveys.

Image: Where does your information go?
Where does your information go?

ABS releases that include information supplied by Local Government include:

Government Financial Estimates, Australia (cat. no. 5501.0.55.001)
Building Approvals, Australia (cat. no. 8731.0)
Engineering Construction Activity, Australia (cat. no. 8762.0)

Further information about these releases can be found in the following Theme pages:

Government Finance Statistics

Image: Building Approvals - More than one Statistic
Building Approvals - More than one Statistic

Building Approvals are one of the Key National Indicators (1345.0) of the Australian economy, and are also used in compiling other economic data.

Building Approvals Collection

See Collection Information - Building Approvals for further information about Building Approvals.

See the latest release of Building Approvals, Australia (cat. no. 8731.0).

Building Activity Survey

The quarterly Building Activity Survey uses a sample of building jobs from Building Approvals, and collects information about those building jobs to produce estimates of building activity.

See Collection Information - Building Activity Survey for further information about the Building Activity Survey.

See the latest release of Building Activity, Australia (cat. no. 8752.0).

Australian National Accounts

Estimates of work done from the Building Activity Survey are used in the compilation of 'private gross fixed capital formation' in the quarterly Australian National Accounts.

See Australian National Accounts: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2000 (cat. no. 5216.0) for further information about 'private gross fixed capital formation'.

See the latest release of Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product (cat.no. 5206.0).