1272.0 - Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED), 2001  
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STUDIES IN HUMAN SOCIETY is the study of the past and present behaviour of humans and their interaction, social organisation and geographical distribution.

The main purpose of this narrow field of education is to develop an understanding of collective behaviour, social and cultural processes and systems, the techniques and procedures of research design and analysis, and history and its relation to the current condition of society.

Courses in Narrow Field 0903 Studies in Human Society develop skills in:
. analysing the impact of historical events on past and contemporary society
. authenticating, evaluating and interpreting anthropological data
. compiling historical data from primary and secondary sources, and interviews
. evaluating and interpreting cultural, demographic and sociological data
. identifying, authenticating, analysing and evaluating material artefacts
. researching aspects of societies using a variety of social research methods

This narrow field comprises the following detailed fields:

090301  Sociology
090303  Anthropology
090305  History
090307  Archaeology
090309  Human Geography
090311  Indigenous Studies
090313  Gender Specific Studies
090399  Studies in Human Society, n.e.c.


Psychology. This is included in Narrow Field 0907 Behavioural Science.

090301 Sociology

Sociology is the study of the origin, development, organisation and functioning of human society, including the study of the patterns of social relations.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. social control
. social inequalities
. social interaction
. sociological theory
. sociology of education
. social structure

090303 Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of the diversity of human cultural practices and beliefs by participant observation and comparison.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. anthropology of development
. cultural studies
. ethnography
. ethnology
. evolution of human culture
. kinship
. transformation of traditional societies

090305 History

History is the study of past cultures, events and ideas using written documents and other evidence.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. perspectives on the past
. film and history
. history through monuments
. contemporary world history

090307 Archaeology

Archaeology is the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. archaeological data
. archaeological methods and techniques
. archaeological theories

090309 Human Geography

Human Geography is the study of spatial variations between human populations and the interactions between people and their environment.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. human activity and environmental change
. demography
. human community development theory and practice
. globalisation

090311 Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is the study of indigenous culture and societies and their relationship to the broader society of a particular country.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. comparative indigenous studies
. contemporary indigenous studies
. indigenous cultures

090313 Gender Specific Studies

Gender Specific Studies is the study of the ways that people and society develop various ideas and beliefs concerning the roles and functions of a specific gender and the way that this gender relates to society.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. feminist theory
. gender and power
. gender issues
. historical perspectives on gender issues
. women’s studies

090399 Studies in Human Society, n.e.c.

This detailed field includes all Studies in Human Society not elsewhere classified.

Examples of subjects in this detailed field include:
. peace studies
. multicultural studies
. modern studies

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