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Japan's significance as a number one trading partner declines (Media Release), Mar 1999 (cat no. 5422.0)
Jimmy Little Promotes Good Health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (Media Release), Feb 2005
Job mobility decreases - ABS (Media Release), Feb 1998 (cat no. 6209.0)
Job mobility remains steady (Media Release), Feb 2002 (cat no. 6209.0)
Job search experience of the unemployed (Media Release), July 1997 (cat no. 6222.0)
Job Search Experience, Australia (Media Release), July 2013 (cat no. 6222.0)
Job vacancies decline in August (Media Release), Aug 2019 (cat no. 6354.0)
Jobs grow while hours decline in June 2018 (Media Release), June 2018 (cat no. 6150.0.55.003)
Jobs growth continues in June quarter 2019 (Media Release), June 2019 (cat no. 6150.0.55.003)
Join Australians having their say in the Marriage Survey (Media Release),
Join the ABS fun run to raise funds for cancer (Media Release), May 2004
Joint report puts spotlight on Australian diet (Media Release), 1995 (cat no. 4805.0)
Just over 1 in 5 Australians have a Bachelor degree or higher (Media Release), May 2006 (cat no. 6227.0)
Just over one in five part-time workers want to work more hours (Media Release), Sep 2004 (cat no. 6265.0)