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Can Labour Force Estimates be Improved Using Matched Sample Estimates? (Feature Article), May 1998 (cat no. 1350.0)
Canberra Past and Present (Feature Article), 1931 (cat no. 1301.0)
Cancer trends (Feature Article), 2005 (cat no. 1301.0)
Capital cities: past, present and future (Feature Article), 2012-13 (cat no. 3218.0)
Caravan Registrations (Feature Article), Jun 2001 (cat no. 8634.0)
Cardiovascular disease: 20th century trends (Feature Article), 2003 (cat no. 1301.0)
Carers with a disability (Feature Article), 2002 (cat no. 1301.0)
Caring in Australia (1998) (Feature Article), Apr 1999 (cat no. 4430.0)
Caring in families (Feature Article), 1996 (cat no. 1301.0)
Casual employees (Feature Article), 2006 (cat no. 1301.0)
Casual employment (Jul, 1999) (Feature Article), Jul 1999 (cat no. 6203.0)
Causes of death in Tasmania since 1900 (Feature Article), 2002 (cat no. 1384.6)
Causes of Death, Queensland, 2007 (Feature Article), May 2009 (cat no. 1318.3)
Census and Statistics Act of 1905 (Feature Article), 1908 (cat no. 1301.0)
Census and the Labour Force Survey (Feature Article), Oct 2007 (cat no. 6105.0)
Census history in Tasmania (Feature Article), 1998 (cat no. 1301.6)
Census in Tasmania - then and now (Feature Article), 2000 (cat no. 1301.6)
Census of Motor Vehicles - 31st December, 1962 (Feature Article), 1964 (cat no. 1301.0)
Census of Motor Vehicles, 31 December, 1955 (Feature Article), 1958 (cat no. 1301.0)
Census of Papua and New Guinea, 1966 (Feature Article), 1967 (cat no. 1301.0)
Censuses of Modern Times - Section I (Feature Article), 1911 (cat no. 1301.0)
Censuses of Modern Times - Section II (Feature Article), 1911 (cat no. 1301.0)
Censuses of Modern Times - Section III (Feature Article), 1911 (cat no. 1301.0)
Census: pre-federation activity: Censuses of the Commonwealth (Feature Article), 1967 (cat no. 1301.0)
Cessation of the Composite Leading Indicator (Feature Article), Sep 2003 (cat no. 1350.0)
Change in Base Year of Constant Price National Accounts from 1984-85 to 1989-90, Mar 1993 (Feature Article), 1993 (cat no. 1350.0)
Change in Composition of Dwelling Approvals (Feature Article), Jul 2016 (cat no. 8731.0)
Changes in the mix of dwelling types (Feature Article), Apr 2008 (cat no. 8731.0)
Changes in the mix of dwelling types (Feature Article), May 2002 (cat no. 8731.0)
Changes in types of employment (Feature Article), Oct 2004 (cat no. 6105.0)
Changes in where people work over time (Feature Article), Oct 2006 (cat no. 6105.0)
Changes to ABS measures of employee remuneration (Feature Article), Jan 2007 (cat no. 6105.0)
Changes to Country and Port Classification (Feature Article), May 2003 (cat no. 5368.0)
Changes to economic statistics as a result of taxation reform (Feature Article), Jul 2002 (cat no. 1350.0)
Changes to International Trade in Services Statistics, August 2006 (Feature Article), Aug 2006 (cat no. 5368.0)
Changes to International Trade in Services Travel Statistics (Feature Article), Aug 2005 (cat no. 5368.0)
Changes to labour force survey seasonal adjustment processes (Feature Article), Jan 2004 (cat no. 6105.0)
Changes to monthly Retail trade statistics (Feature Article), Jul 2008 (cat no. 8501.0)
Changes to the Collection of Inventory Data (Feature Article), 2006 (cat no. 1329.0)
Changes to volume measures of ownership transfer costs (Feature Article), 2018-19 (cat no. 5204.0)
Changing dwelling and household size (Feature Article), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Changing Links with Europe (Feature Article), 1998 (cat no. 1301.0)
Changing of German Place Names in Australia (Feature Article), 1926 (cat no. 1301.0)
Changing Patterns of Land Use in Australia, 1988 (cat no. 1301.0)
Changing tenure status (Feature Article), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Changing water and energy use in Perth homes (Feature Article), Jun 2007 (cat no. 1367.5)
Characteristics and Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Australia (Feature Article), Jan 2010 (cat no. 1350.0)
Characteristics of Apartment Approvals (Feature Article), Sep 2019 (cat no. 8731.0)
Characteristics of new residential dwellings - A 15 year summary (Feature Article), Dec 2018 (cat no. 8752.0)
Characteristics of New Residential Dwellings (Feature Article), Dec 2019 (cat no. 8752.0)
Characteristics of State forest areas (Feature Article), 1913 (cat no. 1301.0)
Characteristics of the development of the population of Australia and the effect of the War thereupon (1914-18 War) (Feature Article), 1920 (cat no. 1301.0)
Characteristics of the people in the wine industry. (Feature Article 1), 2007 (cat no. 1329.0)
Characteristics of the Population (Feature Article), 2009–10 (cat no. 1301.0)
Characteristics of underemployed workers (Feature Article), Apr 2003 (cat no. 6105.0)
Chemical products of Australian eucalypts (Feature Article), 1917 (cat no. 1301.0)
Child Care Usage In Victoria (Feature Article), Dec 2007 (cat no. 1367.2)
Child health since Federation (Feature Article), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Childhood Determinants of Adult Health Study (Feature Article), 2002 (cat no. 1384.6)
Children's injuries (Feature Article), 2006 (cat no. 1301.0)
Children's Participation in Playing a Musical Instrument (Feature Article), 2010 (cat no. 4172.0)
Children's Participation in Selected Organised Cultural Activities Outside of School Hours Over Time (Feature Article), 2008 (Second Edition) (cat no. 4172.0)
Children's Use of the Internet and Mobile Phones in South Australia (Feature Article), July 2010 (cat no. 1345.4)
Children and Cyber Safety (Feature Article), May 2010 (cat no. 1308.8)
Children Living Without an Employed Parent (Feature Article), Jul 2004 (cat no. 6105.0)
China's Tourists (Feature Article), March 2003, 2003 (cat no. 3401.0)
Chronic diseases and risk factors (Feature Article), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Classifications, Harmonised System Review 2002 (Feature Article), 2002 (cat no. 1233.0)
Clean up Australia (Feature Article), 1995 (cat no. 1301.0)
Climate and meteorology of Australia (Feature Article), 1941 (cat no. 1301.0)
Climate and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games (Feature Article), 2000 (cat no. 1301.0)
Climate change (Feature Article), 2003 (cat no. 1301.0)
Climate Variability and El Nino (Feature Article), 1998 (cat no. 1301.0)
Clothing and food rationing (Feature Article), 1944-45 (cat no. 1301.0)
Co-operation in Australia: producers and consumers (Feature Article), 1924 (cat no. 1301.0)
Colonial censuses and musters (Feature Article), July 2011 (cat no. 2071.0)
Combining work and study (Feature Article), 2002 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commerce in the early 90s (Feature Article), 1996 (cat no. 1301.6)
Commercial and Industrial Bureau of the Board of Trade (Feature Article), 1924 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commercial uses of principal Australian timbers (Feature Article), 1913 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Bank, 1913-1917 (Feature Article), 1918 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth food control (1939-45 War) (Feature Article), 1942-43 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Government Control of Industrial Metals (Feature Article), 1919 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Government control of industrial metals [Australian metal exchange] (Feature Article), 1919 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Government shipping and ship building activities (Feature Article), 1929 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Marine War Risks Insurance Board (Feature Article), 1946-47 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Navigation and Shipping Legislation (Feature Article), 1924 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (Feature Article), 1998 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Parliamentary and Departmental reports and papers (Feature Article), 1920 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth rates of infantile mortality, 1881-1910 (Feature Article), 1912 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (Feature Article), 1953 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Referenda for Alteration of the Constitution, proposed laws and results of voting (to 31st December, 1953) (Feature Article), 1955 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Referenda (Feature Article), 1942-43 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Referenda (Feature Article), 1951 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Referenda (Feature Article), 1946-47 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Savings Bank (Feature Article), 1917 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Feature Article), 1970 (cat no. 1301.0)
Commonwealth War-time Technical Training Scheme (Feature Article), 1953 (cat no. 1301.0)
Community Services (Feature Article), 2004 (cat no. 1384.6)
Comparing unemployment and the claimant count (Feature Article), Jan 2009 (cat no. 6105.0)
Comparison of ABS measures of employee remuneration (Feature Article), Oct 2005 (cat no. 6105.0)
Comparison of Net Overseas Migration and Estimates from the 2011 Census (Feature Article), Dec 2012 (cat no. 3101.0)
Comparison of school children in Australia and other countries (Feature Article), 1912 (cat no. 1301.0)
Complementing GDP analysis with a household perspective (Feature Article), Jun 2014 (cat no. 5206.0)
Completion of the Adelaide to Darwin railway line (Feature Article), 2005 (cat no. 1301.0)
Components of Western Australia's economic growth (Feature Article), Mar 2005 (cat no. 1367.5)
Compulsory military training (Feature Article), 1971 (cat no. 1301.0)
Compulsory training [Military defence] (Feature Article), 1919 (cat no. 1301.0)
Concordance between First and Second Editions of the Australian Standard Classification of Occupations (ASCO) - Revised (Jan, 1999) (Feature Article), Jan 1999 (cat no. 6203.0)
Confinements resulting in multiple births (Feature Article), Jun 2001 (cat no. 3101.0)
Consistent grids of land value (Feature article), 2006 - 2011 (cat no. 4609.4.55.001)
Conspectus of Acts in force relating to the settlement of discharged soldiers (1914-18 War) (Feature Article), 1920 (cat no. 1301.0)
Conspectus of Acts in forces relating to weights and measures (Feature Article), 1922 (cat no. 1301.0)
Conspectus of Acts relating to the Constitutions (Feature Article), 1920 (cat no. 1301.0)
Conspectus of Australian Life Assurance Legislation (Feature Article), 1925 (cat no. 1301.0)
Conspectus of Income Tax Acts in force in Australia, 1921 (Feature Article), 1921 (cat no. 1301.0)
Conspectus of superannuation funds of the Parliaments of the Commonwealth and of the Australian States as at 30 June, 1949 (Feature Article), 1951 (cat no. 1301.0)
Constitutional Alteration (Powers to Deal with Communists and Communism) Referendum, 22nd September, 1951 (Feature Article), 1954 (cat no. 1301.0)
Construction and the environment (Feature Article), 2003 (cat no. 1301.0)
Construction Industry Information (Feature Article), Apr 2002 (cat no. 8731.0)
Construction Industry (Feature Article), September 2017 (cat no. 6150.0.55.003)
Consumer spending patterns and price change: How does electricity compare (Feature Article), Mar 2017 (cat no. 6401.0)
Contribution of Gambling to Retail Estimates (Feature Article), 2002 (cat no. 8501.0)
Contributors to Adelaide's Price Rises (Feature Article), Oct 2008 (cat no. 1345.4)
Control of prices during and since the 1939-45 War (Feature Article), 1946-47 (cat no. 1301.0)
Control of shipping: post-war control and developments (Feature Article), 1953 (cat no. 1301.0)
Counts of accommodation establishments and capacity at September 2001 (Feature Article), Sep 2001 (cat no. 8634.0)
COVID-19 Mortality (Feature Article), Jan-Mar 2020 (cat no. 3303.0.55.004)
Creation of the Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics (Feature Article), 1908 (cat no. 1301.0)
Crime and safety (Feature Article), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Crime and Safety in Western Australia (Feature Article), Mar 2001 (cat no. 1367.5)
Crime and safety (Feature Article), 2000 (cat no. 1301.0)
Crime and Safety (Feature Article), Nov 2009 (cat no. 1345.4)
Crime in twentieth century Australia (Feature Article), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
Criminal Courts in Queensland, 2007-08 (Feature Article), Apr 2009 (cat no. 1318.3)
Criminal Courts in the ACT (Feature Article), May 2009 (cat no. 1308.8)
CrimTrac (Feature Article), 2004 (cat no. 1384.6)
Cultural Attendance by People With a Disability (Feature Article), August 2012 (cat no. 4172.0.55.001)
Cultural attendance by persons with a disability (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition) (cat no. 4172.0)
Cultural diversity in Western Australia (Feature Article), Sep 2007 (cat no. 1367.5)
Cultural Encounters - Australia's Arts and Heritage Volunteers (Feature Article), 2008 (First Edition) (cat no. 4172.0)
Cultural Funding and Museums - A Tourism Perspective (Feature Article), Jun 2001 (cat no. 8634.0)
Customs Tariff, 1914 (Feature Article), 1918 (cat no. 1301.0)