2901.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Census Dictionary, 2016  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 23/08/2016   
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Classifications Index
The Classifications Index provides a reference to all data items available from the 2016 Census.

Classifications can also be viewed by category or release phase in the
standard table layout.
MnemonicDescriptionRelease (2017)Category
AGE5PAge in Five Year GroupsJunePerson
AGE10PAge in Ten Year GroupsJunePerson
ANCPAncestry Multi ResponseJunePerson
ANC1PAncestry 1st ResponseJunePerson
ANC2PAncestry 2nd ResponseJunePerson
ASSNPCore Activity Need for AssistanceJunePerson
BEDDNumber of Bedrooms in Private DwellingJuneHousehold/Dwelling
BEDRDNumber of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling (ranges)JuneHousehold/Dwelling
BPFPCountry of Birth of MotherJunePerson
BPLPCountry of Birth of PersonJunePerson
BPMPCountry of Birth of FatherJunePerson
BPPPCountry of Birth of ParentsJunePerson
CACFCount of All Children in FamilyJuneFamily
CDCAFCount of Dependent Children Under 15 Temporarily AbsentJuneFamily
CDCFCount of Dependent Children in FamilyJuneFamily
Community Development Programme Participation
Count of Dependent Students (15-24 years) Temporarily Absent
CHCAREPUnpaid Child CareJunePerson
CITPAustralian CitizenshipJunePerson
CNDAFCount of Non-Dependent Children Temporarily AbsentJuneFamily
CNDCFCount of Non-Dependent Children in FamilyJuneFamily
CPADCount of Persons Temporarily Absent from HouseholdJuneHousehold/Dwelling
CPAFCount of Persons Temporarily Absent from FamilyJuneFamily
CPRFCount of Persons in FamilyJuneFamily
CTGPChild Type (including grandchildren)JunePerson
CTPPChild TypeJunePerson
DLODDwelling LocationJuneHousehold/Dwelling
DOMPUnpaid Domestic Work: Number of HoursJunePerson
DWTDDwelling TypeJuneHousehold/Dwelling
EETPEngagement in Employment, Education and TrainingOctoberPerson
EMPPNumber of EmployeesOctoberPerson
ENGLPProficiency in Spoken English/LanguageJunePerson
ENGPProficiency in Spoken EnglishJunePerson
FBLFFamily BlendingJuneFamily
FIDFFamily Income Derivation IndicatorJuneFamily
FINASFTotal Family Income as Stated (weekly)JuneFamily
FINFTotal Family Income (weekly)JuneFamily
FMCFFamily CompositionJuneFamily
FMGFGrandparent FamiliesJuneFamily
FNOFFamily NumberJuneFamily
FRLFRelationship Between FamiliesJuneFamily
GNGPPublic/Private SectorOctoberPerson
HCFMDFamily Household Composition (Dwelling)JuneHousehold/Dwelling
HCFMFFamily Household Composition (Family)JuneFamily
HEAPLevel of Highest Educational AttainmentOctoberPerson
HHCDHousehold CompositionJuneHousehold/Dwelling
HIDDHousehold Income Derivation IndicatorJuneHousehold/Dwelling
HIEDEquivalised Total Household Income (weekly)JuneHousehold/Dwelling
HINASDTotal Household Income as Stated (weekly)JuneHousehold/Dwelling
HINDTotal Household Income (weekly)JuneHousehold/Dwelling
HOSDHousing SuitabilityJuneHousehold/Dwelling
HRSPHours WorkedOctoberPerson
HRWRPHours Worked (ranges)OctoberPerson
HSCPHighest Year of School CompletedJunePerson
IFAGEPImputation Flag for AgeJunePerson
IFMSTPImputation Flag for Registered Marital StatusJunePerson
Imputation Flag for Number of Males and Females in Dwelling
Imputation Flag for Place of Work
IFPURPImputation Flag for Place of Usual ResidenceJunePerson
IFSEXPImputation Flag for SexJunePerson
INCPTotal Personal Income (weekly)JunePerson
INDPIndustry of EmploymentOctoberPerson
INGDWTDIndigenous Household IndicatorJuneHousehold/Dwelling
INGPIndigenous StatusJunePerson
LANPLanguage Spoken at HomeJunePerson
LFHRPLabour Force Status and Hours Worked Not StatedOctoberPerson
LFSFLabour Force Status of Parents/Partners in FamiliesOctoberFamily
LFSPLabour Force StatusOctoberPerson
LLDDLandlord TypeJuneHousehold/Dwelling
MDCPSocial Marital StatusJunePerson
MREDMortgage Repayments (monthly) Dollar ValuesJuneHousehold/Dwelling
MRERDMortgage Repayments (monthly) RangesJuneHousehold/Dwelling
MSTPRegistered Marital StatusJunePerson
MTWPMethod of Travel to WorkOctoberPerson
MV1DHousehold One Year Mobility IndicatorOctoberHousehold/Dwelling
MV5DHousehold Five Year Mobility IndicatorOctoberHousehold/Dwelling
NEDDDwelling Internet ConnectionJuneHousehold/Dwelling
NPDDType of Non-Private DwellingJuneHousehold/Dwelling
NPRDNumber of Persons Usually Resident in DwellingJuneHousehold/Dwelling
POWPPlace of WorkOctoberPerson
PURPPlace of Usual ResidenceJunePerson
PUR1PPlace of Usual Residence One Year AgoOctoberPerson
PUR5P Place of Usual Residence Five Years AgoOctoberPerson
QALFPNon-School Qualification: Field of StudyOctoberPerson
QALLPNon-School Qualification: Level of EducationOctoberPerson
RELPReligious AffiliationJunePerson
RLCPRelationship as Reported for CouplesJunePerson
RLGPRelationship in Household (including grandchildren)JunePerson
RLHPRelationship in HouseholdJunePerson
RLNPResidential Status in a Non-Private DwellingJunePerson
RNTDRent (weekly) Dollar ValuesJuneHousehold/Dwelling
RNTRDRent (weekly) RangesJuneHousehold/Dwelling
RPIPFamily/Household Reference Person IndicatorJunePerson
SAFDSupported Accommodation FlagOctoberHousehold/Dwelling
SIEMPStatus in EmploymentOctoberPerson
SLPPSex of Lone ParentJunePerson
SPLFLocation of SpouseJuneFamily
SSCFSame-Sex Couple IndicatorJuneFamily
STRDDwelling StructureJuneHousehold/Dwelling
STUPFull-Time/Part-Time Student StatusJunePerson
TENDTenure TypeJuneHousehold/Dwelling
TENLLDTenure and Landlord TypeJuneHousehold/Dwelling
TISPNumber of Children Ever Born JunePerson
TISRPNumber of Children Ever Born (ranges)JunePerson
TYPPType of Educational Institution AttendingJunePerson
TYSTAPEducational Institution: Attendee StatusJunePerson
UAICPUsual Address Indicator Census NightJunePerson
UAI1PUsual Address One Year Ago IndicatorOctoberPerson
UAI5PUsual Address Five Years Ago IndicatorOctoberPerson
UNCAREPUnpaid Assistance to a Person with a DisabilityJunePerson
VEHDNumber of Motor VehiclesJuneHousehold/Dwelling
VEHRDNumber of Motor Vehicles (ranges)JuneHousehold/Dwelling
VOLWPVoluntary Work for an Organisation or GroupJunePerson
YARPYear of Arrival in AustraliaJunePerson
YARRPYear of Arrival in Australia (ranges)JunePerson

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