2901.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Census Dictionary, 2016  
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OCCP Occupation
October release

Icon - PersonsCoded using the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations, 2013, Version 1.2 (cat. no. 1220.0) (ANZSCO). The Occupation code assigned to a response is based on the occupation title and tasks of the main job held during the week prior to Census night.

Listed below are the major, sub-major, minor and unit group levels of ANZSCO, Version 1.2. Standard output for occupation data is at these levels of the classification. However, in some cases 6-digit level data can be made available from Information Consultancy.

Applicable to:Employed persons

Categories: Managers - Professionals - Technicians and Trades Workers - Community and Personal Service Workers - Clerical and Administrative Workers - Sales Workers - Machinery Operators and Drivers - Labourers


10Managers, nfd

100Managers, nfd

1000Managers, nfd

11Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators

111Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators

1110Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators, nfd
1111Chief Executives and Managing Directors
1112General Managers

12Farmers and Farm Managers

121Farmers and Farm Managers

1210Farmers and Farm Managers, nfd
1211Aquaculture Farmers
1212Crop Farmers
1213Livestock Farmers
1214Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmers

13Specialist Managers

130Specialist Managers, nfd

1300Specialist Managers, nfd

131Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers

1311Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers

132Business Administration Managers

1320Business Administration Managers, nfd
1321Corporate Services Managers
1322Finance Managers
1323Human Resource Managers
1324Policy and Planning Managers
1325Research and Development Managers

133Construction, Distribution and Production Managers

1330Construction, Distribution and Production Managers, nfd
1331Construction Managers
1332Engineering Managers
1333Importers, Exporters and Wholesalers
1335Production Managers
1336Supply, Distribution and Procurement Managers

134Education, Health and Welfare Services Managers

1340Education, Health and Welfare Services Managers, nfd
1341Child Care Centre Managers
1342Health and Welfare Services Managers
1343School Principals
1344Other Education Managers

135ICT Managers

1351ICT Managers

139Miscellaneous Specialist Managers

1390Miscellaneous Specialist Managers, nfd
1391Commissioned Officers (Management)
1392Senior Non-commissioned Defence Force Members
1399Other Specialist Managers

14Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers

140Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers, nfd

1400Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers, nfd

141Accommodation and Hospitality Managers

1410Accommodation and Hospitality Managers, nfd
1411Cafe and Restaurant Managers
1412Caravan Park and Camping Ground Managers
1413Hotel and Motel Managers
1414Licensed Club Managers
1419Other Accommodation and Hospitality Managers

142Retail Managers

1421Retail Managers

149Miscellaneous Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers

1490Miscellaneous Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers, nfd
1491Amusement, Fitness and Sports Centre Managers
1492Call or Contact Centre and Customer Service Managers
1493Conference and Event Organisers
1494Transport Services Managers
1499Other Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers


20Professionals, nfd

200Professionals, nfd

2000Professionals, nfd

21Arts and Media Professionals

210Arts and Media Professionals, nfd

2100Arts and Media Professionals, nfd

211Arts Professionals

2110Arts Professionals, nfd
2111Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers
2112Music Professionals
2114Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals

212Media Professionals

2120Media Professionals, nfd
2121Artistic Directors, and Media Producers and Presenters
2122Authors, and Book and Script Editors
2123Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors
2124Journalists and Other Writers

22Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals

220Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals, nfd

2200Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals, nfd

221Accountants, Auditors and Company Secretaries

2210Accountants, Auditors and Company Secretaries, nfd
2212Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers

222Financial Brokers and Dealers, and Investment Advisers

2220Financial Brokers and Dealers, and Investment Advisers, nfd
2221Financial Brokers
2222Financial Dealers
2223Financial Investment Advisers and Managers

223Human Resource and Training Professionals

2230Human Resource and Training Professionals, nfd
2231Human Resource Professionals
2232ICT Trainers
2233Training and Development Professionals

224Information and Organisation Professionals

2240Information and Organisation Professionals, nfd
2241Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians
2242Archivists, Curators and Records Managers
2244Intelligence and Policy Analysts
2245Land Economists and Valuers
2247Management and Organisation Analysts
2249Other Information and Organisation Professionals

225Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Professionals

2250Sales, Marketing and Public Relations Professionals, nfd
2251Advertising and Marketing Professionals
2252ICT Sales Professionals
2253Public Relations Professionals
2254Technical Sales Representatives

23Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals

230Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals, nfd

2300Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals, nfd

231Air and Marine Transport Professionals

2310Air and Marine Transport Professionals, nfd
2311Air Transport Professionals
2312Marine Transport Professionals

232Architects, Designers, Planners and Surveyors

2320Architects, Designers, Planners and Surveyors, nfd
2321Architects and Landscape Architects
2322Surveyors and Spatial Scientists
2323Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designers
2324Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators
2325Interior Designers
2326Urban and Regional Planners

233Engineering Professionals

2330Engineering Professionals, nfd
2331Chemical and Materials Engineers
2332Civil Engineering Professionals
2333Electrical Engineers
2334Electronics Engineers
2335Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers
2336Mining Engineers
2339Other Engineering Professionals

234Natural and Physical Science Professionals

2340Natural and Physical Science Professionals, nfd
2341Agricultural and Forestry Scientists
2342Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists
2343Environmental Scientists
2344Geologists, Geophysicists and Hydrogeologists
2345Life Scientists
2346Medical Laboratory Scientists
2349Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals

24Education Professionals

240Education Professionals, nfd

2400Education Professionals, nfd

241School Teachers

2410School Teachers, nfd
2411Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teachers
2412Primary School Teachers
2413Middle School Teachers (Aus) / Intermediate School Teachers (NZ)
2414Secondary School Teachers
2415Special Education Teachers

242Tertiary Education Teachers

2420Tertiary Education Teachers, nfd
2421University Lecturers and Tutors
2422Vocational Education Teachers (Aus) / Polytechnic Teachers (NZ)

249Miscellaneous Education Professionals

2490Miscellaneous Education Professionals, nfd
2491Education Advisers and Reviewers
2492Private Tutors and Teachers
2493Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

25Health Professionals

250Health Professionals, nfd

2500Health Professionals, nfd

251Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals

2510Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals, nfd
2511Nutrition Professionals
2512Medical Imaging Professionals
2513Occupational and Environmental Health Professionals
2514Optometrists and Orthoptists
2519Other Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals

252Health Therapy Professionals

2520Health Therapy Professionals, nfd
2521Chiropractors and Osteopaths
2522Complementary Health Therapists
2523Dental Practitioners
2524Occupational Therapists
2527Audiologists and Speech Pathologists \ Therapists

253Medical Practitioners

2530Medical Practitioners, nfd
2531General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers
2533Specialist Physicians
2539Other Medical Practitioners

254Midwifery and Nursing Professionals

2540Midwifery and Nursing Professionals, nfd
2542Nurse Educators and Researchers
2543Nurse Managers
2544Registered Nurses

26ICT Professionals

260ICT Professionals, nfd

2600ICT Professionals, nfd

261Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers

2610Business and Systems Analysts, and Programmers, nfd
2611ICT Business and Systems Analysts
2612Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers
2613Software and Applications Programmers

262Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists

2621Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists

263ICT Network and Support Professionals

2630ICT Network and Support Professionals, nfd
2631Computer Network Professionals
2632ICT Support and Test Engineers
2633Telecommunications Engineering Professionals

27Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals

270Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals, nfd

2700Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals, nfd

271Legal Professionals

2710Legal Professionals, nfd
2712Judicial and Other Legal Professionals

272Social and Welfare Professionals

2720Social and Welfare Professionals, nfd
2722Ministers of Religion
2724Social Professionals
2725Social Workers
2726Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers


30Technicians and Trades Workers, nfd

300Technicians and Trades Workers, nfd

3000Technicians and Trades Workers, nfd

31Engineering, ICT and Science Technicians

310Engineering, ICT and Science Technicians, nfd

3100Engineering, ICT and Science Technicians, nfd

311Agricultural, Medical and Science Technicians

3110Agricultural, Medical and Science Technicians, nfd
3111Agricultural Technicians
3112Medical Technicians
3113Primary Products Inspectors
3114Science Technicians

312Building and Engineering Technicians

3120Building and Engineering Technicians, nfd
3121Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians
3122Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians
3123Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians
3124Electronic Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians
3125Mechanical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians
3126Safety Inspectors
3129Other Building and Engineering Technicians

313ICT and Telecommunications Technicians

3130ICT and Telecommunications Technicians, nfd
3131ICT Support Technicians
3132Telecommunications Technical Specialists

32Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers

320Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers, nfd

3200Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers, nfd

321Automotive Electricians and Mechanics

3210Automotive Electricians and Mechanics, nfd
3211Automotive Electricians
3212Motor Mechanics

322Fabrication Engineering Trades Workers

3220Fabrication Engineering Trades Workers, nfd
3221Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers
3222Sheetmetal Trades Workers
3223Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers

323Mechanical Engineering Trades Workers

3230Mechanical Engineering Trades Workers, nfd
3231Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
3232Metal Fitters and Machinists
3233Precision Metal Trades Workers
3234Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers

324Panelbeaters, and Vehicle Body Builders, Trimmers and Painters

3240Panelbeaters, and Vehicle Body Builders, Trimmers and Painters, nfd
3242Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers
3243Vehicle Painters

33Construction Trades Workers

330Construction Trades Workers, nfd

3300Construction Trades Workers, nfd

331Bricklayers, and Carpenters and Joiners

3310Bricklayers, and Carpenters and Joiners, nfd
3311Bricklayers and Stonemasons
3312Carpenters and Joiners

332Floor Finishers and Painting Trades Workers

3320Floor Finishers and Painting Trades Workers, nfd
3321Floor Finishers
3322Painting Trades Workers

333Glaziers, Plasterers and Tilers

3330Glaziers, Plasterers and Tilers, nfd
3333Roof Tilers
3334Wall and Floor Tilers



34Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers

340Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers, nfd

3400Electrotechnology and Telecommunications Trades Workers, nfd



342Electronics and Telecommunications Trades Workers

3420Electronics and Telecommunications Trades Workers, nfd
3421Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
3422Electrical Distribution Trades Workers
3423Electronics Trades Workers
3424Telecommunications Trades Workers

35Food Trades Workers

351Food Trades Workers

3510Food Trades Workers, nfd
3511Bakers and Pastrycooks
3512Butchers and Smallgoods Makers

36Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers

360Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers, nfd

3600Skilled Animal and Horticultural Workers, nfd

361Animal Attendants and Trainers, and Shearers

3610Animal Attendants and Trainers, and Shearers, nfd
3611Animal Attendants and Trainers
3613Veterinary Nurses

362Horticultural Trades Workers

3620Horticultural Trades Workers, nfd

39Other Technicians and Trades Workers

390Other Technicians and Trades Workers, nfd

3900Other Technicians and Trades Workers, nfd



392Printing Trades Workers

3920Printing Trades Workers, nfd
3921Print Finishers and Screen Printers
3922Graphic Pre-press Trades Workers

393Textile, Clothing and Footwear Trades Workers

3930Textile, Clothing and Footwear Trades Workers, nfd
3931Canvas and Leather Goods Makers
3932Clothing Trades Workers

394Wood Trades Workers

3940Wood Trades Workers, nfd
3942Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers

399Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers

3990Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers, nfd
3991Boat Builders and Shipwrights
3992Chemical, Gas, Petroleum and Power Generation Plant Operators
3993Gallery, Library and Museum Technicians
3995Performing Arts Technicians
3999Other Miscellaneous Technicians and Trades Workers


40Community and Personal Service Workers, nfd

400Community and Personal Service Workers, nfd

4000Community and Personal Service Workers, nfd

41Health and Welfare Support Workers

411Health and Welfare Support Workers

4110Health and Welfare Support Workers, nfd
4111Ambulance Officers and Paramedics
4112Dental Hygienists, Technicians and Therapists
4113Diversional Therapists
4114Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses
4115Indigenous Health Workers
4116Massage Therapists
4117Welfare Support Workers

42Carers and Aides

420Carers and Aides, nfd

4200Carers and Aides, nfd

421Child Carers

4211Child Carers

422Education Aides

4221Education Aides

423Personal Carers and Assistants

4230Personal Carers and Assistants, nfd
4231Aged and Disabled Carers
4232Dental Assistants
4233Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers
4234Special Care Workers

43Hospitality Workers

431Hospitality Workers

4310Hospitality Workers, nfd
4311Bar Attendants and Baristas
4312Cafe Workers
4313Gaming Workers
4314Hotel Service Managers
4319Other Hospitality Workers

44Protective Service Workers

440Protective Service Workers, nfd

4400Protective Service Workers, nfd

441Defence Force Members, Fire Fighters and Police

4410Defence Force Members, Fire Fighters and Police, nfd
4411Defence Force Members - Other Ranks
4412Fire and Emergency Workers

442Prison and Security Officers

4420Prison and Security Officers, nfd
4421Prison Officers
4422Security Officers and Guards

45Sports and Personal Service Workers

450Sports and Personal Service Workers, nfd

4500Sports and Personal Service Workers, nfd

451Personal Service and Travel Workers

4510Personal Service and Travel Workers, nfd
4511Beauty Therapists
4512Driving Instructors
4513Funeral Workers
4514Gallery, Museum and Tour Guides
4515Personal Care Consultants
4516Tourism and Travel Advisers
4517Travel Attendants
4518Other Personal Service Workers

452Sports and Fitness Workers

4520Sports and Fitness Workers, nfd
4521Fitness Instructors
4522Outdoor Adventure Guides
4523Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials


50Clerical and Administrative Workers, nfd

500Clerical and Administrative Workers, nfd

5000Clerical and Administrative Workers, nfd

51Office Managers and Program Administrators

510Office Managers and Program Administrators, nfd

5100Office Managers and Program Administrators, nfd

511Contract, Program and Project Administrators

5111Contract, Program and Project Administrators

512Office and Practice Managers

5120Office and Practice Managers, nfd
5121Office Managers
5122Practice Managers

52Personal Assistants and Secretaries

521Personal Assistants and Secretaries

5210Personal Assistants and Secretaries, nfd
5211Personal Assistants

53General Clerical Workers

530General Clerical Workers, nfd

5300General Clerical Workers, nfd

531General Clerks

5311General Clerks

532Keyboard Operators

5321Keyboard Operators

54Inquiry Clerks and Receptionists

540Inquiry Clerks and Receptionists, nfd

5400Inquiry Clerks and Receptionists, nfd

541Call or Contact Centre Information Clerks

5410Call or Contact Centre Information Clerks, nfd
5411Call or Contact Centre Workers
5412Information Officers



55Numerical Clerks

550Numerical Clerks, nfd

5500Numerical Clerks, nfd

551Accounting Clerks and Bookkeepers

5510Accounting Clerks and Bookkeepers, nfd
5511Accounting Clerks
5513Payroll Clerks

552Financial and Insurance Clerks

5520Financial and Insurance Clerks, nfd
5521Bank Workers
5522Credit and Loans Officers (Aus) / Finance Clerks (NZ)
5523Insurance, Money Market and Statistical Clerks

56Clerical and Office Support Workers

561Clerical and Office Support Workers

5610Clerical and Office Support Workers, nfd
5611Betting Clerks
5612Couriers and Postal Deliverers
5613Filing and Registry Clerks
5614Mail Sorters
5615Survey Interviewers
5616Switchboard Operators
5619Other Clerical and Office Support Workers

59Other Clerical and Administrative Workers

590Other Clerical and Administrative Workers, nfd

5900Other Clerical and Administrative Workers, nfd

591Logistics Clerks

5910Logistics Clerks, nfd
5911Purchasing and Supply Logistics Clerks
5912Transport and Despatch Clerks

599Miscellaneous Clerical and Administrative Workers

5990Miscellaneous Clerical and Administrative Workers, nfd
5991Conveyancers and Legal Executives
5992Court and Legal Clerks
5993Debt Collectors
5994Human Resource Clerks
5995Inspectors and Regulatory Officers
5996Insurance Investigators, Loss Adjusters and Risk Surveyors
5997Library Assistants
5999Other Miscellaneous Clerical and Administrative Workers


60Sales Workers, nfd

600Sales Workers, nfd

6000Sales Workers, nfd

61Sales Representatives and Agents

610Sales Representatives and Agents, nfd

6100Sales Representatives and Agents, nfd

611Insurance Agents and Sales Representatives

6110Insurance Agents and Sales Representatives, nfd
6111Auctioneers, and Stock and Station Agents
6112Insurance Agents
6113Sales Representatives

612Real Estate Sales Agents

6121Real Estate Sales Agents

62Sales Assistants and Salespersons

621Sales Assistants and Salespersons

6210Sales Assistants and Salespersons, nfd
6211Sales Assistants (General)
6212ICT Sales Assistants
6213Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salespersons
6214Pharmacy Sales Assistants
6215Retail Supervisors
6216Service Station Attendants
6217Street Vendors and Related Salespersons
6219Other Sales Assistants and Salespersons

63Sales Support Workers

630Sales Support Workers, nfd

6300Sales Support Workers, nfd

631Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers

6311Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers

639Miscellaneous Sales Support Workers

6390Miscellaneous Sales Support Workers, nfd
6391Models and Sales Demonstrators
6392Retail and Wool Buyers
6394Ticket Salespersons
6395Visual Merchandisers
6399Other Sales Support Workers


70Machinery Operators and Drivers, nfd

700Machinery Operators and Drivers, nfd

7000Machinery Operators and Drivers, nfd

71Machine and Stationary Plant Operators

710Machine and Stationary Plant Operators, nfd

7100Machine and Stationary Plant Operators, nfd

711Machine Operators

7110Machine Operators, nfd
7111Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone Processing Machine Operators
7112Industrial Spraypainters
7113Paper and Wood Processing Machine Operators
7114Photographic Developers and Printers
7115Plastics and Rubber Production Machine Operators
7116Sewing Machinists
7117Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators
7119Other Machine Operators

712Stationary Plant Operators

7120Stationary Plant Operators, nfd
7121Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators
7122Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers
7123Engineering Production Workers
7129Other Stationary Plant Operators

72Mobile Plant Operators

721Mobile Plant Operators

7210Mobile Plant Operators, nfd
7211Agricultural, Forestry and Horticultural Plant Operators
7212Earthmoving Plant Operators
7213Forklift Drivers
7219Other Mobile Plant Operators

73Road and Rail Drivers

730Road and Rail Drivers, nfd

7300Road and Rail Drivers, nfd

731Automobile, Bus and Rail Drivers

7310Automobile, Bus and Rail Drivers, nfd
7311Automobile Drivers
7312Bus and Coach Drivers
7313Train and Tram Drivers

732Delivery Drivers

7321Delivery Drivers

733Truck Drivers

7331Truck Drivers





80Labourers, nfd

800Labourers, nfd

8000Labourers, nfd

81Cleaners and Laundry Workers

811Cleaners and Laundry Workers

8110Cleaners and Laundry Workers, nfd
8111Car Detailers
8112Commercial Cleaners
8113Domestic Cleaners
8115Laundry Workers
8116Other Cleaners

82Construction and Mining Labourers

821Construction and Mining Labourers

8210Construction and Mining Labourers, nfd
8211Building and Plumbing Labourers
8214Insulation and Home Improvement Installers
8215Paving and Surfacing Labourers
8216Railway Track Workers
8217Structural Steel Construction Workers
8219Other Construction and Mining Labourers

83Factory Process Workers

830Factory Process Workers, nfd

8300Factory Process Workers, nfd

831Food Process Workers

8310Food Process Workers, nfd
8311Food and Drink Factory Workers
8312Meat Boners and Slicers, and Slaughterers
8313Meat, Poultry and Seafood Process Workers

832Packers and Product Assemblers

8320Packers and Product Assemblers, nfd
8322Product Assemblers

839Miscellaneous Factory Process Workers

8390Miscellaneous Factory Process Workers, nfd
8391Metal Engineering Process Workers
8392Plastics and Rubber Factory Workers
8393Product Quality Controllers
8394Timber and Wood Process Workers
8399Other Factory Process Workers

84Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers

841Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers

8410Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers, nfd
8411Aquaculture Workers
8412Crop Farm Workers
8413Forestry and Logging Workers
8414Garden and Nursery Labourers
8415Livestock Farm Workers
8416Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers
8419Other Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers

85Food Preparation Assistants

851Food Preparation Assistants

8510Food Preparation Assistants, nfd
8511Fast Food Cooks
8512Food Trades Assistants

89Other Labourers

890Other Labourers, nfd

8900Other Labourers, nfd

891Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers

8910Freight Handlers and Shelf Fillers, nfd
8911Freight and Furniture Handlers
8912Shelf Fillers

899Miscellaneous Labourers

8990Miscellaneous Labourers, nfd
8992Deck and Fishing Hands
8994Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters
8995Printing Assistants and Table Workers
8996Recycling and Rubbish Collectors
8997Vending Machine Attendants
8999Other Miscellaneous Labourers

Supplementary codes

0998Inadequately described
&&&&Not stated
@@@@Not applicable
VVVVOverseas visitor

Number of categories:one digit level8
two digit level51
three digit level134
four digit level478

Not applicable (@@@@) category comprises:

  • Unemployed persons, looking for either full-time or part-time work
  • Persons not in the labour force
  • Persons with Labour Force Status (LFSP), not stated
  • Persons aged under 15 years

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