2006 Census of Population and Housing - Product Brief

THE CENSUS GUIDE - cat. no. 2914.0


The Census Guide is a CD-ROM product, containing a range of useful 2006 Census reference material including the Census Dictionary and historical information; product information and demonstrations; and Census on line. Information on the contents of the Basic Community, Indigenous and Time Series Profiles and Census Snapshots and QuickStats is provided.

The Census Guide makes it easy to access information and is an essential reference tool for promoting a greater understanding and more informed use of Census data. The Census Guide is displayed using web browser software. The CD-ROM can be navigated and searched in the same way as a normal website.


The Census Guide is aimed at clients who would like an overview of Census products.


The Census Guide is a CD-ROM product. The information and data contained on the Census Guide are also available from the ABS web site. Information on the CD-ROM can be printed in text documents.


September 2006.


Free. To obtain a copy, contact the National Information Referral Service on 1300 135 070.