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TableBuilder is an online self-help tool which enables users to create tables, graphs and maps of Census data

TableBuilder is an online self-help tool designed for users who have a knowledge of Census concepts and some experience using Census data.
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TableBuilder allows users the freedom to construct basic to complex tables of data. You can build tables for all geographic areas as defined in the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) webpage, except Mesh Blocks.

For the 2011 Census, there are two versions of TableBuilder.

To register for TableBuilder go to the ABS Registration Centre

TableBuilder Pro is a charged product designed for advanced Census data users who want the freedom to create large and/or complex tables. TableBuilder Pro provides access to nearly all variables available in the Census data, supporting a large variety of cross-classified tables.

TableBuilder Basic is a free product designed for clients who have some experience using Census data and who want to construct basic data tables. TableBuilder Basic provides access to most Census data in a range of topic-based data cubes that include classifications such as age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity and occupation.