About CURFs

How are microdata confidentialised?
For what type of research can a CURF be used?
Does ABS guarantee that CURF data and systems are free from errors?
What skills/software are required to use CURFs?
How much do CURFs cost?
How long will I have access to a CURF?
Applying for CURFs
Do I need to apply to access a CURF that my organisation already has?
Consultants and third party organisations
Who can qualify as a Responsible Officer?
Can an individual apply for an ABS CURF?
How long does the application process take?
Can I use CURFs in more than one organisation?
Can overseas clients apply for an ABS CURF?
What is meant by 'Statistical Purpose'?
Do supervisors need to apply for access to CURFs?
ABS/Universities Australia Agreement
Is my university part of the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement?
Can I use CURFs obtained under the Agreement for an externally funded research project?
Does the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement give me access to Luxembourg Income Study?
Obligations, responsibilities and liability
What are my obligations as a CURF user?
Under what conditions is a CURF released?
How can a CURF be used?
Can I share statistical output from a CURF?
Under what conditions is an Organisation provided with access to a CURF?
How do I cite the CURFs I have used in my research?
What are the penalties for breaching the CURF Undertaking?
What is a RADL audit and will I be involved?
What is a Compliance Audit?
Can I share CURFs with other people?
What is the ABS liability position regarding CURF Microdata?
What are the limited licence provisions and what copyright information do I need to know?
Is there an Annual Renewal process for CURFs?
Tips for using CURFs
How should I use survey weights in my model?How do I use Replicate weights in STATA?