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Survey Help

I need help logging in to access my survey form:
  • If you have been asked by the ABS to create a Survey Account, you can do this by following the links on the log in page. After you create an account you will be able to log in and access your survey form.
  • If you have received a letter or instructions from the ABS with a User Identifier and a Password, you can access your survey by entering them into the labelled boxes on the ABS Survey Account page
  • If you are having trouble accessing your survey with the details provided to you by the ABS please contact us.

I need help creating or using my Survey Account::
For answers to some frequently asked questions about the Survey Account, please see Survey Account help.

If you are having difficulty establishing a session or completing the survey account set-up, it may be because you are using an older browser version which does not fully support HTML 5 (for example, versions of Internet Explorer prior to Internet Explorer 9). Please try an alternative browser or update your browser to the latest version. The ABS recommends using modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 11 (or later), Chrome 43 (or later), Safari 8 (or later) or Firefox 35 (or later).

I am having problems getting my survey form to work:
If you are having problems using this website to complete your form, please see our technical help.

I have more questions about the survey and my involvement::
If you would like to know more about the ABS and the surveys we conduct please see our Survey Participant Information page, where you can find general information and frequently asked questions, as well as a list of surveys we are currently undertaking.