2006 Census: Supporters of the Census

2006 Census - Official Census Supporters Group

The Official Census Supporters Group is a new initiative from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that engages the support and involvement of respected Australian businesses, community organisations and individuals.

The role of Official Census Supporters Group is to publicly support the 2006 Census in order to raise awareness and maximise national participation.

Your involvement in the Census is vital. With the input of every person in Australia on Census Night, we can build a better understanding of our population and make the right decisions for the country. See what our Census Supporters have to say:

For forecasting the future
"Tasmania Together is a 20 year vision and plan, developed by the community that measures Tasmania's social, economic, cultural and environmental progress. We rely on good and accurate data to tell us how Tasmania is going and the Census is a key source of information....."
TAS Together

For local government
"Mackay is currently experiencing unprecedented growth and an accurate snapshot of the community is essential in order to plan for the city's emerging needs. The Census is a critical tool in catering for the city's development over the coming five years...."
Mayor of Mackay

For regional areas
"As a major farm lobby group it is vital for us to have an accurate statistical picture of regional and rural NSW, in order to provide an effective service as well as being able to project future trends and needs of our rural communities and agriculture in general....."
NSW Farmer's Association

For remote areas
"In central and remote Australia it can often appear to be large barren slabs of land. However we know that in the remote precincts, communities survive and some even flourish. If you want the government to really make a difference in these regions, then let them understand who you and your family are, by taking part in the 2006 Census."
Imparja - NT

For families
"Australia leads the world in the collection of Census data. The Australian Census provides vital information that is used daily by those who plan services, develop policies and advance out understanding of Australian families. I strongly encourage every Australian to complete the form on Census night."
Australian Institute of Family Studies

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For business
"....Governments would struggle to know where to put schools, hospitals, and police stations; and businesses would struggle to know where to build shops, houses and factories. Therefore ACCI strongly supports the Census and encourages you to complete the Census form accurately."
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

For education
"It is critical to a healthy and productive Australian society that education and particularly government schools are adequately resourced. This can't happen without first obtaining the data that is provided by an accurate Census. I encourage all Australians to accurately complete their Census form."
Australian Principals Federation

For policing
"Strategically focused Federal Policing outcomes are the result of informed long term planning and intelligent environmental modelling. Contemporary Australian Bureau of Statistics data is critical to both these outcomes. Accurate contribution to this Census contributes to the best possible Federal Policing services both within Australia and abroad."
Australian Federal Police Association

For multicultural communities
"Accurate information about the cultural background of Australians and the range of languages that we speak is essential. Planning and funding for services that can properly meet the needs of all Australians cannot happen without it. That's why it is so important that on Census day, you can complete this information on your Census form."
Federation of Ethnic Communities Council

For planning
"The ageing of the Australian population and the workforce makes it essential to have accurate data so services, particularly for older people, can be planned. The ABS Australian Census is critical to this planning."
National Aged Care Alliance

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For volunteers
"This is the first time that a question about volunteering has been included in the Census. Filling in the Census will give an accurate picture of people volunteering in this country, which will help improve conditions and increase opportunities for our millions of dedicated volunteers. We believe this is a significant move towards governments and communities understanding the level commitment and support for volunteering activities by millions of Australians."
Volunteering Australia Inc.

For the disabled
"An accurate record of the Australian population will assist governments to forecast our future requirements including basics such as access to premises, transport, housing and education. When you're filling out your Census form, think about the difference it will make to have a true and accurate picture of our needs."
Disability Council of Queensland

For religious organisations
"To serve the Buddhist community in Australia it is important that we have true and accurate figures. Please take care in completing the Census form and make sure that you are counted."
Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils

For social services
The value of up-to-date, accurate and reliable information about Australia's people can not be underestimated and is crucial to ensuring that we put our effort in the right places. The delivery of essential health and human services depends on it.
Tasmanian Council of Social Services

For emergency services
"With the Australian landscape prone to natural emergencies such as hurricane, flood and bushfire, emergency management is an essential services in this country. The Victoria State Emergency Service needs accurate data, such as that collected in the Census, to plan and cater to emergencies...."
Victoria State Emergency Service

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