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Feature Articles by Catalogue Number

54. International trade

5422.0ANZSIC and TREC - Two views of trade (Feature Article), Sep 1996
5422.0Australia's Exporters and Importers, 2001–02 (Feature Article), Dec 2002
5422.0Australia's exports markets, 1991-92 to 2000-01 (Feature Article), Jun 2001
5422.0Australia's merchandise trade with ASEAN (Feature Article), Jun 1998
5422.0Australia's merchandise trade with Japan (Mar, 1999) (Feature Article), Mar 1999
5422.0Australia's Merchandise Trade with the Republic of Korea (Feature Article), Sep 1999
5422.0Australia's Trade in Crude Petroleum (Feature Article), Mar 2000
5422.0Australia's Trade in Wine (Feature Article), Dec 2001
5422.0Australia-New Zealand Merchandise Trade, Bilateral (Feature Article), Sep 2000
5422.0Bilateral merchandise trade statistics reconciliation: Australia and Japan, 1994 (Feature Article), Sep 1997
5422.0Bilateral merchandise trade statistics reconciliation: Australia and New Zealand, 1993 and 1994 (Feature Article), Dec 1997
5422.0Bilateral merchandise trade statistics reconciliation: Australia and the European Union, 1992-1997 (Feature Article), Sep 1998
5422.0Bilateral merchandise trade statistics reconciliation: Australia and United States of America, 1991 to 1994 (Feature Article), Sep 1996
5422.0Data Confidentiality (Feature Article), Dec 1999
5422.0Experimental Statistics on Australia's Exporters and Importers (Feature Article), Jun 2002
5422.0Export and import currencies (Feature Article), Mar 1998
5422.0Export and Import currencies (Feature Article), Mar 2001
5422.0Feature article: Export and Import currencies, Mar 2003
5422.0Harmonized System Changes (Feature Article), Sep 2001
5422.0International Trade Review: Data Quality and Client Queries (Feature Article), Jun 2000
5422.0Major commodities traded by Australia, (1991 to 2000) (Feature Article), Dec 2000
5422.0Measuring exports by region of origin (Feature Article), Mar 1999
5422.0New Concepts, Sources and Methods publication (Feature Article), Mar 2001
5422.0Review of statistical codes (Feature Article), Jun 1999
5422.0Revision to the Harmonised System (2002) (Feature Article), Dec 2000
5422.0Revisions to standards for international trade statistics (Feature Article), Jun 1999
5422.0The Effect of Customs Changes on Export Statistics (Feature Article), Jun 2002
5422.0Tracking Australia's international trade (Feature Article), Sep 1997
5422.0Trade Through Australia's Ports (Feature Article), Sep 2002
5439.0ABS management of the impact of the implementation of the imports component of the new customs system (Feature Article), Aug 2005
5439.0Impact of Customs and ABS changes on import statistics from October 2005 (Feature Article), Oct 2005

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