Archive of ABS responses to media articles

ABS additional information about July 2014 unemployment rate increase

ABS responds to 'Independent review will help ABS maintain a strong information security culture'

ABS responds to 'Estimate Household expenditure on tobacco'

ABS responds to Australian Financial Review enquiry regarding arrest of ABS staff member on 12 May 2014

ABS responds to Terry McCrann's article regarding labour force published on 16 March 2014 (The Sunday Telegraph, pg 100, Herald Sun, pg 70, The Advertiser, pg 68, The Courier Mail, pg 43)

ABS responds to 'Buoys for the jobs as the ABS pulls its figure out' (The Age, 14 March 2014, pg 6)

ABS responds to 'The ageing nation poses problems of how to cope' (The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November 2013, pg 5)

ABS responds to 'Population predictions spur ageing concerns' (The Canberra Times, 22 November 2013, pg 6)

ABS responds to ‘Hiding real dole figures’ (Daily Telegraph, 26 Aug 2013, pg 14)

ABS responds to ‘Jobless data false: report’ (Courier Mail, 26 Aug 2013, pg 13)

ABS responds to ‘Government hits back over jobless figures’ (The Australian Financial Review, 1 Aug 2013, pg 6)

ABS responds to "Rates not based on real unemployment figures" (Letters to the editor, AFR, 11 July 2013, p43)

ABS responds to "Cyber attacks hit statistics bureau" (The Australian Financial Review, 26 April 2013 pg.1)

ABS responds to "Error in IGR stats to delay forecast" by David Crowe (The Australian, 19 April 2013, pg.2)

ABS Response to Parity Article - The ABS Count of Homeless Youth

ABS responds to 'ABS "is wrong on foreign property"' (The Australian, 6 August 2012, pg 2)

ABS responds to "ABS and Prices" Letter to the Editor (The Canberra Times, 31 July 2012, pg.8)

ABS responds to 'ABS accused of putting a spin on suicide rates' (Sydney Morning Herald, 25 July 2012, pg.6)

ABS responds to 'Critics label ABS suicide stats 'spin'' (The Canberra Times, 25 July 2012, pg.8)

ABS responds to "A letter for Shorten in Singapore" (The Australian, 6 July 2012, p24)

ABS responds to "More information sought on superannuant statistics" (Canberra Times, 6 July 2012, p16)

ABS responds to "Bureau of Statistics admits blundering on jobless figures” (Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July 2012, page 5) - Additional letter to the Editor

ABS responds to “ABS admits it produced bad statistics” (Canberra Times, 3 July 2012, page 2)

ABS responds to “ABS job figures wrong, but it’s too big a job to fix” (The Age, 3 July 2012, page 5)

ABS responds to “Bureau of Statistics admits blundering on jobless figures” (Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July 2012, page 5)

ABS responds to David Uren's article Show us your stats, economists tell ABS (p2, The Australian 30 May 2012)

ABS response to In Brief column (p3, The Age 30 May 2012)

ABS responds to article "ABS must come to its census and show us its donga" by Bernard Salt (The Australian, 5 April 2012. page 29).

ABS responds to article "Out-of-date data masking reality of indigenous employment" by Stephen Lunn (The Australian, 24 February 2012. page 2)

ABS responds to 'Caught in the grip of economic revolution' (18 February 2012, The Courier Mail, page 23)

ABS responds to 'Workers cast aside as jobs crunch bites - Struggle street -' (Daily Telegraph, 17 February 2012, Page 2)

ABS responds to "Mining push drives foreign farm ownership over 10%" (Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 2012, page 5) and "Concerns over farm ownership" (The Age, 19 January 2012, page 4) - same article

ABS responds to 'Official figures masking massive job woes', (, 16 January 2012)

ABS responds to 'Pushing the limits of privacy', (The Australian, 10 January 2012, Features/page 5)

ABS responds to article ''Foreign Investment to continue'' (The Weekly Times, 11 Jan 2012)

ABS responds to article "Land Data Puzzle" by Leslie White (The Weekly Times, 23 November 2011, page 9)

ABS responds to opinion article "In search of a deeper politics" by Richard Eckersley (The Canberra Times, 16 September 2011, pg 17

ABS responds to Letter of the Day (Herald Sun, 25 November 2010)

ABS responds to "Reforming the agents of reform" (Australian Financial Review, 1 Nov 2010, pg 23)

ABS responds to 'Fly us to the moon say retailers of CPI that is out of this world' (The Sydney Morning Herald, 31 May 2010, pg 10, Business Day)

ABS responds to 'Privacy fears raised' (The Sun Herald, 30 May 2010, pg 26)

ABS responds to 'How damned lies hit the consumer price index' (The Sydney Morning Herald, 31 March 2010, pg 8, Business Day)

ABS responds to 'CPI no clear measure' (The Age, 31 March 2010, pg 12, Business Day)

ABS responds to 'Rubbery figures: Rudd faces budget dilemma' (Australian Financial Review, 17 February 2010, pg 1)

ABS responds to Letter to Editor "Unemployment figures fall short on reality" (Australian Financial Review, 15 February 2010, pg 59)

ABS Response to 'When official numbers belie the real story' (Australian Financial Review, 11 June, pg 63)

ABS Response to 'The 'R' word's already here, and things will get worse' (The Age, 4 June 2009, pg 8, Business Day)

ABS response to 'Cynical look at the stats on data' (Australian Financial Review 18 December, pg54)

ABS response to 'A tale of two economies: how the ABS gets in wrong' (Australian Financial Review 5 December, pg67)

ABS response to "Come to your census in planning" (The Australian 4 December 2008)

ABS response to letter to the editor 'Pensioner poverty and stress for real' (Australian Financial Review18 September, pg 67)

ABS response to 'CPI basket needs topping of fresh fruit' (Australian Financial Review 28 July 2008)

ABS response to 'Surveys cut as knives drawn on public sector' and 'Beware the false economy behind Rudd's bright ideas' (Sydney Morning Herald 21 April 2008)

ABS response to 'Beer drinkers get with the strength' (Australian Financial Review 16 April 2008)

ABS response to "Confronting the information deficit" (The Age 26 March 2008)

ABS responds to "Meet the Jilkminggans -- the most disadvantaged Australians" (Crikey.Com 4 March 2008 and subsequent articles)

ABS response to "Education trumps tourism" (The Australian 6 February 2008)

ABS response to "Education bigger than tourism" (The Age 6 February 2008)

ABS responds to The Age Letter to Editor "The figures are there" (published 19 December)

ABS responds to "Low productivity growth a statistical illusion" (Australian Financial Review 18 May 2007)

ABS Letter to the SMH Editor in response to "Statistician must lift game on employment figures" (Sydney Morning Herald 19 February)

ABS response to "So, who needs necessities, anyway" (The Age 18 September 2006)

ABS responds to "The real CPI: cars cheap, food a luxury" (Sydney Morning Herald 18 September 2006)

ABS responds to "Census underestimating homeless numbers" Sydney Morning Herald web site (published 11 May)

ABS letter to the Australian Financial Review Editor "ABS now sees no evil in Customs cargo system" (published 16 January 2006)

ABS responds to "Government IR changes a one-way street" (Illawarra Mercury, 30 August 2005)

ABS responds to "ABS underestimated Sydney's decline" (AFR 9 August 2005)

ABS letter to the Australian Financial Review Editor "Who is misleading who over the census?" (published 28 June 2005)

ABS Letter to The Mercury Editor "Statistics" (published 13 June 2005)

ABS Letter to The Age Editor "Two + Two = Four (not Five)"

ABS Letter to the Canberra Times Editor "Measuring inflation" (published 19 May 2005)

ABS Letter to the Australian Financial Review Editor "Census: they'll know who you are" (published 18 March 2005)

ABS letter to the NT News editor 'ABS labour force figures not biased' on 20 January 2005

Incorrect claim that ABS admitted NT Labour Force statistics are 'skewed' (NT News, 10 December 2004)

ABS Responds to 'Rubbery figures' published in Northern Territory News on 13 October 2004

ABS responds to 'accusations of adjusting unemployment figures' published in 'Fraser Coast Chronicle' on 24 June 2004

Caution on interpreting small business statistics

ABS responds to 'Howard writes tax history' published in 'The Australian Financial Review' on 2 April

ABS responds to 'Families Surviving on Hand-outs' published in 'The Age' on 11 March

Statistician responds on migration data (published Sydney Morning Herald 15/9/2003)

Warnings about migration data were strong, but could have been stronger: ABS (News Backgrounder, 11/9/03)

Population numbers reflect the reality (Northern Territory News, 27/3/03)

ABS supports evidence-based policy making (Sydney Morning Herald, 10/3/03)

Recent population decline in Northern Territory (News Backgrounder, 25/2/03)

Don't shoot the messenger (Northern Territory News, 21/2/03)

Labour Force Survey (The Australian Financial Review - 22/1/03, Page 47)