Census Data Quality

There are many issues which can affect the quality of Census data. This page provides access to general information about data quality in the 2006 Census, including the Quality Declaration, specific details on issues affecting the quality of different Census characteristics, and access to an up-to-date list of known data errors and corrections.

For information about data quality in the most recent Census, visit the Data quality page.
For more information about data quality in previous Censuses, visit the Historical data quality page.

DATA QUALITY: 2006 Census of Population and Housing

The 2006 Census Data Quality Declaration
Includes information on the quality of Census Data with regard to relevance, timeliness, accuracy, coherence, interpretability, and accessibility.

2006 Census Characteristics Documents in the 2006 Census Dictionary (including Data Quality Statements) provide detailed information on each Census characteristic including a description, an image of the question as it appeared on the Census form, details about the classification and information on issues affecting data quality for that particular characteristic.

2006 Non-response rates (cat. no. 2914.0.55.001) contain general information about the 2006 non-response rates for person and dwelling variables. It includes non-response rate tables for each state and territory, and the whole of Australia, for place of usual residence and place of enumeration.

2006 Census Data Updates and Corrections provides an up-to-date list of known errors or issues in Census data products and information on corrections.