2006 Census: New Product Briefs

Australia's 15th Census of Population and Housing was conducted on Tuesday the 8th August 2006. Data from the 2006 Census is available for free from our Census Data page.

The products and reference information released from the 2006 Census include:


A summary of key Census data relating to persons, families and dwellings, including a small textual description of the statistics contained within the tables provided. QuickStats is not inclusive of all Census topics, providing instead a selection of general topics and data about a chosen area.
Community Profiles

Covering most topics on the Census form Community Profiles are a series of six separate profiles aimed at providing key Census characteristics relating to persons, families and dwellings. These are excellent tools for researching, planning and analysing small and large geographic areas and enable comparisons to be made between different geographic areas.

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Product BriefTemplatesat a GlanceAccess Community Profiles

CDATA Online

CDATA Online combines comprehensive information on Australian society from the 2006 Census, with powerful web mapping application software. It provides instant access to valuable data topics such as - age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity, occupation and more from a single Collection District to an entire State/Territory or all of Australia.

Census TableBuilder is an online tool which allows you to create your own tables of Census data by accessing all variables contained in the Census Output Record File for all ABS geographic areas. TableBuilder allows you to select the variables to include in your table and to count persons, families or dwellings, and how to structure the data. TableBuilder is a charged subscription service.
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Census Tables

A product designed for clients interested in data either on a particular geographic area, or specific topic. Covering most topics on the Census form, each available table contains key Census characteristics of persons, families and dwellings.

A product designed to provide users with quick and easy access to thematically mapped Census statistics. Available for larger geographies the maps will depict selected population, ethnicity, education, family, income, labour force and dwelling characteristics.

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Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA 2006)

This is a product developed especially for those interested in the assessment of the welfare of Australian communities. The ABS has developed indexes to allow ranking of regions/areas, providing a method of determining the level of social and economic well-being in that region.
2006 Census Datapacks

The Census Datapacks is a CD-ROM product containing 2006 Census of Population and Housing Profile data, down to Collection District (CD) level, and digital boundaries in generic formats. It is available for purchase for all of Australia, however if desired it can also be provided, upon request, at a state level.
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Product Briefat a GlanceDatapacks Frequently Asked Questions

Census Dictionary

The 2006 Census Dictionary is a comprehensive reference guide to the 2006 Census of Population and Housing. It contains information about the 2006 Census classifications, which are the standard output variables for which data can be produced. The Dictionary also describes the new topics introduced in the 2006 Census and summarises classification changes that have occurred since the 2001 Census.
Census Fact Sheets

Census Fact Sheets are a quick reference product, one to two pages long, designed to assist in the use and interpretation of Census data. They provide a summary of conceptual and data issues, and any changes that have occurred since the last Census.

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A Picture of the Nation : The Statistician's Report on the 2006 Census

The Statistician's Report is a national compendium publication containing key Census information relating to persons, families and households. The publication contains tables and graphs with analytical commentary about the statistics presented and includes thematic mapping of data, where appropriate.
Social Atlas Series

The Social Atlas Series has been expanded to include key social, demographic and economic information on selected regional centres of each state or territory as well as each capital city in Australia.

Product BriefAccess to A Picture of the Nation
Product BriefAccess Social Atlases

Census Sample File

The 2006 Census Sample File (CSF) is a comprehensive Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF) of Census variables, containing a small random sample of private households and associated persons, and a small random sample of persons in non-private dwellings.
Census Guide

The Census Guide is a CD-ROM product containing a range of useful 2006 Census reference material including the Census Dictionary and historical information, product information and demonstrations, and Census on line. Information on the contents of the Basic Community, Indigenous and Time Series Profiles, Census Snapshots and QuickStats is provided.

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