2006 Census of Population and Housing - Reference and Information

2006 Census Dictionary
The 2006 Census Dictionary is a comprehensive reference guide designed to assist users to determine and specify their output requirements.

2006 Census Fact Sheets
Census Fact Sheets are designed to assist in the use and interpretation of Census data. They provide a summary of conceptual and data issues, and changes that have occurred since the last Census.

2006 Data Quality Statements
Contains links to factors affecting the quality of data published
in the 2006 Census.

2006 Product Briefs
Detailed product briefs on the 2006 Census output range.

Discover Your Census

Discover Your Census provides you with useful product information and reference material about the 2006 Census. It also includes information on the Information Consultancy, the two stage release strategy, the release schedule, and the change to Usual Residence.

2006 Census Customised Tables
If the Census information you require is not available as a standard product or service, then ABS Consultancy Services can help you with customised services to suit your needs.

How Australia Takes a Census

Information about how the Census is planned, conducted and processed.

2006 Census data two stage release data items
A link to the list of proposed data items to be included in the 2006 Census data release program.

Census Update
A regular newsletter providing informative comment and articles on the Census.
Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions on the Census, including what is the Census and what are the benefits of having a Census.

2006 Census Information Papers
Census Information Papers are designed to provide background information on different aspects of the way the Census was conducted which will assist in the interpretation of Census data. They provide explanation of conceptual and data issues, and present procedures used by ABS in conducting the Census.

2006 Census Facts and Figures
Short snippets of interesting facts and figures gleaned from the 2006

2006 Census Social Atlases
Key information containing colour thematic maps and insightful commentary on Australia's cities and selected regions.

2006 Australian Census Analytical Program
The Australian Census Analytic Program (ACAP) is a collaborative venture between the ABS and some of Australia's foremost academics and social researchers.

ACAP publications cover a range of themes; combining detailed analysis of census data with information from other sources. While the census provides extensive information about Australian society, combining it with other data sources greatly increases the potential for valuable research and analysis.

2006 Census Household Form
A copy of the 2006 Census of Population and Housing collection form in .pdf format.

Release Timetable
A useful reference outlining the release dates of the various 2006 Census products.

Media information on the 2006 Census.

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