1996 Census of Population and Housing - Free Data

Basic Community Profiles (BCP) - complete 1996 Census Basic Community Profiles down to Statistical Local Area level in Excel format.

Basic Community Profile for total Australia - in .xls format

CLIB96 - a CD-ROM for LEP Member Libraries. Contains all Basic Community Profiles and Classification Counts.

Census Guide - the first release of the free CD-ROM product, the Census Guide, is available and contains various 1996 Census Community Profile data. The second release of the Guide is also available free of charge and contains 2001 Census Basic Community Profiles (Release 1), Indigenous Community Profile (Release 1) and Census Snapshots (Release 1) at Australia, State/Territory and Capital City levels. For your free copy of this CD-ROM, please call 1800 813 939.

State and Summary extracts - for Australia and each State & Territory

Urban Centres and Localities extracts - for urban centres & localities for Australia and each State & Territory

Family and Labour Force extracts - for Australia and each State & Territory