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Media release –
New South Wales

ABS seeking up to 8,850 Census Field Officers to make a difference in New South Wales

2 May 2016 | NSW/146

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today begins a state-wide search for up to 8,850 enthusiastic people committed to making a difference in their community, as Field Officers for the 2016 Census of Population and Housing on Tuesday, 9 August 2016.

Field Officers will be strong communicators who know their community well, and are comfortable using technology. Field Officers will follow up with households that don’t participate on Census night and support the collection and delivery of traditional paper forms in communities across Australia.

New South Wales Census Director, Liz Bolzan, said Field Officers are as important as ever in the 2016 Census, even though 65 per cent of Australians are expected to complete their Census online.

“Field Officers will be a critical part of the ABS’ efforts to count close to 10 million dwellings and approximately 24 million people across Australia on Census night,” Ms Bolzan said.

“While most people will complete the Census online, Australia isn’t any smaller and we will still need Field Officers in every street, in every suburb and every town to both remind and help people complete their Census.

“Being a Field Officer is a great opportunity to get outside, make a difference to your local community and help shape the future of Australia.”

Philip Witowski, who worked in the NSW/ACT region as a Field Officer on the 2011 Census agrees, saying it was a chance of a lifetime.

“It’s a great opportunity to do something I've never done before. Being in a completely different community with different rules and expectations is a great way for me to develop myself further,” Mr Witowski said.

The roles and responsibilities of field staff will reflect the changes to the 2016 Census and the digital-first approach.

“Field Officers will need to be comfortable using a computer, tablet or mobile device and have the ability to work from home. They will also use their own vehicle to move around a work area,” Ms Bolzan said.

Field Officers will earn up to $21.61 per hour, receive motor vehicle allowances and enjoy flexible working hours for up to 3 months.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or have the legal right to work in Australia, and hold a valid driver’s licence. To view the applicant information kits and to apply online, visit www.abs.gov.au/careers. Applications close on 29 May 2016.

Background information on the 2016 Census of Population and Housing

Data collected from the 2016 Census will support funding decisions for services and infrastructure including housing, transport, education, industry, hospitals and the environment.

Data from the 2011 Census revealed that Australians come from more than 200 countries, speak more than 300 languages, beong to more than 100 religious groups and work more than 1,000 occupations.

In New South Wales the most common country of birth other than Australia is England (227,524), the most common language spoken at home other than English is Arabic (184,251) and the most common industry of employment was school education (138,795). What will the 2016 Census show?

For further information on the 2016 Census, visit www.census.abs.gov.au.

Key 2016 Census dates:

2 May 2016Field Officer recruitment begins
Late July to early Aug 2016Instruction letters and forms will be delivered
9 August 2016Census night
Mid Aug to late Sept 2016Field visits
April 2017The first results from the 2016 Census released

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