Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA)

The Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA) is a whole-of-government initiative to make better use of existing public data. DIPA’s aim is to inform the development of emerging social, economic, and environmental policy priorities and improve the delivery of government services.

The Australian Government has invested $130.8 million over three years to establish DIPA. A number of Commonwealth agencies contribute data and policy analysis skills to the program, while others provide technical expertise and infrastructure. The partnership enables statistics to be produced in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner, and improves our ability to analyse data.

DIPA will help meet challenges of the future by providing a much more detailed picture of Australia, its people, and the economy, than can be achieved by any one agency.

The role of the ABS in DIPA is to:

For more information about DIPA, and for examples of insights and benefits that can be provided through combining existing public data, visit the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet website.

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