Case Study: MADIP data asset

Improving evidence for policy and research through the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project

Through the Government's investment in the Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA), the ABS has developed a secure population data linkage infrastructure, and has expanded the data that can be linked and analysed through the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP) to create a comprehensive picture of Australia over time.

MADIP data adds value to policy and research

MADIP contains a broad range of data sources:

    • Census
    • Education
    • Government payments
    • Health
    • Income and taxation

The broad range of data sources in MADIP allows information from different datasets to be analysed together to unlock new insights for different groups in Australia.

For example, we can now analyse how the background characteristics and living conditions of vulnerable groups relate to their use of welfare and medical services to design and target these services more effectively.

MADIP contains information about groups of people linked over time.

The longitudinal nature of MADIP data allows changes and patterns in the Australian population to be better understood and analysed across time.

For example, we can now analyse how family background and different educational choices influence post-school education and employment outcomes for students. We can also test if government support payments and programs for students are improving educational access and outcomes for students as intended.

Find out more about how MADIP data is being used to add value to policy and research.

Privacy and security

Protecting privacy and ensuring data security are at the very core of how the ABS manages the data in MADIP. For more information, please see the MADIP Privacy Policy and the Privacy, Secrecy, and Information Security page on our website.

Accessing the data

Authorised government and non-government researchers can access MADIP data for approved research projects. All researchers must be approved for access under the Five Safes Framework. To apply for access to MADIP data for research purposes or to submit a query, email

Need more information?

For more information about the MADIP, visit the MADIP homepage or email

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