Statistical Quality Management

The purpose of the Statistical Quality Management page is to help you find information on Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) statistical quality management initiatives. We've created some categories to help you in your search for data quality related information. If you work with data, then the Statistical Quality Management page may be of use to you.

The ABS Data Quality Framework

Are you trying to figure out whether a particular statistic is fit for your purpose?
Would you like to assess your own data to find where improvements can be made?
Would you like to report the quality of your data?

The ABS Data Quality Framework can help you do all of these things.
This page provides information on the dimensions that define data quality, along with a link to an online assistant that can help you use the ABS Data Quality Framework for your own data quality purposes.

Data Quality Management

Managing statistical processes to produce quality data can be difficult, as it is hard to not lose sight of the outcomes that you are hoping to achieve when you are busy trying to create outputs.
The data quality management page provides information papers to help you think about the risks that are associated with data quality management, along with information on how to reduce your exposure to these types of risks.

ABS Quality Information Papers

This page contains links to papers regarding quality authored by ABS staff.

Other Sources of Information Related to Quality in the ABS

Ever wanted to know about the different methods and standards that are applied to the data that the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) produces?
This page provides links to other useful sources of information regarding this type of data quality management.