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This page shows Social Standards and Concepts, Sources & Methods that are used in social surveys. The 'status' of a standard indicates whether it is in use. 'Preferred' indicates that it is the current and supported version; 'superseded' indicates it has been replaced by a more recent version; and 'deceased' indicates it is no longer supported or maintained.

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Keyword Title Version Catalogue
Status Year
Standard Country of Birth Country of Birth Variables 1.0 1200.0.55.004 Preferred 2016
Standard Geography Australian Statistical Geography Standard:
Main Structure
N/A 1270.0.55.001 Preferred 2016
Standard Language Language Variables 1.1 1200.0.55.005 Preferred 2016
Standard Religious Affiliation Religion Variables 1.1 1200.0.55.003 Preferred 2016
Standard Sex & Gender Standard for Sex and Gender N/A 1200.0.55.012 Preferred 2016
Standard Geography Australian Statistical Geography Standard:
Non ABS Structures
N/A 1270.0.55.003 Preferred 2019
Standard Income Standards for Income Variables N/A 1287.0 Preferred 2015
Standard Age Age Variable 1.7 1200.0.55.006 Preferred 2014
Standard Ancestry Ancestry Variable 2.1 1200.0.55.009 Preferred 2014
Standard Australian Citizenship Australian Citizenship Standard 1.2 1200.0.55.010 Preferred 2014
Standard Education Education Variables N/A 1246.0 Preferred 2014
Standard Family & Household Family, Household and Income Unit Variables N/A 1286.0 Preferred 2014
Standard Indigenous Status Indigenous Status Standard 1.5 1200.0.55.008 Preferred 2014
Standard Labour Standards for Labour Force Statistics N/A 1288.0 Preferred 2018
Standard Year of Arrival Year of Arrival in Australia Variable 1.5 1200.0.55.007 Preferred 2014
Standard Housing Housing Variables N/A 1200.0.55.011 Preferred 2014
Concepts, Sources and Methods Labour Labour Statistics N/A 6102.0.55.001 Preferred 2018
Standard Family & Household Number of Children Ever Born Standard N/A 1285.0.55.001 Preferred 2012
Standard Occupation Occupation Standard 1.0 1220.0.55.001 Preferred 2018
Standard Geography Australian Statistical Geography Standard:
Indigenous Structure
N/A 1270.0.55.002 Preferred 2016
Standard Geography Australian Statistical Geography Standard:
Significant Urban Areas
N/A 1270.0.55.004 Preferred 2016
Standard Geography Australian Statistical Geography Standard:
Remoteness Structure
N/A 1270.0.55.005 Preferred 2016
Concepts, Sources and Methods Demographic Population Estimates N/A 3228.0.55.001 Preferred 2009
Standard Disability Disability Variables N/A 1200.0.55.001 Preferred 2006
Standard Cultural Diversity Standards for Statistics on Cultural and
Language Diversity
N/A 1289.0 Superseded 1999
Standard Demographic Demographic Variables N/A 1285.0 Superseded 1999
Standard Language Language Variables N/A 1264.0 Superseded 1997
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