2006 Census DataPacks

05/08/2015 - The ABS no longer produces or sells DataPack CD-ROMs.

'2006 DataPacks' is a CD-ROM product containing 2006 Census of Population and Housing Community Profile data for all of Australia to the Collection District (CD) level and the matching digital boundary basemaps in generic Geographical Information System (GIS) format.

Please Note : There is no software included in this product.

This product contains data, digital boundary basemap files and metadata/referencing documents to enable the user to read the data. The 'data' and 'digital boundary basemap' files need to be opened in tabulation and mapping software to read both file formats.

The '2006 Datapacks' product contains the 2006 Community Profile Series data in CSV format and digital boundary basemaps in both '.Mid/Mif' and 'ESRI.shp' formats. There is a separate DataPack for each profile as outlined below.

A more detailed description of the DataPacks product, the release timetable and the geographic availability of each profile, is presented in the DataPacks Product Brief.

2006 Census DataPack profile downloads:

Basic Community Profile - Basic demographic information for an area, including age, ancestry, income, education, family type and more.
2006 Basic Community Profile DataPack download: census06bcp.zip (326 MB)

Indigenous Profile - Key Census characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons, families and dwellings. Includes comparisons with non-Indigenous people.
2006 Indigenous Profile DataPack download: census06ip.zip (104 MB)

Place of Enumeration Profile - Key Census characteristics of persons, families and dwellings. The data are based on place of enumeration. It differs from the other Community Profiles in that it provides data on where people were counted on Census Night rather than where they 'usually' live or their 'usual address'.
2006 Place of Enumeration Profile DataPack download: census06pep.zip (324 MB)

Time Series Profile - How have we changed over the past decade? What trends have occurred in housing, families, education? The Time Series Profile provided information to conduct analysis and compare statistics across a number of years.
2006 Time Series Profile DataPack download: census06tsp.zip (118 MB)

Expanded Community Profile - More detailed information about an area's characteristics. It builds on the Basic Community Profile, providing more categories within a classification.
2006 Expanded Community Profile DataPack download: census06xcp.zip (111 MB)

Working Population Profile - Provides a range of data, including how many people work full-time or part-time, their incomes, which industries they work in, which industries have people working long hours, which occupations utilise the Internet, and how people travel to work.
2006 Working Population Profile DataPack download: census06wpp.zip (96.8 MB)

Estimated Resident Population Profile - Contains for each State and Territory the ERP by five-year age group and sex as at 30 June 2001 and 30 June 2006.
2006 Estimated Resident Population Profile DataPack download: census06erp.zip (73.5 MB)

2006 Census DataPack Digital boundary file downloads:

Digital Boundary files for Australian Geographical Classification (ASGC) - Release 1: census06asgc-r12.zip (664 MB)
Digital Boundary files for Australian Geographical Classification (ASGC) - Release 2: census06asgc-r22.zip (677 MB)
Digital Boundary files for Census Geographic & Indigenous Area (CGIA) Geotypes - Release 2: census06cgia2.zip (673 MB)