Media Releases by Release Date

September, 2014

30/09/2014 ABS releases a foundation for improved family and domestic violence statistics (Media Release), 2014 (cat no. 4529.0.00.003)
25/09/2014 Stronger NSW and Victorian population growth (Media Release), Mar 2014 (cat no. 3101.0)
19/09/2014 First ABS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey to Collect Experiences of Homelessness
19/09/2014 Scammers claim to be representing the ABS
18/09/2014 Innovation the key to improved business performance (Media Release), 2012-13 (cat no. 8167.0)
18/09/2014 Today's Australia — built on a history of demographic change (Media Release), 2014 (cat no. 3105.0.65.001)
11/09/2014 Labour Force, Australia (Media Release), Aug 2014 (cat no. 6202.0)
11/09/2014 Rise in females in custody (Media Release), June Quarter 2014 (cat no. 4512.0)
10/09/2014 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults experience diabetes 20 years earlier than non-Indigenous adults (Media Release), 2012-13 (cat no. 4727.0.55.003)
04/09/2014 Facts for Women's Health Week (Media Release)
04/09/2014 Retail Trade, Australia (Media Release), Jul 2014 (cat no. 8501.0)
03/09/2014 Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product (Media Release), Jun 2014 (cat no. 5206.0)
02/09/2014 Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia (Media Release), Jun 2014 (cat no. 5302.0)
02/09/2014 Building Approvals, Australia (Media Release), Jul 2014 (cat no. 8731.0)
02/09/2014 Last call for Census test participation (Media Release)