Media Releases by Release Date

April, 2003

30/04/2003 ABS fun run to raise funds for firies (Media Release), Apr 2003
30/04/2003 Number of lone parents in the Australian Capital Territory on the rise (Media Release), Mar 2003 (cat no. 1367.8)
29/04/2003 Australian Bureau of Statistics releases new labour force market publication (Media Release), Apr 2003 (cat no. 6105.0)
28/04/2003 Balancing carer responsibilities with work in Queensland (Media Release), Oct 2002 (cat no. 4903.3)
17/04/2003 One in five part-time workers want to work more hours (Media Release), Sep 2002 (cat no. 6265.0)
17/04/2003 Trend positive for March new motor vehicle sales: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2003 (cat no. 9314.0)
15/04/2003 One in two people starting a job were previously out of work (Media Release), Jul 2002 (cat no. 6222.0)
11/04/2003 Water use in NSW households (Media Release), Oct 2002 (cat no. 4616.1)
09/04/2003 More than 70% of guilty defendants received a custodial order (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 4513.0)
08/04/2003 Driving to Pluto and back: Australians drive 190 billion kilometres (Media Release), Oct 2001 (cat no. 9208.0)
03/04/2003 Population Growth (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 3218.0)
02/04/2003 Business adoption of information technology slows (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 8129.0)
02/04/2003 Employers spend more on training (Media Release), 2001-02 (cat no. 6362.0)