Media Releases by Release Date

May, 2007

31/05/2007 Queensland workers happy with their hours: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2006 (cat no. 6365.3)
29/05/2007 Many employees are working extra hours (Media Release), Nov 2006 (cat no. 6342.0)
25/05/2007 ABS announces improved methods for estimating net overseas migration (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 3107.0.55.005)
25/05/2007 ABS celebrates 40 years since Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people included in population estimates (Media Release)
22/05/2007 Over half of Australians felt they could trust most people: ABS (Media Release), 2006 (cat no. 4159.0)
18/05/2007 ABS seeks local runners to support annual charity fun run next Thursday (Media Release)
17/05/2007 ABS releases first estimates from 2005-06 Agricultural Census (Media Release), 2005-06 (cat no. 7111.0)
17/05/2007 New South Wales - more skilled jobs, but economy still slow: ABS (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 1338.1)
15/05/2007 Canberrans at work (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 1344.8.55.001)
11/05/2007 Mothers' Day 2007 and National Families Week: ABS (Media Release)
10/05/2007 NSW electricity use high while solar lagging: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2006 (cat no. 4621.1)
07/05/2007 ABS eCensus wins Award for Excellence in eGovernment (Media Release)