4513.0 - Criminal Courts, Australia, 2007-08 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 25/02/2009   
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Code Division/Subdivision/Group

01 Homicide and related offences
011 Murder
0111 Murder
012 Conspiracies and Attempts to Murder
0121 Conspiracy to Murder
0122 Attempted Murder
013 Manslaughter And Driving Causing Death
0131 Manslaughter
0132 Driving Causing Death
02 Acts intended to cause injury
021 Assault
0211 Aggravated Assault
0212 Non-Aggravated Assault
029 Other Acts Intended To Cause Injury
0299 Acts Intended to Cause Injury, n.e.c
03 Sexual assault and related offences
031 Sexual Assault
0311 Aggravated Sexual Assault
0312 Non-Aggravated Sexual Assault
032 Non-Assaultive Sexual Offences
0321 Non-Assaultive Sexual Offences Against a Child
0329 Non-Assaultive Sexual Offences, n.e.c
04 Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons
041 Dangerous or Negligent Operation of a Vehicle
0411 Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
0412 Dangerous or Negligent Driving
049 Other Dangerous or Negligent Acts Endangering Persons
0491 Neglect of Person Under Care
0499 Other Dangerous or Negligent Acts Endangering Persons, n.e.c
05 Abduction and related offences
051 Abduction and Kidnapping
0511 Abduction and Kidnapping
052 Deprivation of Liberty/False Imprisonment
0521 Deprivation of Liberty/False Imprisonment
06 Robbery, extortion and related offences
061 Robbery
0611 Aggravated Robbery
0612 Non-Aggravated Robbery
062 Blackmail And Extortion
0621 Blackmail and Extortion
07 Unlawful entry with intent/burglary, break and enter
071 Unlawful Entry with Intent/Burglary, Break And Enter
0711 Unlawful Entry with Intent/Burglary, Break and Enter
08 Theft and related offences
081 Motor Vehicle Theft And Related Offences
0811 Theft of a Motor Vehicle
0812 Illegal Use of a Motor Vehicle
0813 Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts or Contents
082 Theft (Except Motor Vehicles)
0821 Theft from a Person (Excluding by Force)
0822 Theft of Intellectual Property
0823 Theft from Retail Premises
0829 Theft (Except Motor Vehicles), n.e.c
083 Receiving Or Handling Proceeds Of Crime
0831 Receiving or Handling Proceeds of Crime
084 Illegal Use Of Property (Except Motor Vehicles)
0841 Illegal Use of Property (Except Motor Vehicles)
09 Deception and related offences
091 Fraud, Forgery or False Financial Instruments
0911 Cheque or Credit Card Fraud
0912 Make, Use or Possess Equipment to Make False/Illegal Financial Instrument
0913 Fraudulent Trade Practices
0914 Prescription Drug Fraud
0915 Fare Evasion
0919 Fraud, n.e.c
092 Counterfeiting Currency and Related Offences
0921 Counterfeiting Currency and Related Offences
093 Dishonest Conversion
0931 Dishonest Conversion
094 Bribery
0941 Bribery Involving Government Officials
0949 Bribery, n.e.c
099 Other Deception Offences
0991 Misrepresentation of Professional Status
0992 Non-Fraudulent Trade Practices
0999 Deception Offences, n.e.c
10 Illicit drug offences
101 Import Or Export Illicit Drugs
1011 Import Illicit Drugs
1012 Export Illicit Drugs
102 Deal or Traffic in Illicit Drugs
1021 Deal or Traffic in Illicit Drugs - Commercial Quantity
1022 Deal or Traffic in Illicit Drugs - Non-Commercial Quantity
103 Manufacture or Cultivate Illicit Drugs
1031 Manufacture or Cultivate Illicit Drugs
104 Possess And/Or Use Illicit Drugs
1041 Possess Illicit Drug
1042 Use Illicit Drug
109 Other Illicit Drug Offences
1099 Illicit Drug Offences, n.e.c
11 Weapons and explosives offences
111 Prohibited Weapons/Explosives Offences
1111 Import or Export Prohibited Weapons/Explosives
1112 Sell, Possess and/or Use Prohibited Weapons/Explosives
1119 Prohibited Weapons/Explosives Offences, n.e.c
112 Regulated Weapons/Explosives Offences
1121 Unlawfully Obtain or Possess Regulated Weapons/Explosives
1122 Misuse of Regulated Weapons/Explosives
1123 Deal or Traffic Regulated Weapons/Explosives Offences
1129 Regulated Weapons/Explosives Offences, n.e.c
12 Property damage and environmental pollution
121 Property Damage
1211 Property Damage by Fire or Explosion
1212 Graffiti
1219 Property Damage, n.e.c
122 Environmental Pollution
1221 Air Pollution Offences
1222 Water Pollution Offences
1223 Noise Pollution Offences
1229 Environmental Pollution Offences, n.e.c
13 Public order offences
131 Disorderly Conduct
1311 Trespass
1312 Offensive Language
1313 Offensive Behaviour
1314 Criminal Intent
1315 Conspiracy
1319 Disorderly Conduct, n.e.c
132 Regulated Public Order Offences
1321 Betting and Gambling Offences
1322 Liquor and Tobacco Offences
1323 Censorship Offences
1324 Prostitution Offences
1325 Offences Against Public Order Sexual Standards
1329 Regulated Public Order Offences, n.e.c
14 Road traffic and motor vehicle regulatory offences
141 Driving Licence Offences
1411 Driving While Licence Cancelled or Suspended
1412 Driving Without a Licence
1419 Driving Licence Offences, n.e.c
142 Road Vehicle Registration and Roadworthiness Offences
1421 Registration Offences
1422 Roadworthiness Offences
143 Regulatory Driving Offences
1431 Exceeding the Prescribed Content of Alcohol Limit
1432 Exceeding Legal Speed Limit
1433 Parking Offences
1439 Regulatory Driving Offences, n.e.c
144 Pedestrian Offences
1441 Pedestrian Offences
15 Offences against justice procedures, government security and government operations
151 Breach of Justice Order
1511 Escape Custody Offences
1512 Breach of Bail
1513 Breach of Parole
1514 Breach of Domestic Violence Order
1515 Breach of Other Restraining Order
1519 Breach of Justice Order, n.e.c
152 Other Offences Against Justice Procedures
1521 Subvert the Course of Justice
1522 Resist or Hinder Police Officer or Justice Official
1523 Prison Regulation Offences
1529 Offences Against Justice Procedures, n.e.c
153 Offences Against Government Security
1531 Resist or Hinder Government Officer Concerned with Government Security
1539 Offences Against Government Security, n.e.c
154 Offences Against Government Operations
1541 Resist or Hinder Government Official (Excluding Police Officer, Justice Official or Government Security Officer)
1549 Offences Against Government Operations, n.e.c
16 Miscellaneous offences
161 Harassment and Related Offences
1611 Harassment and Private Nuisance
1612 Offences Against Privacy
1613 Threatening Behaviour
1614 Defamation and Libel
162 Public Health And Safety Offences
1621 Sanitation Offences
1622 Disease Prevention Offences
1623 Occupational Health and Safety Offences
1624 Transport Offences
1625 Dangerous Substances Offences
1626 Licit Drug Offences
1629 Public Health and Safety Offences, n.e.c
163 Commercial/Industry/Financial Regulation
1631 Commercial/Industry/Financial Regulation
169 Other Miscellaneous Offences
1691 Environmental Regulation Offences
1692 Immigration Regulation Offences
1693 Quarantine Offences
1694 Import/Export Regulations
1695 Procure or Commit Illegal Abortion
1699 Miscellaneous Offences, n.e.c