1384.6 - Statistics - Tasmania, 2006  
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      Climate - overview
      Other weather conditions
      Thunderstorms and hail
      Hobart's climate
        Sunshine and cloud
        Other weather conditions
      Further information about Tasmania's climate
      Feature Articles - Climate
    Community Services
      Potential need for community services
      Overview of community services activity
      Aged care
      Feature Articles - Community Services
      Children and families
        State government services
        Child care
      Disability services
      Mental health services
      Oral health services
      Palliative care services
      Income support
      Housing assistance
      Non-government agencies
      Community Partners
      Further information about community services in Tasmania
    Crime and Justice
      Crime and Justice - overview
      Defining crime and justice
      Crime and safety
        Crimes affecting households and persons
        Victimisation prevalence rates by State/Territory
        Reporting to police
      Victims of crime
        Support for victims of crime
        Compensation for victims of crime
        Victims assistance unit and the victims of crime register
      Tasmania Police
        Crimes recorded by police
        Recorded and cleared crime
      Weapon use
      Drug offences
        Drug offences by State/Territory
      Outcomes of police investigations
        Investigations finalised within 30 days by State/Territory
        Tasmanian Supreme Court
        Magistrates Court
          Court of Petty Sessions
          Civil Division
          Small Claims
          Youth Justice Courts
          Coroner's Courts
      Corrective services in Tasmania
        Youth Justice services
        Parole Board
        Community-based corrections
      Prisoners in Tasmania
        Most serious offence
          Sentenced prisoners by offence category by sex
      Indigenous prisoners
        State comparison
        Imprisonment rates
      Expenditure on public order and safety
      Further information about crime and justice in Tasmania
      Feature Articles - Crime and Justice
    Culture and the Arts
      Culture and the Arts - overview
      Cultural and natural heritage
        Register of the National Estate
        Indigenous heritage
        Historic cultural heritage
        Natural heritage
        Ethnic and cultural identity
      Attendance at cultural activities
      Museums and art galleries
        The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
          Highlights 2003-04
            Public program highlights
            Collection highlights
        Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
            Permanent exhibitions at Royal Park
            Permanent exhibitions at Inveresk
        State Library of Tasmania
          Services and resources
          Providing online services
        Tasmanian Parliamentary Library
      Archives Office of Tasmania
        Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
      Performing arts
      Arts Tasmania
        Arts grants and loan programs
      Film, television and multimedia
      Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
      Selected major annual events
      Further information about Tasmania's culture and the arts
      Feature Articles - Culture and the Arts
    Education and Training
      Education and Training - overview
      Participation in education and training
      Learning Together
      Government assistance
        State Government
        Commonwealth Government
      Structure of schools in Tasmania
        Government and other schooling
        Primary and secondary education
      Kindergarten education
      Primary school education
        Number of schools
        Student and staff numbers
        Student-staff ratio
      Secondary school education
        Student and staff numbers
        Student-staff ratio
        Apparent retention rates in secondary schools
        Managing and Retaining Secondary Students at School (MARSSS)
      Indigenous school students
      Alternative schooling arrangements
        Education for children with disabilities
        Home education
        Distance education
      Tertiary education
        University of Tasmania
          Teaching and research
          Student profile
          Staff profile
        Australian Maritime College (AMC)
        University of the Third Age
      Vocational education
        Vocational enrolments
        Vocational enrolments by age and sex
        Adult education
      Employment, education and training
        Commonwealth Government labour market assistance
        Apprentices and trainees
          Occupation and region
          Age and sex
      Further information about education and training in Tasmania
      Feature Articles - Education and Training
      Environment - overview
      Environmental attitudes and behaviour
        Persons concerned about environmental problems
        Major environmental concerns
        Membership of environmental groups
        Household use of environmentally friendly products
      Environmental complaints
        Domestic pollution incidents
        Industrial pollution incidents
      Local government environmental expenditure
        Environmental protection
        Natural resource management
      Waste and recycling
        Waste disposal
        Air pollution
        Greenhouse gas emissions
        Climate change, Hobart and Launceston
        Water quality
        Marine protected areas
        National Parks
        World Heritage listings
      Natural heritage
      Further information about Tasmania's environment
      Feature Articles - Environment
    Finance and investment
        Personal finance
        Commercial finance
        Lease finance
        Number of housing finance commitments
        Value of housing finance commitments
        Average loan size for housing finance commitments
      Financial systems
        Credit unions
        Private gross fixed capital formation
        Public gross fixed capital formation
      Further information about finance and investment in Tasmania
      Feature Articles - Finance and investment
      Fishing - overview
      Value of the fishing industry
      Legislative framework
        Wild fisheries management plans
        Marine farming management plans
      Seafood exports
        Destination of seafood exports
      Seafood prices and markets
      Wild fisheries
          Management of the abalone fishery
        Rock lobster
          Fishing fleet
          Management of the rock lobster fishery
        Giant crab
        Wild finfish
          Management of wild finfish fishery
        Squid and octopus
          Management of the scallop fishery
        Commercial fishing licences
        Marine farming
          Economic impact
        Freshwater farming
          Private fisheries
        Main species farmed
          Atlantic salmon
          Pacific oysters
          Blue mussels
        Emerging aquaculture possibilities
          Greenback flounder
          Rock lobster
          Striped trumpeter
      Seafood processing
        Rock lobster
      Recreational fishing
        The fishers
        Recreational fishing licences
          Rock lobster
          Game fishing
        Economic impact
      Research and development
      Further information about Tasmanian fisheries
      Feature Articles - Fishing
      Forestry - overview
      Forestry initiatives
        Forest Practices Act 1985
        Forest and Forest Industry Strategy
        Regional Forest Agreement, 1997
        Forestry Growth Plan
      Management of forests
        Fire management
          Native forest regeneration
        Forest research and development
        Multiple-use forests
      Forested land
      Publicly owned forests
      Private forestry
        Farm forestry
        Private Forests Tasmania
      Forestry production
        Commercial forest
        Timber production
        Wood products
      Wood and paper products industry
      Further information about Tasmanian forestry
      Feature Articles - Forestry
      Government - overview
      Commonwealth Government
        The Governor-General
        The Senate
        The House of Representatives
      Tasmanian Government
        The Governor
        The Cabinet and Executive Government
        The House of Assembly
        The Legislative Council
      Local government
      Further information about Tasmania's government
      Feature Article - Government
    Government finance
      Government finance - overview
        Data classification
        Sector classification
        Data sources
      State Government finance
        General Government
          Operating statement
          Expenses by purpose
          Balance sheet
        Public non-financial corporations
          Operating statement
          Balance sheet
        Total public sector
          Operating statement
          Balance sheet
          Cash flow statement
          State and local government taxation
        Public financial corporations
          Operating statement
          Balance sheet
      Local government finance
        Total public sector
          Operating statement
          Expenses by purpose
          Balance sheet
          Cash flow statement
          State and local government taxation
      Further information about government finance in Tasmania
      Feature Article - Government finance
      Health - overview
      Life expectancy
      Health status
        Self assessed health status
          Tasmanian perceptions
        Indigenous people's health
      Health-related actions
        Dietary guidelines
        Foods consumed
          Dietary behaviour
          Mean daily food intake
        Fats and oils
        Fish and seafood products
      Health conditions
        Selected diseases
          Multiple sclerosis (MS)
        Mental health
        Screening programs
          Cervical cancer
          Breast cancer
      Health risk factors
          Alcohol consumption
          Alcohol risk status
        Body Mass Index
        Exercise Level
        Low/no usual intake of fruit
        Deaths in 2003
        Death rates
        Trends in infant mortality
        Infant deaths
        Causes of death
      Notifiable diseases
      Health services and research
          Hospital services
        Mental health
        Ambulance services
        Menzies Centre for Population Health Research
      Further information about Tasmanian's health
      Feature Articles - Health
    Historical tables
      Agriculture - Land utilisation on rural establishments, Tasmania, 1860-61 to 1999-2000
      Agriculture - Livestock slaughtered for human consumption, Tasmania, 1929-30 to 2000-01
      Agriculture - Production of red meat, Tasmania, 1929-30 to 2000-01
      Agriculture - Production of wool and lambing, 1860 to 1999-2000
      Agriculture - Weighted average prices paid to farmers per unit of selected farm products, Tasmania, 1929-30 to 1999-2000
      Agriculture - Value of agricultural commodities produced, Tasmania, 1970-71 to 2000-01
      Education and Training - Education, primary and secondary, Tasmania, 1900 to 2001
      Housing - Value of building, 1946-47 to 2002-03
      Manufacturing - Manufacturing, Tasmania, 1968-69 to 1999-2000
      Population - Births, deaths, marriages and divorces, Tasmania, 1830 to 2000
      Housing - Value of building, 1946-47 to 2002-03
      Population - Population, Tasmania, 1820 to 2001
      Transport - Sales of new motor vehicles, Tasmania, 1994-95 to 2002-03
      Population - Summary of population at selected Census dates, Tasmania, 1933 to 1996
      Prices - Average retail prices of foodstuffs, Hobart 1901 to 2002
      Prices - Consumer Price Index numbers, Hobart, 1972-73 to 2002-03
      Trade - Value of trade by sea and air and vessels entered and cleared, Tasmania, 1830 to 2000-01
      Transport - Motor vehicle registrations, Tasmania, 1924-25 to 2000-01
      Aboriginal occupation
      1803-1850s, British outpost
      1860s-1900, Spirit of optimism
      1901-1940s, A federated State
      1950s-1980s, Post-war Tasmania
      1990s, Recent times
      2000s, This century
        2002 January-July
      Feature Articles - History
      Further information about Tasmanian history
    Housing and Construction
      Housing and Construction - overview
      Housing characteristics
        Number of Bedrooms
        Occupied Private Dwellings
      Number of dwelling units approved
      Number of non-residential building approvals
      Value of building approved
      Value of non-residential building approved
      Property sales
      Housing assistance
        Public rental housing
        Aboriginal Rental Housing Program
        Community Housing Program
        Home Ownership Assistance Program
        Private rental assistance
        Employment in the construction industry
        Value of construction work done
        Value of building construction work done
        Value of engineering construction work done
      Capital expenditure
        By type of asset
        By industry
      Further information about Tasmania's housing and construction industry
      Feature Articles - Housing and Construction
      Income - overview
      Income support
        Payments for the aged, Department of Veterans' Affairs payments, Service pensions
        Payments for the aged, Department of Family and Community Services
        Payments for those with a disability or those who are sick, Department of Family and Community Services
        Payments for those with a disability or those who are sick, Department of Veterans' Affairs
        Payments for students and the unemployed
        Payments and assistance for families with children
        Other selected payments
      Household income
        Sources of income
        Income unit type
      Income distribution
      Wage and salary earners
      Personal income taxation
      Household expenditure
        Hobart households
      Financial stress
        Financial stress indicators
        Level of financial stress
      Further information about Tasmanian income
    Industry overview
      Contribution of industries to the economy
      Employment by industry
      Number of businesses by employer size
      Economic growth, Gross State Product (GSP)
      Small Business
      Industrial disputes
      Further information about industry in Tasmania
      Feature Article - Industry overview
    Information technology and Communications
      Information technology and Communications - overview
        Regulation and telecommunication businesses
      State information technology and telecommunications initiatives
      Household technologies
      Household use of information technology
      Business use of information technology
      Farm use of information technology
        Comparisons over time
        Farm size
        Broad farm industry comparison
      Adults accessing the Internet
      Adults using the Internet for electronic transactions
      Adults accessing government services via the Internet
      Adults using computers
      Radio and television services
        Free-to-air services
          National broadcasting services
          Community broadcasting services
          Commercial broadcasting services
          Open narrowcasting services
        Subscription narrowcasting services
      Postal communications - Australian Postal Corporation
      Research and development in information technology
        Launceston Broadband Project
      Further information about Tasmania's information technology and communications
      Feature Articles - Information technology and Communications
      Labour - overview
      Labour force
      Persons employed
        Underemployed workers
        Employment by occupation
        Employment by industry
      Persons unemployed
        Duration of unemployment
      Persons not in the labour force
      Teenage labour force
      Labour mobility
      Hours, earnings and benefits
        Hours worked
        Gross earnings
        Average weekly earnings
      Labour costs
      Changes in real wages
      Further information about Tasmania's labour force
    Manufacturing and Energy
      Manufacturing - overview
      Contribution of manufacturing to the Tasmanian economy
        Industry value added
        Industry value added per person employed
        Mineral processing
      Employment in manufacturing
      Wages and salaries in manufacturing
      Manufacturing sales and service income
      Manufacturing sales and service income per person employed
        Structure of Tasmania's electricity suppliers
        Hydro Tasmania
        Aurora Energy customers
        Aurora Energy sales
        Developments in the energy market in Tasmania
          Basslink project
          Tasmanian Natural Gas Project
          Wind farm development
      Further information about Tasmanian manufacturing and energy
      Feature Articles - Manufacturing and Energy
      Mining - overview
      Mining industry contribution to Gross State Product
      Employment in the mining industry
      Value of the mining industry
        Mineral royalties
        Payments on goods and services
        Sales and shipments
      Capital expenditure
      Mining industry financial performance
      Metal and mineral exports
        Metal prices and markets
        Exploration for minerals, oil and gas
          Mineral exploration
        Strategic Prospectivity Zones
        Exploration licences
      Value of mining production
      Mining leases
      Mineral processing
        Comalco Aluminium (Bell Bay) Limited
        Australian Cement Holdings, Railton Works
        Pasminco Hobart Smelter
        Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company (TEMCO)
        Impact Fertilisers Pty Ltd
      Mining and the environment
        Abandoned mines rehabilitation
        Acid drainage reconnaissance
        Waste disposal effects on groundwater quality
      Research and experimental development
      Further information about Tasmanian mining
      Feature Articles - Mining
    Physical features
      Physical features - overview
      Land area
      Map of Tasmania
      Further information about Tasmania's physical features
      Feature Articles - Physical features
      Population - overview
      Population size
        Estimated resident population as at 31 December
        Estimated resident population as at 30 June
        Estimated resident population 1971-2003
      Population change
        As at 31 December
        As at 30 June
        Components of population change
          Natural increase
          Interstate migration
          Overseas migration
      Population composition
        Age and sex
        Age profile 1973 and 2003
        Median age
        Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population
      Population distribution
        Estimated resident population by municipality
      2001 Census statistics
        Selected characteristics
        Reconciling Census population statistics with estimated resident population
        Crude birth rate
        Total fertility rate
        Crude marriage rate
        Age at marriage
        Crude divorce rate
        Divorce involving children
        Duration of marriage to divorce
      Further information about Tasmania's population
      Feature Articles - Population
      Prices - overview
      Consumer Price Index (CPI)
      Retail prices of selected items
      House price indexes
      House Building
      ABS Publications
    Service Industries
      Service industries - overview
      Contribution of service industries to the Tasmanian economy
      Employment in service industries
      Retail trade
      Accommodation services
      Cafes and restaurants
      Clubs, pubs, taverns and bars
        Pubs, taverns and bars
        Clubs (hospitality)
      Selected business professions
        Legal services
        Computer services
        Real estate services
      Selected business services
        Cleaning services
        Security services
        Employment services
        Hire industries
      Selected health professions
        Audiology and audiometry services
        Chiropractic and osteopathic services
        Optometry and optical dispensing services
        Physiotherapy services
        Dental services
        Veterinary services
      Community services
        Community services industry
        Expenditure on direct community services activities
      Video hire industry
      Music and theatre production industry
      Further information about Tasmania's service industries
    Sport and Recreation
      Sport and Recreation - overview
        Adults participating in sport and physical activities
        Adults participating in the most popular sport and physical activities
        Children participating in organised sport
        Children participating in the most popular organised sports
        Adults attending sport
        Adults attending main sports
        Children participating in selected leisure activities
        Participation in selected outdoor recreation activities
      Further information about Tasmanian sport and recreation
      Feature Articles - Sport and Recreation
      Tourism - overview
      Visitor arrivals
        Purpose of visit
        Length of stay
        Accommodation occupancy rates
          Accommodation occupancy rates: holiday flats etc., caravan parks, visitor hostels
          Accommodation occupancy rates: hotels, motels etc.
        Accommodation capacity
          Accommodation capacity: holiday flats etc., caravan parks, visitor hostels
          Accommodation capacity: hotels, motels etc.
        Takings from accommodation
      Further information about Tasmanian tourism
      Feature Articles - Tourism
      Trade - overview
      Tasmania's trade performance
        Overseas exports
        Overseas imports
        Excess of exports over imports
      International export markets
        Major export markets
      Commodities exported overseas
      Commodities imported from overseas
      International freight activity
      Interstate trade
      Domestic freight activity - sea freight
      Further information about Tasmania's trade
      Feature Articles - Trade
      Transport - overview
      Road transport activity
        Motor vehicle use
        Motor vehicle registrations
        Motor vehicles by year of manufacture
      Water transport activity
      Rail transport activity
      Air transport activity
      Domestic freight activity
        Road freight activity
        Sea freight activity
      International freight activity
        Air freight
        Sea freight
      Domestic passenger activity
        Bus services
        Scheduled air passenger services
        Ferry services
      Transport safety
        Road accidents involving fatalities
        Road fatalities
        Transport related deaths
        Air accidents and fatalities
      Construction of roads, bridges and other transport infrastructure
      Further information about Tasmania's transport
      Feature Articles - Transport