1376.0 - Local Government and ABS (Newsletter), July 2006  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 28/07/2006   
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About this newsletter

Local Government and ABS is a quarterly newsletter created by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) aimed at helping the Local Government Sector use statistics to assist with planning and other community servicing decisions.

The specific aims of this newsletter are to:
  • Help you easily find information on the ABS website and explain the structure of the ABS website;
  • Provide direct electronic links to statistical series of use to local government. Electronic links are coloured and underlined and can be activated using the mouse button;
  • Explain statistical terms to help make sense of more complex data;
  • Provide a central contact point where you can provide your views and suggestions as to how the ABS can better assist local government.

This is a free newsletter and we encourage you to forward it to others and post it on your bulletin board. Anyone is welcome to receive Local Government and ABS.

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To find this newsletter on the ABS Website:
  • Select News and Media from the main menu at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • At the next page choose ABS Newsletters.
  • Then choose the appropriate edition under Local Government and ABS.

What is the population of your area by age and sex?

April 2006 issue of this newsletter included information about Estimated Resident Population data at 30 June 2005, for small areas including Statistical Divisions (SD), Statistical Local Areas (SLA) and Local Government Areas (LGA).

ABS has now released estimates of Population by Age by Sex at 30 June 2005, including for SLAs and LGAs. These are available free from the ABS website as SuperTABLE datacubes. There is one for Australia, and one for each of the states and territories:

Population by Age and Sex, Australia, Jun 2005 (3235.0.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, New South Wales, Jun 2005 (3235.1.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, Victoria, Jun 2005 (3235.2.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, Queensland, Jun 2005 (3235.3.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, South Australia, Jun 2005 (3235.4.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, Western Australia, Jun 2005 (3235.5.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, Tasmania, Jun 2005 (3235.6.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, Northern Territory, Jun 2005 (3235.7.55.001)
Population by Age and Sex, Australian Capital Territory, Jun 2005 (3235.8.55.001)

For more information, please contact Andrew Howe on (08) 8237 7370 or by email : andrew.howe@abs.gov.au

Other recent ABS releases

A number of other recent ABS releases that may be of interest to Local Government are:

New South Wales in Focus, 2006 (1338.1)

- 'NSW in Focus' is a contemporary record of activity within the State, providing a wide range of statistics from both ABS and non ABS sources. It contains ten chapters in all, each representing areas of social or economic importance: population, family and community, health, education and training, crime and justice, housing, household economic resources, economic activity, transport and environment. Within each chapter, a summary table presents a time series of key indicators, followed by more detailed statistics relating to issues identified within each domain. 'NSW in Focus' is an easy to use reference for government agencies, universities, other education facilities, research organisations and the general community.

Natural Resource Management on Farms, Preliminary, 2004-05 (4624.0)

- This release provides information for Natural Heritage Trust (NHT2) regions.

Perspectives on Regional Australia, Household Expenditure throughout Australia, 2003-04 (1380.0.55.003)

- This illustrates data from the 2003-04 ABS Household Expenditure Survey by Section of State.

What's happening in Local Government Finance?


The forms for our Local Government Finance Statistics, Quarterly Estimates for the June Quarter 2006 were sent out to selected councils on 20 June 2006. Responses to the
quarterly survey were required by 10 July 2006. A prompt response is always appreciated to ensure the financial activity of local government is accurately represented in Australia's National Accounts which are prepared on a quarterly basis. As always ABS personnel are available to assist councils in completing the form in situations where requirements are unclear.

The ABS' Local Government Statistics Unit (LGSU) data from the annual 2004-05 Local Government Finance Collection were published on 29 March 2006. The publication is available from the ABS website, Government Finance Statistics, Australia 2004-05 (Cat No.5512.0).

The ABS thanks councils for their cooperation in providing high quality data for these collections in a timely manner. Information provided is used in making important policy decisions concerning the sector and it is important that accurate and timely information is returned by councils in building this data set.

Visits to Departments of Local Government and Grants Commissions

Each year, the Local Government Statistics Unit aims to meet with all of the state/territory Grants Commissions or Departments of Local Government (DLG). In May and June, ABS representatives met with all of these state/territory representatives to review the completed 2004-05 annual collection and to discuss developments for its 2005-06 cycle. Additional data quality meetings were then held with the QLD and SA DLG. As usual, the discussions were constructive and invaluable in strengthening relationships. Some of the issues discussed were timetables, data quality and improvements to the collection forms and related processes. Another important discussion was based around the inclusion of more detail in areas like recreation and culture. Despatch of annual forms are expected from mid July to September and work is underway in updating all annual systems ready for these dates.


Director: Sally Pritchard [
sally.pritchard@abs.gov.au] (07) 3222 6310
Assistant Director: Peter Ball [
peter.ball@abs.gov.au] (07) 3222 6404

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Newsletter contact details

This newsletter is one way to help improve communication between the ABS and the Local Government Sector. New ABS initiatives to assist local government organisations will be announced in this newsletter as they evolve. We would like your views and suggestions about this newsletter so that it remains useful and assists you to understand and use ABS statistics. Please email comments to
andrea.woods@abs.gov.au, or by telephone on (08) 8237 7350.