Media Releases by Release Date

January, 2001

25/01/2001 A Unique Look at Australia: Today and During the Last Century (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
25/01/2001 MEDIA ALERT - Now compared to Then: 2001 YEAR BOOK AUSTRALIA is essential for your Centenary of Federation and Australia Day coverage (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1301.0)
23/01/2001 Characteristics of Indigenous Households (Media Release), 1999 (cat no. 4712.0)
18/01/2001 WA small business tops the Nation (Media Release), Dec 2000 (cat no. 1367.5)
18/01/2001 What kids get up to: Lots of TV, some sport and a little arts (Media Release), Apr 2003 (cat no. 4901.0)
15/01/2001 ABS calls for public comment on issue of remote Australia (Media Release), 2001 (cat no. 1244.0)
05/01/2001 Businesses expect drop in operating income (Media Release), Mar 2001 and Dec 2001 (cat no. 5250.0)