Media Releases by Release Date

November, 2004

30/11/2004 Agricultural production rebounds after drought (Media Release), 2003-04 (cat no. 7111.0)
26/11/2004 Investing in Venture Capital reaps rewards in 2003-04: ABS (Media Release), 2003-04 (cat no. 5678.0)
25/11/2004 Australia's fertility rate remains steady (Media Release), 2003 (cat no. 3301.0)
24/11/2004 Australians more water conscious but less concerned about the environment (Media Release), Mar 2004 (cat no. 4602.0)
19/11/2004 Latest new motor vehicle sales data (Media Release), Oct 2004 (cat no. 9314.0)
17/11/2004 Australia's Motor Vehicle Fleet doubles in under thirty years (Media Release), Mar 2004 (cat no. 9309.0)
16/11/2004 Watching TV and videos ranks highest among ACT children: ABS (Media Release), Nov 2004
11/11/2004 Victorian engineering construction work at highest levels ever (Media Release), Sep 2004 (cat no. 1367.2)