Media Releases by Release Date

July, 2010

30/07/2010 Energy, Water and Environment Management (Media Release), 2008-09 (cat no. 4660.0)
30/07/2010 Experimental Estimates of the Gross Value of Irrigated Agricultural Production, 2000-01 - 2007-08 (cat no. 4610.0.55.008)
30/07/2010 Most Australians use Health Services but Access, Cost an Issue for some (Media Release), 2009 (cat no. 4839.0.55.001)
28/07/2010 Consumer Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Jun 2010 (cat no. 6401.0)
27/07/2010 Over three quarters of SA children have access to the internet: ABS (Media Release), July 2010 (cat no. 1345.4)
27/07/2010 Pizza, pasta and pop music: A snapshot of Australian Students: ABS (Media Release), 2010
23/07/2010 One week left to nominate for media awards for ABS conference NatStats 2010 (Media Release)
21/07/2010 High income households in Queensland more likely to have flat screen televisions: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2009 (cat no. 4602.3)
19/07/2010 One in four young Australians have a mental disorder: ABS (Media Release), 2007 (cat no. 4840.0.55.001)
15/07/2010 Nominate now for media awards for ABS conference NatStats 2010: ABS (Media Release)
08/07/2010 Australia's unemployment rate at 5.1 per cent in June 2010 (seasonally adjusted): ABS (Media Release), Jun 2010 (cat no. 6202.0)
06/07/2010 Dubbo to be Agricultural Census tested: ABS
01/07/2010 Clothing, footwear and department store sales drive retail turnover up 0.2% in May 2010 (Media Release), May 2010 (cat no. 8501.0)
01/07/2010 Dwelling approvals continue to fall in May (Media Release), May 2010 (cat no. 8731.0)