Media Releases by Catalogue Number

63. Earnings, hours and employment conditions

6301.0Wage Cost Index replaces Average Weekly Earnings as ABS principal wages indicator (Media Release), Nov 2000
6302.0Average earnings rose in May as low paid jobs lost (Media Release), May 2020
6302.0Continued Low Growth in Average Earnings (Media Release), Nov 2018
6302.0Growth in average wages increases (Media Release), May 2019
6302.0Low Average Earnings Growth Continues (Media Release), May 2018
6302.0Moderate growth in average earnings (Media Release), Nov 2019
6305.0Almost 1 employee in 8 earns $1000 or more per week - ABS (Media Release), May 1998
6305.0Four out of five employees have pay set by individual or collective agreement (Media Release), May 2002
6305.0New figures on award and agreement coverage in Australia (Media Release), May 2000
6305.0.55.001One fifth of employees earn $1400 or more per week: ABS. (Media Release), August 2008
6306.0A quarter of all employees earn over $750 per week (Media Release), May 1996
6306.0ABS survey finds more males in high paid jobs (Media Release), May 1998
6306.0Managers and Professionals have highest hourly earnings (Media Release), May 2018
6306.0One in ten employees earn $1,856 or more per week (Media Release), May 2010
6306.0One in ten full-time employees earn $2,364 or more per week (Media Release), May 2012
6306.0One quarter of all employees receive weekly total cash earnings of $1,532 or more (Media Release), May 2014
6310.01 in 5 employees are trade union members: ABS (Media Release), Aug 2008
6310.0Clarification of Trade Union membership figures (Media Release), Aug 2000
6310.0Earnings growth continues and trade union membership still in decline (Media Release), Aug 1999
6310.0Earnings growth slows, more causal workers and trade unions continue to lose members - ABS survey (Media Release), Aug 1998
6310.0Earnings increase, more workers in casual jobs and decline in trade union memberships continues (Media Release), Aug 1997
6310.0Employee earnings continue to increase (Media Release), Aug 2001
6310.0Employee earnings continue to rise (Media Release), Aug 2003
6310.0Employee earnings increase 3% over last 12 months (Media Release), Aug 2002
6310.0Employee Earnings on the Increase (Media Release), Aug 2000
6310.0Employee earnings up 5% over 12 months to August 2005 (Media Release), Aug 2005
6310.0Nine in ten employees covered by superannuation (Media Release), Aug 2004
6310.0Real median weekly earnings declines for first time in five years (Media Release), August 2013
6310.0Trade union membership decreases (Media Release), Aug 2010
6310.0Trade union membership down 5% over 12 months to August 2007: ABS (Media Release), Aug 2007
6310.0Trade union membership down 6.6% over 12 months to August 2006: ABS (Media Release), Aug 2006
6310.0Trade union membership increases (Media Release), August 2009
6310.0Trade union membership remains steady (Media Release), August 2011
6310.0Trade union membership steady (Media Release), August 2012
6311.0ABS releases new information on employee earnings and jobs (Media Release), 2011-12
6322.0More industrial disputes in 1998 but fewer working days lost (Media Release), 1998
6322.0More working days lost through industrial disputes (Media Release), 1996
6322.0Number of industrial disputes during 1997 lowest since 1940 (Media Release), 1997
6322.0Number of industrial disputes increases in 1999 (Media Release), 1999
6324.0Nearly half a million experienced work-related injury or illness (Media Release), Sep 2000
6324.0Work-related injuries and illnesses continue to fall (Media Release), JUL 2013 TO JUN 2014
6324.0Work-related injury or illness down, men still at most risk , 2009-10
6324.0Young men at most risk of work-related injury or illness: ABS (Media Release), 2005-06
6325.0Union membership down (Media Release), August 1996
6333.015 percent of employees are trade union members (Media Release), August 2018
6333.0Catching up: why people work from home (Media Release), August 2015
6333.0Characteristics of Employment, Australia (Media Release), August 2014
6333.0Female weekly earnings rose in 2016 (Media Release), August 2016
6333.0Median weekly earnings of employees rose 2.3% in 2019 (Media Release), August 2019
6333.0Weekly earnings of employees rise by 1.9% (Media Release), August 2017
6342.01.4 million Australian employees work shift work, November 2009
6342.0Almost 3 million employees work overtime on a regular basis (Media Release), Nov 2003
6342.0Greater flexibility in working arrangements (Media Release), Aug 1997
6342.0Many employees are working extra hours (Media Release), Nov 2006
6342.0Women More Likely to Work Unpaid Overtime (Media Release), Nov 2000
6342.0Working Time Arrangements, Australia (Media Release), November 2012
6342.0.80.0021.1 million Queenslanders use some form of flexible working arrangements (Media Release), Oct 2010
6345.02015 ends with lowest wage growth on record (Media Release), Dec 2015
6345.0Annual wage growth 1.8% in June quarter 2020 (Media Release), Jun 2020
6345.0Annual wage growth slows to 2.1% in March quarter 2020 (Media Release), Mar 2020
6345.0Low wage growth continues in September Quarter 2016 (Media Release), Sep 2016
6345.0Release of the new "Wage Cost Index, Australia" (Media Release), Dec 1997
6345.0Slow wage growth continues in 2016 (Media Release), Mar 2016
6345.0Wage growth 0.5% in March quarter 2018 (Media Release), Mar 2018
6345.0Wage growth subdued at 0.5% seasonally adjusted (Media Release), Jun 2017
6345.0Wage growth subdued in June Quarter 2016 (Media Release), Jun 2016
6345.0Wage Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Sep 2014
6345.0Wage Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Dec 2013
6345.0Wage Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Jun 2015
6345.0Wage Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Mar 2015
6345.0Wage Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Sep 2015
6345.0Wage Price Index, Australia (Media Release), Dec 2014
6345.0Wages grow 0.5 per cent seasonally adjusted (Media Release), Mar 2017
6345.0Wages growth remains at record low (Media Release), Dec 2016
6345.0Wages rise 0.5% in the December quarter 2018 (Media Release), Dec 2018
6345.0Wages rise 0.5% in the March quarter 2019 (Media Release), Mar 2019
6345.0Wages rise 0.5% in the September quarter 2019 (Media Release), Sep 2019
6345.0Wages rise 0.5% seasonally adjusted (Media Release), Sep 2017
6345.0Wages rise 0.6% in the June quarter 2018 (Media Release), Jun 2018
6345.0Wages rise 0.6% in the June quarter 2019 (Media Release), Jun 2019
6345.0Wages rise 0.6% in the September quarter 2018 (Media Release), Sep 2018
6345.0Wages rise 0.6% seasonally adjusted (Media Release), Dec 2017
6345.0Wages rose 0.5% in the December quarter 2019 (Media Release), Dec 2019
6348.0Employer superannuation costs rise significantly since 1993-94 (Media Release), 1996-97
6353.0Employers spend less on training (Media Release), Sep 1996
6354.0Fall in job vacancies largest on record (Media Release), May 2020
6354.0Further slowing in job vacancies in May (Media Release), May 2019
6354.0Growth in job vacancies eases further in February (Media Release), Feb 2019
6354.0Growth in job vacancies eases in August (Media Release), Aug 2018
6354.0Growth in job vacancies eases in November (Media Release), Nov 2018
6354.0Job vacancies decline in August (Media Release), Aug 2019
6354.0Job vacancies down in the year to February (Media Release), Feb 2020
6354.0Job vacancies down over the year (Media Release), Nov 2019
6356.0Training by employers reglects changing workplace (Media Release), Feb 1997
6359.01 in 5 Australian workers are casual employees (Media Release), November 2009
6359.0ABS survey offers new insight into Australian jobs (Media Release), Aug 1998
6359.0Forms of Employment, Australia (Media Release), November 2012
6359.0One in five Australian workers are casual employees (Media Release), November 2011
6359.0One in five workers identify as casual (Media Release), Nov 2001
6359.0One in Four Working 45 Hours or More a Week: ABS (Media Release), Nov 2004
6359.0One in seven Australian workers employed on contract: ABS (Media Release), Nov 2006
6359.0One in ten workers are independent contractors (Media Release), November 2010
6359.0One in ten workers are independent contractors: ABS (Media release), Nov 2008
6360.0One in six 25 to 54 year olds not yet retired have no superannuation (Media Release), Jun 2000
6361.03.3 million people looking to retire, 11.6 million covered by superannuation: ABS (Media Release), Apr to Jul 2007 (Re-issue)
6361.0New survey shows diversity of working arrangements (Media Release), Jun 2000
6362.0Employers spend more on training (Media Release), 2001-02
6365.3Queensland workers happy with their hours: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2006