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31. Demography - general

3101.06 million Victorians (Media Release), Mar 2016
3101.0Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population up 19% (Media Release), Mar 2017
3101.0Australia's high population growth starts to slow: ABS (Media Release), Dec 2009
3101.0Australia's net overseas migration still dropping (Media Release), Mar 2010
3101.0Australia's population continues to increase (Media Release), Sep 2007
3101.0Australia's population exceeds 22 million (Media Release), Sep 2009
3101.0Australia's population grew by 1.4 per cent (Media Release), Dec 2019
3101.0Australia's population grew by 1.5 per cent (Media Release), Jun 2019
3101.0Australia's population grew by 1.5 per cent (Media Release), Sep 2019
3101.0Australia's population grew by 1.6 per cent (Media Release), Mar 2019
3101.0Australia's population grows at 1.4% in 2011 (Media Release), Dec 2011
3101.0Australia's population grows by 1.6 per cent (Media Release), Dec 2018
3101.0Australia's population growth rate continues to slow (Media Release), Dec 2010
3101.0Australia's population growth rate lowest in four years (Media Release), Sep 2010
3101.0Australia's population growth rate lowest since March 2007 (Media Release), Jun 2010
3101.0Australia's population growth rate remains steady (Media Release), Sep 2011
3101.0Australia's population growth rate slows to 1.4% (Media Release), Mar 2011
3101.0Australia's population growth remains steady (Media Release), Sep 2018
3101.0Australia's population growth: births exceed 300,000 a year (Media Release), Jun 2009
3101.0Australia's population increases at fastest rate since 1988 (Media Release), Dec 2007
3101.0Australia's population now 20.3 million (Media Release), Mar 2005
3101.0Australia's population passes 20.5 million: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2006
3101.0Australia's population passes 21 million (Media Release), Jun 2007
3101.0Australia's Population Reaches 20.2 Million (Media Release), Dec 2004
3101.0Australia's population reaches 20.4 million (Media Release), Sep 2005
3101.0Australia continues to experience high population growth: ABS (Media Release), Dec 2008
3101.0Australia continues to experience high population growth: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2009
3101.0Australia experiences high population growth: ABS (Media Release), Sep 2008
3101.0Australia experiences lowest population growth in almost a decade (Media Release), Mar 2015
3101.0Australia experiences record population growth: ABS (Media Release), Jun 2008
3101.0Australia to reach 23 million on 23 April 2013 (Media Release), Sep 2012
3101.0Australia to reach 24 million (Media Release), Jun 2015
3101.0Australian population growing stronger (Media Release), Dec 2012
3101.0Births up: ABS (Media Release), Dec 2005
3101.0Happy 65th Birthday Baby Boomers (Media Release), Jun 2012
3101.0Largest population increase ever: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2007
3101.0More Australians entering the golden years (Media Release), Jun 2016
3101.0More Australians reaching 100 (Media Release), Jun 2015
3101.0More people moving to Victoria (Media Release), Sep 2015
3101.0Net Overseas Migration increases to 2010 level (Media Release), Mar 2012
3101.0Net overseas migration to Australia highest on record: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2008
3101.0Net overseas migration to Australia increases 27% (Media Release), Jun 2017
3101.0New ABS population estimates show births second highest and deaths highest on record (Media Release), Dec 2006
3101.0NSW records fastest growth rate in four years (Media Release), Dec 2013
3101.0NT population continues to grow: ABS (Media Release), Sep 2003
3101.0NT population grew during 2003-04: ABS (Media Release), Jun 2004
3101.0NT population grows over 2003: ABS (Media Release), Dec 2003
3101.0NT population growth continues: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2004
3101.0NT population increase - June 2003 results released (Media Release), Jun 2003
3101.0NT population increases to over 200,000 people (Media Release), Sep 2004
3101.0Over 65s growing fastest (Media Release), Jun 2013
3101.0Overseas Migration Fuels WA Population Growth (Media Release), Mar 2013
3101.0Proportion of older Australians continues to rise (Media Release), Jun 2018
3101.0Queensland no longer outstripping nation (Media Release), Sep 2014
3101.0Queensland the most popular state for interstate movers (Media Release), Mar 2018
3101.0Queensland to reach 5 million (Media Release), Sep 2017
3101.0Record interstate migration gains for Victoria (Media Release), Sep 2013
3101.0Rise in fertility increases Australia's population: ABS (Media Release), Jun 2005
3101.0Slowing migration for half the states and territories (Media Release), Jun 2014
3101.0Stronger ACT and Tasmania population growth (Media Release), Dec 2017
3101.0Stronger growth in net overseas migration (Media Release), Sep 2016
3101.0Stronger NSW and Victorian population growth (Media Release), Mar 2014
3101.0Victoria experiences record net interstate migration (Media Release), Dec 2014
3101.0WA experiencing record population growth as Australia approaches 23 million (Media Release), Sep 2012
3101.0WA fastest growing population in the country (Media Release), Jun 2011
3101.0WA has the fastest growing population: ABS (Media Release), Jun 2006
3101.0WA population grows fastest, again: ABS (Media Release), Sep 2006
3101.0Women outnumbering men in Australia (Media Release), Dec 2015
3102.0Longer lives, fewer babies (Media Release), 1997
3105.0.65.001Today's Australia — built on a history of demographic change (Media Release), 2014
3107.0.55.005ABS announces improved methods for estimating net overseas migration (Media Release), 2007