Media Releases by Catalogue Number

13. Year books and other multi-subject products

1300.1A year in New South Wales (Media Release), 2002
1300.1ABS releases New South Wales Year Book 1999 (Media Release), 1999
1300.1How NSW measures up (Media Release), 2000
1300.1New South Wales Year Book 1998 released today (Media Release), 1998
1300.1New South Wales Year Book released today (Media Release), 2003
1300.1Snapshot of News South Wales (Media Release), 2004
1300.1Statistics that tell us the way we are in NSW (Media Release), 2001
1300.51998 Western Australian Year Book provides statistical look at the state (Media Release), 1998
1301.02004 Year Book Australia Speech by Professor Sandra Harding (Media Release), 2004
1301.02006 Year Book Australia released today (Media Release), 2006
1301.0A leading account of the nation – diverse and biodiverse: ABS (Media Release), 2009–10
1301.0A Unique Look at Australia: Today and During the Last Century (Media Release), 2001
1301.0ABS 2005 Year Book launched today (Media Release), 2005
1301.0ABS 2005 Year Book to be launched this Friday (Media Release), 2005
1301.0ABS 2005 Year Book: Request Your Embargo Copy Now (Media Release), 2005
1301.0ABS sums up the nation - more kids, bigger houses, but greener (Media Release), 2008
1301.0Governor-General launches ABS Year Book Australia (Media Release), 2007
1301.0Ian Kiernan launches environment focused 2003 Year Book Australia (Media Release), 2003
1301.0Knowing Our Nation - live read radio scripts (Media Release), 2000
1301.0MEDIA ALERT - Now compared to Then: 2001 YEAR BOOK AUSTRALIA is essential for your Centenary of Federation and Australia Day coverage (Media Release), 2001
1301.0Paralympian launches Australian Year Book for 2000 (Media Release), 2000
1301.0Reminder: Embargo copies of ABS 2005 Year Book still available on request (Media Release), 2005
1301.0Showcasing our country - 2004 Year Book Australia launched today (Media Release), 2004
1301.0Year Book Australia 1997 released (Media Release), 1997
1301.0Year Book Australia 1998 released today - 80th edition (Media Release), 1998
1301.0Year Book Australia 2007- media story-lines (Media Release), 2007
1301.0Year Book Australia 2008: Media story leads (Media Release), 2008
1301.0Year Book Australia, 2009-10: Media story leads (Media Release), 2009–10
1301.0Year Book for release tomorrow - ABS (Media Release), 1999
1301.22000 Victorian Year Book released today (Media Release), 2000
1301.22001 Victorian Year Book Released Today (Media Release), 2001
1301.2All you need to know about Victoria (Media Release), 2002
1301.2Victorian Year Book 1999 released today (Media Release), 1999
1301.32001 Queensland Year Book (Media Release), 2001
1301.3Queensland Year Book 1997 released (Media Release), 1997
1301.3Year Book 1998 is a statistical look at the Sunshine state (Media Release), 1998
1301.3Year Book 1999: Queensland as it is today (Media Release), 1999
1301.4South Australia's contribution to the nation examined - ABS (Media Release), 1999
1301.6Tasmanian Year Book 2000 launched today by David Boon (Media Release), 2000
1303.6ABS report shows Tasmanian woodchip production down (Media Release), Jun 1999
1303.6Continued decrease in Tasmanian woodchip production - ABS (Media Release), Oct 1999
1303.6High volume maintained In Tasmanian woodchip production (Media Release), Apr 2001
1303.6High volume maintained in Tasmanian woodchip production (Media Release), Mar 2000
1303.6Record quarter in Tasmanian woodchip production - ABS (Media Release), Dec 1999
1303.6Tasmanian sawn timber production falls by more than 6 per cent (Media Release), Oct 2001
1303.6Tasmanian woodchip production continues record climb (Media Release), Sep 2000
1303.6Tasmanian woodchip production falls (Media Release), Jun 2001
1303.6Tasmanian woodchips record highest ever production levels (Media Release), Jun 2000
1303.6Woodchip production reaches new record (Media Release), Dec 2000
1303.8Survey shows how ACT people use Public Transport, Emergency Services (Media Release), Apr 2000
1304.1ABS publication gives insight into NSW regions (Media Release), 1999
1306.5Mining industry remains WA's biggest economic contributor (Media Release), 2012
1306.7Northern Territory in focus - ABS overview (Media Release), 1998
1307.8ABS focus on the national capital (Media Release), 1997
1307.8ABS keeps the ACT in focus (Media Release), 1999
1307.8ACT and surrounds statistically covered - ABS (Media Release), 1998
1307.8ACT under the microscope: ABS (Media Release), 2000
1307.8Australian Capital region in focus: Latest statistics (Media Release), 2000
1307.8Canberrans lead the nation in thinking green (Media Release), 2003
1307.8Canberrans live longer and earn more: ABS (Media Release), 2007
1307.8Canberrans young at heart: ABS (Media Release), 2006
1307.8Canberrans younger than rest of the nation (Media Release), 2004
1307.8Latest snapshot of the ACT released today: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1307.8New statistics bring Australian Capital Region into focus (Media Release), 1999
1307.8Recycling on the rise in Canberra (Media Release), 2002
1307.8Travel through time: ACT in focus (Media Release), 2001
1308.8ACT leads the nation with internet usage: ABS (Media Release), May 2010
1308.8ACT residents getting older and working longer (Media Release}, Dec 2010
1308.8ACT total population grows, school age group decreases (Media Release), Aug 2010
1308.8ACT: full of good sports (Media Release), Feb 2011
1308.8Australian Capital Region dwellings on the up-and-up (Media Release), Aug 2009
1308.8Canberra keeps culture crown, May 2009
1310.0ABS goes Android (Media Release), Mar 2016
1310.0ABS Stats app (Media Release), Sep 2017
1310.0ABS Stats Mobile Application Updates (Media Release), June 2016
1313.8ABS publication gets down to detail on ACT and nearby NSW (Media Release), 1999
1313.8Media alert: The 1999 ACT Regional Statistics launch next Wednesday (Media Release), 1999
1314.3ABS publication gives key statistics on Queensland regions (Media Release), 1998
1321.0Growth in Small Business Sector Slows (Media Release), 1999
1321.0Recent growth in small business sector (Media Release), 2001
1321.0Small business continues to grow - ABS (Media Release), 1997
1329.01996 a great year for grapes (Media Release), 1996
1329.02006 - A good year for winemakers: ABS (Media Release), 2006
1329.0Another record year for wine and grape industry (Media Release), 1999
1329.0Australian grape and wine records aplenty - ABS (Media Release), 1998
1329.0Australian Wine and Grape Industry (Media Release), 2009
1329.0Australian wine exports exceptional in 2002: ABS (Media Release), 2002
1329.0Correction to State Wine Production (Media Release), 2009
1329.0Correction to State Wine Production (Media Release), 2009
1329.0Drought affects grape and wine production (Media Release), 2003
1329.0Fruitful year for the wine industry (Media Release), 2004
1329.0Record sales of Australian made wine (Media Release), 1997
1329.0Record year for wine and grapes in 2000 (Media Release), 2000
1329.0Red outstrips white in record wine production year (Media Release), 2001
1329.0Wine exports up but record wine production sees stocks rise: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1329.0Wine production down, sales up: ABS (Media Release), 2007
1329.0Wine production still dropping (Media Release), 2010
1329.0.55.001Drought sours grape production in 2003: ABS (Media Release), 2002-03
1329.0.55.001Record grape production in 2001-02: ABS (Media Release), 2001-02
1329.0.55.002Red wine production increases (Media Release), 2014-15
1329.0.55.002Vineyards, Australia (Media Release), 2011-12
1338.1New South Wales - more skilled jobs, but economy still slow: ABS (Media Release), 2007
1338.1New South Wales in Focus (Media Release), 2006
1338.1NSW - highest housing costs, slowest growth, says ABS snapshot (Media Release), 2008 (Reissue)
1338.1NSW Snapshot: Apprentices & Green House Gases Up, Drug Deaths & Unit Building Down: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1338.1.55.001ABS releases snapshot on New South Wales (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.00125,000 Small Business Operators in the ACT: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001ACT disability rate lower than national average (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001ACT female unemployment rate rises as participation rate falls - Mar 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001ACT Government spends $55.5m on cultural funding: Oct 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001ACT most qualified in the nation, says ABS (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001ACT museum and art gallery admissions third highest in Australia: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001ACT population gains from interstate migration - Jun 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001ACT schools still keep more students to year 12: ABS (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Canberra residents earn more and own more: Sep 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001Canberrans are a mixed bag on environmental usage - Feb 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001Canberrans at work (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Canberrans have equal highest household income: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001Canberrans have the highest sports participation rate in Australia: Apr 2007 (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Canberrans live longer than the rest of Australia: Feb 2007 (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Canberra/Queanbeyan: de facto families more likely, but fewer kids in families overall - ABS (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Cost of housing - how much we pay - Canberra, Queanbeyan and Yass (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Educational attainment in Canberra (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Enrolments up at ACT's non-government schools (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001Fewer beds but more jobs and money in ACT hotels and motels: Mar 2007 (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Fewer victims of crime in the ACT during 2004: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001Financial Stress in the ACT Lower than National Figure (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001Health risk factors: how ACT residents shape up - Apr 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001More cars in Canberra: ABS (Media Release), 2007
1344.8.55.001Retail Price Check in Canberra (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001Snapshot of ACT tourist accommodation: ABS (Media Release), 2005
1344.8.55.001State of mental wellbeing in the ACT - May 2006 (Media Release), 2006
1344.8.55.001Water restrictions a problem for ACT households (Media Release), 2005
1345.4Household Water Consumption and Conservation Actions (Media Release), Jan 2011
1345.4Interstate migration continues to slow South Australian population growth (Media Release), May 2010
1345.4Manufacturing industry no longer SA's largest employer (Media Release), Apr 2011
1345.4More land needed for cemeteries as population expands (Media Release), Mar 2010
1345.4Over three quarters of SA children have access to the internet: ABS (Media Release), July 2010
1345.4Public spending boosts engineering construction to record levels in SA (Media Release), Apr 2010
1345.4Red meat production makes important contribution to SA economy (Media Release), Aug 2010
1345.4Retail spending in SA defies national trend (Media Release), Mar 2011
1345.4SA federal voter turnout highest in mainland states (Media Release), May 2011
1345.4SA has highest proportion of male teaching staff in Australia (Media Release), Sep 2010
1345.4South Australia's young males moving away from sports (Media Release), Feb 2011
1345.4South Australians continue to migrate to eastern states (Media Release), Jun 2011
1345.4VET sector drives increase in educational export income for South Australia (Media Release), Jun 2010
1345.4Women entering SA's workforce at a rate of 1.7 times that of men (Media Release), Dec 2010
1350.0A quarter of capital expenditure is by foreign-owned businesses (Media Release), Jul 2001
1350.0Media advice: Australian Economic Indicators (Media Release), Dec 2000
1351.0New experimental estimates of household wealth (Media Release), 1994 to 2000
1360.0ABS releases new economics lesson plans (Media Release), 2001
1362.1Media Alert - New insight into regional NSW (Media Release), 2001
1362.1New insight into regional NSW (Media Release), 2001
1362.1NSW regional statistics released today (Media Release), 2003
1362.1Regional NSW at Your Fingertips (Media Release), 2002
1362.1Regional NSW in the Spotlight (Media Release), 2000
1362.1Regional NSW in the Spotlight (Media Release), 2000
1362.1Where are the greenest households in New South Wales? (Media Release), 2004
1362.2ABS releases snapshot of Victorian Regions tomorrow (Media Release), 2001
1362.2Regional centres and coastal areas growing fastest (Media Release), 2001
1362.3ABS publication puts the microscope on Queensland (Media Release), 2000
1362.3New expanded Queensland regional statistics publication (Media Release), 1999
1362.3Queensland - A regional perspective (Media Release), 2003
1362.3Regional Queensland at your fingertips (Media Release), 2002
1362.3The highs and lows of regional Queensland (Media Release), 2004
1362.4A regional look at South Australia (Media Release), 2003
1362.4A regional perspective on South Australia: ABS (Media Release), 2004
1362.4All the facts on South Australia's regions (Media Release), 2001
1362.4Regional South Australia - get the picture (Media Release), 2000
1362.4South Australia's regions under the microscope (Media Release), 2002
1362.6ABS publication puts the microscope on Tasmania (Media Release), 2001
1362.7ABS confirms - no man drought in the Northern Territory (Media Release), 2005
1362.7Housing costs - how does the NT compare? (Media Release), May 2010
1362.7Latest snapshot of the Northern Territory and its regions (Media Release), 2006
1362.7Males outnumber females in all Northern Territory regions (Media Release), 2004
1362.7Northern Territorians are water wise and going green : ABS (Media Release), 2008 Reissue
1362.7Northern Territory: The people, the land, the economy (Media Release), 2003
1362.7Northern Territory: The people, the land, the economy (Media Release), 2001
1362.7Northern Territory: The people, the land, the economy (Media Release), 2002
1362.7NT's Indigenous people more likely to be victims of crime than non-Indigenous people (Media Release), Mar 2010
1362.7NT has highest population turnover of any state or territory (Media Release), Mar 2011
1362.7Regional Statistics for Northern Territory released today (Media Release), 2007
1362.7Territorians Buck the Trend on Green Issues (Media Release), Nov 2009
1362.8ABS publication tells all on the ACT and nearby NSW (Media Release), 2000
1362.8.55.001ACT regional statistics released today (Media Release), 2003
1363.0130 Million books sold in 2001-02 (Media Release), 2001-02
1363.0Over 100 million books sold in 2000-01 (Media Release), 2000-01
1365.8One in three used ACT public transport - ABS survey (Media Release), Oct 1998
1367.2Building approvals highest on record for Victoria - rural water storages down (Media Release), Sep 2002
1367.2Children in Victoria - a regional analysis (Media Release), Mar 2004
1367.2Long-Term Unemployment Higher In Regional Victoria (Media Release), Dec 2001
1367.2Melbourne housing trends: a detailed look (Media Release), Jun 2003
1367.2More Victorian homes have smoke alarms now: ABS (Media Release), Sep 2008
1367.2More water, higher house prices and increased retail spending: Victorian snapshot (Media Release), Sep 2003
1367.2New animation shows Victoria's international trade (Media Release), Dec 2010
1367.2New animation to show Victorian local population trends (Media Release), Sep 2010
1367.2New homes environmentally efficient to meet building standards (Media Release), Jun 2010
1367.2Over a quarter of Victorian workers are now part-time (Media Release), Mar 2002
1367.2Satisfaction with Victorian Water Quality Increases Over Last Ten Years (Media Release), Mar 2005
1367.2Victoria's water storage less than half the level a year ago (Media Release), Dec 2002
1367.2Victoria's water storages below 40% (Media Release), Jun 2002
1367.2Victoria spending higher and unemployment lower (Media Release), Dec 2003
1367.2Victorian employment up almost 2% (Media Release), Jun 2004
1367.2Victorian engineering construction work at highest levels ever (Media Release), Sep 2004
1367.2Victorian underemployment rate drops after record high (Media Release), Dec 2010
1367.5Award and agreement coverage in Western Australia (Media Release), Jun 2001
1367.5Boom in Western Australia's workforce: ABS (Media Release), Jun 2006
1367.5Educational participation in Western Australia is no longer just for the young (Media Release), Dec 2002
1367.5Housing demand grows strongly in regional Western Australia, Dec 2007
1367.5Latest analysis shows regional WA youth different to those in Perth (Media Release), Sep 2005
1367.5Measuring Western Australia's progress (Media Release), Sep 2006
1367.5More water-saving devices in high-income households (Media Release), 2010
1367.5New ABS publication confirms WA is Australia's top exporter (Media Release), Sep 2000
1367.5New ABS report takes the economic pulse of Western Australia (Media Release), Sep 2000
1367.5New analysis of water conservation by Western Australian households (Media Release), Jun 2004
1367.5New Statistics Highlight Increasing Housing Density in Perth (Media Release), Dec 2001
1367.5New statistics highlight increasing housing density in Perth (Media Release), Dec 2001
1367.5One in four people moved intrastate in Western Australia (Media Release), Sep 2004
1367.5One in nine WA households are affected by crime (Media Release), Mar 2001
1367.5Only one third of building approvals in Perth are for medium to high density housing: ABS (Media Release), 2010
1367.5Regional WA under the microscope (Media Release), Dec 2002
1367.5Resources drive investment in WA: ABS (Media Release), Jun 2007
1367.5Resources industry contributes almost $13 billion a year to WA economy (Media Release), Jun 2002
1367.5Seven-in-ten adults have insufficient problem-solving skills for everyday life (Media Release), Dec 2009
1367.5Skills shortages impact on the WA economy: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2006
1367.5Skills shortages in Western Australia under the spotlight (Media Release), Dec 2005
1367.5Solid economic foundation laid by WA construction industry (Media Release), Dec 2003
1367.5Spotlight on Western Australian farm salinity (Media Release), Jun 2003
1367.5The Western Australian Economy - new ABS publication (Media Release), Sep 2000
1367.5The Western Australian Economy - new ABS publication (Media Release), Sep 2000
1367.5WA - A century of major population changes (Media Release), Sep 2001
1367.5WA average home loan increased by $32,000 in five years (Media Release), Dec 2004
1367.5WA Crime and Safety Statistics released tomorrow (Media Release), Mar 2001
1367.5WA profits from its resources and survives drought pressure: ABS (Media Release), Mar 2007
1367.5WA small business tops the Nation (Media Release), Dec 2000
1367.5WA trade and inflation up but full-time study reduced by booming economy: ABS (Media Release), Dec 2006
1367.5Western Australia's emerging trade partners under the spotlight (Media Release), Jun 2005
1367.5Western Australia's winemaking industry one of the fastest growing in Australia (Media Release), Sep 2003
1367.5Western Australia - multicultural and earning more: ABS (Media Release), Sep 2007
1367.5Western Australian Statistical Indicators, Sep 2008
1367.5Western Australian Statistical Indicators, Mar 2008
1367.5Western Australian Statistical Indicators, Sep 2009
1367.5Western Australian Statistical Indicators, Jun 2008
1367.5Western Australian Statistical Indicators, Jun 2009
1367.5Western Australians out front in information technology stakes (Media Release), Jun 2001
1367.8ACT crime victimisation rates lower than rest of Australia (Media Release), Jun 2002
1367.8Cannabis used by one third of young people in the ACT (Media Release), Sep 2003
1367.8Health and marriage and divorce in the ACT (Media Release), Dec 2002
1367.8Number of lone parents in the Australian Capital Territory on the rise (Media Release), Mar 2003
1367.8Over half of ACT children aged under 12 are in child care (Media Release), Jun 2003
1367.8Retrenchments and gambling: ACT findings (Media Release), Sep 2002
1368.1Snapshot of statistical lows and highs in regional NSW: ABS (Media Release), 2007
1368.4A new ABS socio-economic profile of our state (Media Release), 2001
1369.0Australian Business Register - A Snapshot (Media Release), Oct 2000
1370.0ABS Not Compromising Neutrality (Media Release), 2002
1370.0ABS releases latest Measures of Australia's Progress (Media Release), 2006 (Reissue)
1370.0ABS releases Measures of Australia's Progress (Media Release), 2004
1370.0Is Australia progressing? The results are in (Media Release) , 2013
1370.0Is life in Australia getting better? (Media Release), 2002
1370.0Is life in Australia getting better? (Media Release), 2010
1370.0.55.001Australia makes progress in health, education and work but productivity lags (Media Release), 2012
1371.0New book sales exceed $1.2 billion (Media Release), 2001-02
1371.0Over $1,200 million in retail book sales for 2000-01 (Media Release), 2000-01
1373.1Almost 10% of NSW workforce 'Teleworks': ABS (Media Release), Oct 2001
1375.0ABS proposes to measure the "Knowledge Economy" (Media Release), Aug 2002
1377.0ABS Measures The Knowledge-Based Economy and Society (Media Release), 2003
1378.0How to measure social capital:ABS (Media Release), 2004
1379.0.55.001ABS Profiles to Help Local Communities (Media Release), 1999-2003
1379.0.55.001ABS regional information easier to find thanks to Google Maps interface (Media Release), 2004-2008
1379.0.55.001ABS updates information for regions across Australia (Media Release), 2002-2006
1379.0.55.001Adelaide and the Port prominent for larger employing businesses (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Amaroo population up over 5% (ACT Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Boddington love their bikes (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001Central Highlands average house values up 91% (Tas Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Copper Coast population on the rise (SA Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Everyone wants to live in Wyndham (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001Gold Coast average house values up 42% (Qld Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Great Lakes, great choice for the over 65s (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001High value house approvals on Cassowary Coast (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Issac: QLD’s super earners (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001Kingston - Barton tops for ACT workers in tourist accommodation (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Litchfield ahead of the field (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001Macgregor: ACT’s fastest growing suburb (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001Maribyrnong residents - have van will travel (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001More kinders for Flinders - highest fertility rate in Tassie (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Most Tasmanians own older cars (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - Australian Capital Territory (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - New South Wales (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - Northern Territory (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - Queensland (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - South Australia (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - Tasmania (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - Victoria (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001National Regional Profile - Western Australia (Media Release), 2007 to 2011
1379.0.55.001Palmerston fastest growing region (NT Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Peppermint Grove average house values up 95% (WA Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Queenscliffe average house values up 83% (Vic Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Regional Australia revealed (Media Release), 2009-13
1379.0.55.001Roxby Downs: SA's big earners (Media Release), 2006 to 2010
1379.0.55.001Top value housing approvals in Peppermint Grove (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Unpaid carers abound in East Arnhem (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Waverley average house values up 137% (NSW Media Release), 2005 to 2009
1379.0.55.001Where older people in NSW live (Media Release), 2008 to 2012
1379.0.55.001Your Region, Your Data (Media Release), 2010-14
1380.0.55.003City spends more on housing and the bush on transport (Media Release), 2003-04
1380.0.55.005ACT and NT regions have the highest turnover of residents: ABS (Media Release), 2006
1380.0.55.008High proportion of business owners in regional areas (Media Release), 2011
1380.0.55.009Where were you on Census Night? (Media Release), 2011
1380.0.55.010Victorian shire councils have highest home ownership (Media Release), 2011
1380.0.55.011Vocational education trumps Higher education qualifications outside our capital cities (Media Release), 2011
1380.0.55.012Mortgage repayments on the rise (Media Release), 2011
1380.0.55.013WA regions show highest rise in rent (Media Release), 2011
1381.8ABS maps the stats for ACT and region (Media Release), 2004
1381.8More births in Ngunnawal and Queanbeyan; higher incomes in Red Hill and Yass Valley (Media Release), 2006
1382.0Australia's statistical history revealed (Media Release), 2005
1383.0.55.001ABS releases latest Measures of Australia's Progress (Media Release), 2007 (Edition 1)
1383.0.55.001Is life in Australia getting better? (Media Release), 2008 (Edition 1)
1383.0.55.001Statisticians ask the question "Is life in Australia getting better?" (Media Release), 2005