1297.0 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC), 2008  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 31/03/2008   
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Contents >> Appendix 4,Alphabetic Index of SEO Objectives


A830301Beef Cattle
940101Ability and Disability920401Behaviour and Health
940102Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Development and Welfare840302Beneficiation of Bauxite and Aluminium Ores (excl. Alumina Production)
939901Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education840303Beneficiation or Dressing of Iron Ores
920301Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Determinants of Health840304Beneficiation or Dressing of Non-Metallic Minerals (incl. Diamonds)
920302Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Health Status and Outcomes820202Berry Fruit (excl. Kiwifruit)
920303Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Health System Performance (incl. Effectiveness of Interventions)860102Beverages (excl. Fruit Juices)
900201Administration and Business Support Services950401Bioethics
861301Aerospace Equipment850501Biofuel (Biomass) Energy
880399Aerospace Transport not elsewhere classified920101Blood Disorders
940103Ageing and Older People960401Border Biosecurity (incl. Quarantine and Inspection)
910501Agricultural and Environmental Standards830401Browse Crops
860799Agricultural Chemicals not elsewhere classified870599Building Management and Services not elsewhere classified
861401Agricultural Machinery and Equipment950402Business Ethics
950301Ahuatanga Maori (Maori Tradition)860201Butter and Milk-Derived Fats and Oils (excl. Cream)
810101Air ForceC
880301Air Freight920102Cancer and Related Disorders
880302Air Passenger Transport820502Canola
960199Air Quality not elsewhere classified919901Carbon and Emissions Trading
880303Air Safety860103Carcass Meat (incl. Fish and Seafood)
880304Air Terminal Infrastructure and Management920103Cardiovascular System and Diseases
920201Allied Health Therapies (excl. Mental Health Services)920202Carer Health
820201Almonds940104Carers' Development and Welfare
840301Alumina Production860202Casein
840101Aluminium Ore Exploration870301Cement and Concrete Materials
839999Animal Production and Animal Primary Products not elsewhere classified861001Cement Products and Concrete Materials
860701Animal Protection Chemicals861002Ceramics
839901Animal Welfare861099Ceramics, Glass and Industrial Mineral Products not elsewhere classified
890401Animation and Computer Generated Imagery Services860203Cheese
960101Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Air Quality860702Chemical Fertilisers
960801Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity920501Child Health
960901Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Land and Water Management940105Children's/Youth Services and Childcare
969901Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Oceanography940106Citizenship and National Identity
861402Appliances and Electrical Machinery and Equipment820203Citrus Fruit
890201Application Software Packages (excl. Computer Games)940201Civics and Citizenship
890202Application Tools and System Utilities870501Civil Building Management and Services
830101Aquaculture Crustaceans (excl. Rock Lobster and Prawns)870201Civil Construction Design
830102Aquaculture Fin Fish (excl. Tuna)870101Civil Construction Planning
830103Aquaculture Molluscs (excl. Oysters)870401Civil Construction Processes
830104Aquaculture Oysters940401Civil Justice
830105Aquaculture Prawns861003Clay Products
830106Aquaculture Rock Lobster960399Climate and Climate Change not elsewhere classified
830107Aquaculture Tuna960301Climate Change Adaptation Measures
810102Army960302Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
950199Arts and Leisure not elsewhere classified960303Climate Change Models
930301Assessment and Evaluation of Curriculum960304Climate Variability (excl. Social Impacts)
960299Atmosphere and Weather not elsewhere classified920199Clinical Health (Organs, Diseases and Abnormal Conditions) not elsewhere classified
960201Atmospheric Composition (incl. Greenhouse Gas Inventory)860401Clothing
960202Atmospheric Processes and Dynamics850101Coal Exploration
861302Automotive Equipment850201Coal Mining and Extraction
B960102Coastal and Estuarine Air Quality
860101Bakery Products960802Coastal and Estuarine Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
910101Balance of Payments960902Coastal and Estuarine Land Management
820501Barley961401Coastal and Estuarine Soils
861101Basic Aluminium Products960903Coastal and Estuarine Water Management
861102Basic Copper Products960701Coastal and Marine Management Policy
861103Basic Iron and Steel Products880201Coastal Sea Freight Transport
861199Basic Metal Products (incl. Smelting, Rolling, Drawing and Extruding) not elsewhere classified861201Coated Metal and Metal-Coated Products
861104Basic Precious Metal Products810103Command, Control and Communications
861105Basic Zinc Products870502Commercial Building Management and Services
870202Commercial Construction Design840102Copper Ore Exploration
870102Commercial Construction Planning820301Cotton
870402Commercial Construction Processes860402Cotton Ginning
850701Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency820601Cotton Lint and Cotton Seed
909999Commercial Services and Tourism not elsewhere classified940402Crime Prevention
950201Communication Across Languages and Culture940403Criminal Justice
861799Communication Equipment not elsewhere classified860703Crop Protection Chemicals
890199Communication Networks and Services not elsewhere classified959999Cultural Understanding not elsewhere classified
950299Communication not elsewhere classified930399Curriculum not elsewhere classified
940199Community Service (excl. Work) not elsewhere classifiedD
940107Comparative Structure and Development of Community Services830302Dairy Cattle
861601Computer and Electronic Office Equipment860299Dairy Products not elsewhere classified
890203Computer Gaming Software830303Deer
861699Computer Hardware and Electronic Equipment not elsewhere classified940301Defence and Security Policy
890299Computer Software and Services not elsewhere classified810199Defence not elsewhere classified
890204Computer Time Leasing, Sharing and Renting Services910502Defence Standards and Calibrations
840305Concentrating Processes of Base Metal Ores (excl. Aluminium and Iron Ores)910102Demography
950302Conserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage920402Dental Health
950303Conserving Collections and Movable Cultural Heritage920104Diabetes
950304Conserving Intangible Cultural Heritage920203Diagnostic Methods
950305Conserving Natural Heritage840103Diamond Exploration
950306Conserving Pacific Peoples Heritage920105Digestive System Disorders
950307Conserving the Historic Environment920403Disability and Functional Capacity
870299Construction Design not elsewhere classified920404Disease Distribution and Transmission (incl. Surveillance and Response)
870399Construction Materials Performance and Processes not elsewhere classified940108Distribution of Income and Wealth
879999Construction not elsewhere classified960803Documentation of Undescribed Flora and Fauna
870199Construction Planning not elsewhere classifiedE
870499Construction Processes not elsewhere classified919902Ecological Economics
861602Consumer Electronic Equipment (excl. Communication Equipment)919999Economic Framework not elsewhere classified
910201Consumption910103Economic Growth
960702Consumption Patterns, Population Issues and the Environment960601Economic Incentives for Environmental Protection
960402Control of Animal Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Coastal and Estuarine Environments900301Economic Issues in Tourism
960403Control of Animal Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments960305Ecosystem Adaptation to Climate Change
960404Control of Animal Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Forest and Woodlands Environments960501Ecosystem Assessment and Management at Regional or Larger Scales
960405Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species at Regional or Larger Scales960599Ecosystem Assessment and Management not elsewhere classified
960406Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments960502Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments
960407Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Marine Environments960503Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Coastal and Estuarine Environments
960408Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Mining Environments960504Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments
960409Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Mountain and High Country Environments960505Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Forest and Woodlands Environments
960410Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Environments960506Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments
960411Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Urban and Industrial Environments960507Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Marine Environments
960499Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species not elsewhere classified960508Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Mining Environments
960412Control of Plant Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Coastal and Estuarine Environments960509Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Mountain and High Country Environments
960413Control of Plant Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments960510Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Environments
960414Control of Plant Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species in Forest and Woodlands Environments960511Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Urban and Industrial Environments
960602Eco-Verification (excl. Environmental Lifecycle Assessment)829899Environmentally Sustainable Plant Production not elsewhere classified
939999Education and Training not elsewhere classified889899Environmentally Sustainable Transport not elsewhere classified
930599Education and Training Systems not elsewhere classified939903Equity and Access to Education
930501Education and Training Systems Policies and Development820302Essential Oil Crops (e.g. Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Boronia, Sandalwood)
939902Education and Training Theory and Methodology860301Essential Oils (e.g. Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Boronia, Sandalwood)
960306Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments (excl. Social Impacts)940111Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and Migrant Development and Welfare
960307Effects of Climate Change and Variability on Australia (excl. Social Impacts)920204Evaluation of Health Outcomes
960308Effects of Climate Change and Variability on New Zealand (excl. Social Impacts)910104Exchange Rates
960309Effects of Climate Change and Variability on the South Pacific (excl. Australia and New Zealand) (excl. Social Impacts)970112Expanding Knowledge in Built Environment and Design
830501Eggs970115Expanding Knowledge in Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
940202Electoral Systems970114Expanding Knowledge in Economics
890301Electronic Information Storage and Retrieval Services970113Expanding Knowledge in Education
810104Emerging Defence Technologies970109Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
940501Employment Patterns and Change970121Expanding Knowledge in History and Archaeology
940109Employment Services970120Expanding Knowledge in Language, Communication and Culture
920106Endocrine Organs and Diseases (excl. Diabetes)970118Expanding Knowledge in Law and Legal Studies
850702Energy Conservation and Efficiency in Transport970122Expanding Knowledge in Philosophy and Religious Studies
850799Energy Conservation and Efficiency not elsewhere classified970117Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
850199Energy Exploration not elsewhere classified970110Expanding Knowledge in Technology
859999Energy not elsewhere classified970107Expanding Knowledge in the Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
850601Energy Services and Utilities970106Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences
850602Energy Storage (excl. Hydrogen)970103Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences
850699Energy Storage, Distribution and Supply not elsewhere classified970104Expanding Knowledge in the Earth Sciences
850603Energy Systems Analysis970105Expanding Knowledge in the Environmental Sciences
850499Energy Transformation not elsewhere classified970108Expanding Knowledge in the Information and Computing Sciences
850604Energy Transmission and Distribution (excl. Hydrogen)970101Expanding Knowledge in the Mathematical Sciences
969999Environment not elsewhere classified970111Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences
960699Environmental and Natural Resource Evaluation not elsewhere classified970102Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences
960703Environmental Education and Awareness970116Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
950403Environmental Ethics970119Expanding Knowledge through Studies of the Creative Arts and Writing
920405Environmental HealthF
960603Environmental Lifecycle Assessment861299Fabricated Metal Products not elsewhere classified
960604Environmental Management Systems940112Families and Family Services
960799Environmental Policy, Legislation and Standards not elsewhere classified960103Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Air Quality
940110Environmental Services960804Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
839899Environmentally Sustainable Animal Production not elsewhere classified960904Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Land Management
909899Environmentally Sustainable Commercial Services and Tourism not elsewhere classified961402Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Soils
879899Environmentally Sustainable Construction not elsewhere classified960905Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Water Management
859899Environmentally Sustainable Energy Activities not elsewhere classified890402Film and Video Services (excl. Animation and Computer Generated Imagery)
899899Environmentally Sustainable Information and Communication Services not elsewhere classified900101Finance Services
869899Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing not elsewhere classified900199Financial Services not elsewhere classified
849899Environmentally Sustainable Mineral Resource Activities not elsewhere classified840399First Stage Treatment of Ores and Minerals not elsewhere classified
910105Fiscal Policy860899Human Pharmaceutical Products not elsewhere classified
839902Fish Product Traceability and Quality Assurance860803Human Pharmaceutical Treatments (e.g. Antibiotics)
830199Fisheries - Aquaculture not elsewhere classified850503Hydro-Electric Energy
830201Fisheries - Recreational850605Hydrogen Distribution
830299Fisheries - Wild Caught not elsewhere classified850301Hydrogen Production from Fossil Fuels
890101Fixed Line Data Networks and Services850302Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy
890102Fixed Line Telephone Networks and Services850303Hydrogen Production from Renewable Energy
960805Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity at Regional or Larger Scales850606Hydrogen Storage
960899Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity of environments not elsewhere classified850402Hydrogen-based Energy Systems (incl. Internal Hydrogen Combustion Engines)
860104Flour Mill and Cereal FoodI
920406Food Safety920108Immune System and Allergy
960806Forest and Woodlands Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity910106Income Distribution
960906Forest and Woodlands Land Management920399Indigenous Health not elsewhere classified
961403Forest and Woodlands Soils860699Industrial Chemicals and Related Products not elsewhere classified
960907Forest and Woodlands Water Management870203Industrial Construction Design
829901Forest Product Traceability and Quality Assurance870403Industrial Construction Processes
820199Forestry not elsewhere classified820399Industrial Crops not elsewhere classified
820602Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Post Harvest)850703Industrial Energy Conservation and Efficiency
960807Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity860601Industrial Gases
850401Fuel Cells (excl. Solid Oxide)861501Industrial Instruments
869901Furniture861403Industrial Machinery and Equipment
G910203Industrial Organisations
830305Game Livestock (e.g. Kangaroos, Wallabies, Camels, Buffaloes, Possums)910401Industrial Relations
940113Gender and Sexualities910204Industry Costs and Structure
939904Gender Aspects of Education910205Industry Policy
850502Geothermal Energy920109Infectious Diseases
850202Geothermal Energy Extraction899999Information and Communication Services not elsewhere classified
850102Geothermal Exploration890205Information Processing Services (incl. Data Entry and Capture)
960310Global Effects of Climate Change and Variability (excl. Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and the South Pacific) (excl. Social Impacts)890399Information Services not elsewhere classified
830304Goats920110Inherited Diseases (incl. Gene Therapy)
940299Government and Politics not elsewhere classified920409Injury Control
820503Grain Legumes860602Inorganic Industrial Chemicals
880199Ground Transport not elsewhere classified960605Institutional Arrangements for Environmental Protection
H861599Instrumentation not elsewhere classified
820101Hardwood Plantations861603Integrated Circuits and Devices
820699Harvesting and Packing of Plant Products not elsewhere classified861604Integrated Systems
820102Harvesting and Transport of Forest Products820103Integration of Farm and Forestry
920299Health and Support Services not elsewhere classified810105Intelligence
920205Health Education and Promotion889901Intermodal Materials Handling
920206Health Inequalities910301International Agreements on Trade
929999Health not elsewhere classified940302International Aid and Development
920207Health Policy Economic Outcomes940303International Organisations
920208Health Policy Evaluation940304International Political Economy (excl. International Trade)
920407Health Protection and/or Disaster Response940399International Relations not elsewhere classified
920502Health Related to Ageing880202International Sea Freight Transport (excl. Live Animal Transport)
920503Health Related to Specific Ethnic Groups880203International Sea Transport of Live Animals
920408Health Status (e.g. Indicators of Well-Being)910399International Trade not elsewhere classified
920107Hearing, Vision, Speech and Their Disorders890403Internet Broadcasting
950399Heritage not elsewhere classified890206Internet Hosting Services (incl. Application Hosting Services)
830502Honey900102Investment Services (excl. Superannuation)
820204Hops840104Iron Ore Exploration
820299Horticultural Crops not elsewhere classified940499Justice and the Law not elsewhere classified
909901Hospitality ServicesK
860801Human Biological Preventatives (e.g. Vaccines)820205Kiwifruit
910202Human Capital IssuesL
860802Human Diagnostics960999Land and Water Management of environments not elsewhere classified
960704Land Stewardship849801Management of Gaseous Waste From Mineral Resource Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases)
950202Languages and Literacy829801Management of Gaseous Waste from Plant Production (excl. Greenhouse Gases)
950203Languages and Literature889801Management of Gaseous Waste from Transport Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases)
940404Law Enforcement839802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Production
940405Law Reform909802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Commercial Services and Tourism
949999Law, Politics and Community Services not elsewhere classified879802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Construction Activities
930101Learner and Learning Achievement859802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electricity Generation
930199Learner and Learning not elsewhere classified859803Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Energy Activities (excl. Electricity Generation)
930102Learner and Learning Processes899801Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Information and Communication Services
930103Learner Development869802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Manufacturing Activities
860499Leather Products, Fibre Processing and Textiles not elsewhere classified849802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Mineral Resource Activities
940406Legal Processes829802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Plant Production
940407Legislation, Civil and Criminal Codes889802Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport Activities
890302Library and Archival Services839803Management of Liquid Waste from Animal Production (excl. Water)
820504Linseed909803Management of Liquid Waste from Commercial Services and Tourism (excl. Water)
830503Live Animals879803Management of Liquid Waste from Construction Activities (excl. Water)
839903Livestock Product Traceability and Quality Assurance859804Management of Liquid Waste from Energy Activities (excl. Water)
830399Livestock Raising not elsewhere classified869803Management of Liquid Waste from Manufacturing Activities (excl. Water)
810106Logistics849803Management of Liquid Waste from Mineral Resource Activities (excl. Water)
860603Lubricants829803Management of Liquid Waste from Plant Production (excl. Water)
830402Lucerne889803Management of Liquid Waste from Transport Activities (excl. Water)
820505Lupins889804Management of Noise and Vibration from Transport Activities
M839804Management of Solid Waste from Animal Production
820206Macadamias909804Management of Solid Waste from Commercial Services and Tourism
861202Machined Metal Products879804Management of Solid Waste from Construction Activities
861499Machinery and Equipment not elsewhere classified859805Management of Solid Waste from Energy Activities
910107Macro Labour Market Issues899802Management of Solid Waste from Information and Communication Services
910199Macroeconomics not elsewhere classified869804Management of Solid Waste from Manufacturing Activities
820401Maize849804Management of Solid Waste from Mineral Resource Activities
910402Management829804Management of Solid Waste from Plant Production
930401Management and Leadership of Schools/Institutions889805Management of Solid Waste from Transport Activities
910499Management and Productivity not elsewhere classified839805Management of Water Consumption by Animal Production
930502Management of Education and Training Systems909805Management of Water Consumption by Commercial Services and Tourism
839801Management of Gaseous Waste from Animal Production (excl. Greenhouse Gases)879805Management of Water Consumption by Construction Activities
909801Management of Gaseous Waste from Commercial Services and Tourism (excl. Greenhouse Gases)859806Management of Water Consumption by Energy Activities
879801Management of Gaseous Waste from Construction Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases)899803Management of Water Consumption by Information and Communication Services
859801Management of Gaseous Waste from Energy Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases)869805Management of Water Consumption by Manufacturing Activities
869801Management of Gaseous Waste from Manufacturing Activities (excl. Greenhouse Gases)849805Management of Water Consumption by Mineral Resource Activities
829805Management of Water Consumption by Plant Production830403Native and Residual Pastures
889806Management of Water Consumption by Transport Activities820104Native Forests
869999Manufacturing not elsewhere classified860403Natural Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics
910503Manufacturing Standards and Calibrations961001Natural Hazards in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments
940114Maori Development and Welfare961002Natural Hazards in Coastal and Estuarine Environments
939905Maori Education961003Natural Hazards in Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments
920304Maori Health - Determinants of Health961004Natural Hazards in Forest and Woodlands Environments
920305Maori Health - Health Status and Outcomes961005Natural Hazards in Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments
920306Maori Health - Health System Performance (incl. Effectiveness of Interventions)961006Natural Hazards in Marine Environments
960104Marine Air Quality961007Natural Hazards in Mining Environments
960808Marine Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity961008Natural Hazards in Mountain and High Country Environments
969902Marine Oceanic Processes (excl. climate related)961009Natural Hazards in Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Environments
910206Market-Based Mechanisms961010Natural Hazards in Urban and Industrial Environments

910403Marketing961099Natural Hazards not elsewhere classified
950308Matauranga Maori (Maori Knowledge)861303Nautical Equipment (excl. Yachts)
910599Measurement Standards and Calibration Services not elsewhere classified810108Navy
890499Media Services not elsewhere classified920111Nervous System and Disorders
861502Medical Instruments861701Network Infrastructure Equipment
920504Men's Health920112Neurodegenerative Disorders Related to Ageing
920410Mental Health890303News Collection Services
920209Mental Health Services830404Non-Cereal Crops for Hay
861203Metal Castings830405Non-Cereal Crops for Silage/Green Feed
870302Metals (e.g. Composites, Coatings, Bonding)860404Non-Fabric Textiles (e.g. Felt)
910208Micro Labour Market Issues850403Nuclear Energy
910207Microeconomic Effects of Taxation920210Nursing
910299Microeconomics not elsewhere classified860105Nutraceuticals and Functional foods
840199Mineral Exploration not elsewhere classified920411Nutrition
849999Mineral Resources (excl. Energy Resources) not elsewhere classifiedO
960105Mining Air Quality820506Oats
840201Mining and Extraction of Aluminium Ores920505Occupational Health
840202Mining and Extraction of Copper Ores850103Oil and Gas Exploration
840203Mining and Extraction of Diamonds850203Oil and Gas Extraction
850299Mining and Extraction of Energy Resources not elsewhere classified850304Oil and Gas Refining
840204Mining and Extraction of Iron Ores850104Oil Shale and Tar Sands Exploration
840205Mining and Extraction of Precious (Noble) Metal Ores 850204Oil Shale and Tar Sands Mining and Extraction
840206Mining and Extraction of Stone and Clay860106Oils and Fats (incl. Margarines)
840207Mining and Extraction of Titanium Minerals, Zircon, and Rare Earth Metal Ores (e.g. Monazite)820208Olives
840208Mining and Extraction of Zinc Ores860302Organic Fertilisers
960809Mining Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity860604Organic Industrial Chemicals (excl. Resins, Rubber and Plastics)
960908Mining Land and Water Management950102Organised Sports
861404Mining Machinery and Equipment820209Ornamentals, Natives, Flowers and Nursery Plants
961404Mining Soils920113Oro-Dental Disorders
830307Minor Livestock (e.g. Alpacas, Ostriches, Crocodiles, Farmed Rabbits)P
890103Mobile Data Networks and Services940115Pacific Peoples Development and Welfare
890104Mobile Telephone Networks and Services939906Pacific Peoples Education
910108Monetary Policy920307Pacific Peoples Health - Determinants of Health
930104Moral and Social Development (incl. Affect)920308Pacific Peoples Health - Health Status and Outcomes
960810Mountain and High Country Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity920309Pacific Peoples Health - Health System Performance (incl. Effectiveness of Interventions)
960909Mountain and High Country Land and Water Management860605Paints
961405Mountain and High Country Soils920211Palliative Care
889902Multimodal Transport860501Paper Products (incl. Coated Paper)
820207Mushrooms and Truffles880204Passenger Water Transport
950101Music830499Pasture, Browse and Fodder Crops not elsewhere classified
810107National Security930201Pedagogy
810109Personnel850309Production of Biofuels (Biomass)
961101Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water for Urban and Industrial Use840306Production of Unrefined Precious Metal Ingots and Concentrates
961102Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water in Coastal and Estuarine Environments910404Productivity (excl. Public Sector)
961103Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water in Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments (excl. Urban and Industrial Use)900202Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
961104Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water in Marine Environments940502Professions and Professionalisation
961199Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water not elsewhere classified900203Property Services (incl. Security)
830308Pigs900299Property, Business Support Services and Trade not elsewhere classified
889903Pipeline Transport961301Protected Conservation Areas in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Environments
820303Plant Extract Crops (e.g. Pyrethrum, Jojoba)961302Protected Conservation Areas in Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments
860303Plant Extracts (e.g. Pyrethrum, Alkaloids, Jojoba Oil)961303Protected Conservation Areas in Marine Environments
829902Plant Product Traceability and Quality Assurance (excl. Forest Products)920499Public Health (excl. Specific Population Health) not elsewhere classified
829999Plant Production and Plant Primary Products not elsewhere classified910405Public Sector Productivity
861004Plaster and Plaster Products940204Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
860607Plastic Products (incl. Construction Materials)890404Publishing and Print Services (incl. Internet Publishing)
860606Plastics in Primary Forms860503Pulp and Paper
940203Political SystemsR
870303Polymeric Materials (e.g. Paints)890405Radio and Television Broadcasting
820210Pome Fruit, Pip Fruit861304Rail Equipment
880205Port Infrastructure and Management880101Rail Freight
889904Postal and Package Services (incl. Courier Services)880102Rail Infrastructure and Networks
830309Poultry880103Rail Passenger Movements
960415Pre-Border Biosecurity880104Rail Safety
840105Precious (Noble) Metal Ore Exploration830505Raw Wool
910209Preference, Behaviour and Welfare860504Reconstituted Timber Products (e.g. Chipboard, Particleboard)
850399Preparation and Production of Energy Sources not elsewhere classified950103Recreation
850305Preparation of Black Coal909902Recreational Services
850306Preparation of Brown Coal (Lignite)870103Regional Planning
850307Preparation of Oil Shale and Tar Sands940408Rehabilitation and Correctional Services
850308Preparation of Uranium961201Rehabilitation of Degraded Coastal and Estuarine Environments
860304Prepared Animal Feed961299Rehabilitation of Degraded Environments not elsewhere classified
920412Preventive Medicine961202Rehabilitation of Degraded Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments
830599Primary Animal Products not elsewhere classified961203Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest and Woodlands Environments
840299Primary Mining and Extraction of Mineral Resources not elsewhere classified961204Rehabilitation of Degraded Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments
860502Printing and Publishing Processes961205Rehabilitation of Degraded Mining Environments
860107Processed Fish and Seafood Products961206Rehabilitation of Degraded Mountain and High Country Environments
860199Processed Food Products and Beverages (excl. Dairy Products) not elsewhere classified961207Rehabilitation of Degraded Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Environments
860108Processed Fruit and Vegetable Products (incl. Fruit Juices)961208Rehabilitation of Degraded Urban and Industrial Environments
860109Processed Meat Products950499Religion and Ethics not elsewhere classified
860204Processed Milk and Cream (incl. Powder, Evaporated and Condensed)950404Religion and Society
860399Processed Non-Food Agricultural Products (excl. Wood, Paper and Fibre) not elsewhere classified950405Religious Structures and Ritual
860405Processed Skins, Leather and Leather Products950406Religious Traditions (excl. Structures and Rituals)
861605Processor Modules961308Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas at Regional or Larger Scales
910210Production961304Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas in Coastal and Estuarine Environments
961305Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas in Farmland, Arable Cropland and Permanent Cropland Environments820405Soybeans
961306Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas in Forest and Woodlands Environments880305Space Transport
961307Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas in Mountain and High Country Environments960811Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
961309Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas in Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Environments960910Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Land and Water Management
961310Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas in Urban and Industrial Environments961406Sparseland, Permanent Grassland and Arid Zone Soils
961399Remnant Vegetation and Protected Conservation Areas not elsewhere classified939907Special Needs Education
850599Renewable Energy not elsewhere classified920599Specific Population Health (excl. Indigenous Health) not elsewhere classified
920114Reproductive System and Disorders840106Stone and Clay Exploration
870503Residential Building Management and Services820211Stone Fruit
870204Residential Construction Design870304Stone, Ceramics and Clay Materials
870104Residential Construction Planning861005Structural Glass and Glass Products
870404Residential Construction Processes861206Structural Metal Products
850704Residential Energy Conservation and Efficiency940117Structure, Delivery and Financing of Community Services
930503Resourcing of Education and Training Systems920414Substance Abuse
920115Respiratory System and Diseases (incl. Asthma)820304Sugar
820402Rice860111Sugar and Confectionery Products
960606Rights to Environmental and Natural Resources (excl. Water Allocation)820603Sugar Cane (Cut for Crushing)
880105Road Freight820499Summer Grains and Oilseeds not elsewhere classified
880106Road Infrastructure and Networks900103Superannuation and Insurance Services
880107Road Passenger Movements (excl. Public Transport)910211Supply and Demand
880108Road Public Transport920118Surgical Methods and Procedures
880109Road Safety960609Sustainability Indicators
860608Rubber and Synthetic Resins930302Syllabus and Curriculum Development
920506Rural Health860406Synthetic Fibres, Yarns and Fabrics
960607Rural Land EvaluationT
960705Rural Land Policy820212Table Grapes
960608Rural Water Evaluation (incl. Water Quality)950309Taonga (Maori Artefacts)
960706Rural Water Policy910110Taxation
S930202Teacher and Instructor Development
820403Safflower Seed930299Teaching and Instruction not elsewhere classified
890105Satellite Communication Networks and Services930203Teaching and Instruction Technologies
861606Satellite Navigation Equipment910406Technological and Organisational Innovation
910109Savings and Investments950408Technological Ethics
930402School/Institution Community and Environment861702Telemetry Equipment
930499School/Institution not elsewhere classified950104The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
930403School/Institution Policies and Development950204The Media
861503Scientific Instruments950105The Performing Arts (incl. Theatre and Dance)
861204Semi-Finished Metal Products850507Tidal Energy
910504Service Industries Standards and Calibrations950310Tikanga Maori (Maori Customary Practices)
830310Sheep - Meat870305Timber Materials
830311Sheep - Wool940503Time Use, Unpaid Work and Volunteering
861205Sheet Metal Products840107Titanium Minerals, Zircon, and Rare Earth Metal Ore (e.g. Monazite) Exploration
920116Skeletal System and Disorders (incl. Arthritis)820305Tobacco
920117Skin and Related Disorders820604Tobacco Leaf
860609Soaps and Cosmetics900303Tourism Infrastructure Development
940116Social Class and Inequalities900399Tourism not elsewhere classified
950407Social Ethics960707Trade and Environment
960311Social Impacts of Climate Change and Variability910302Trade Assistance and Protection
920413Social Structure and Health910303Trade Policy
900302Socio-Cultural Issues in Tourism850405Transformation of Black Coal into Electricity
820105Softwood Plantations850406Transformation of Brown Coal (Lignite) into Electricity
961499Soils not elsewhere classified850407Transformation of Coal into Gaseous Fuels
850504Solar-Photovoltaic Energy850408Transformation of Coal into Liquid Fuels
850505Solar-Thermal Electric Energy850409Transformation of Gas into Electricity
850506Solar-Thermal Energy850410Transformation of Gas into Liquid Fuels
850404Solid Oxide Fuel Cells861399Transport Equipment not elsewhere classified
820404Sorghum889999Transport not elsewhere classified
830406Sown Pastures (excl. Lucerne)820213Tree Nuts (excl. Almonds and Macadamias)
860110Soy Products820214Tropical Fruit
U900401Waste Management Services
950501Understanding Africa's Past900402Waste Recycling Services
950502Understanding Asia's Past960913Water Allocation and Quantification
950503Understanding Australia's Past900499Water and Waste Services not elsewhere classified
950504Understanding Europe's Past900403Water Recycling Services (incl. Sewage and Greywater)
950505Understanding New Zealand's Past880206Water Safety
950599Understanding Past Societies not elsewhere classified900404Water Services and Utilities
950506Understanding the Past of the Americas880299Water Transport not elsewhere classified
820605Unprocessed Grains850508Wave Energy
820606Unprocessed Industrial Crops (excl. Sugar, Tobacco and Cotton)960203Weather
820607Unprocessed Oilseeds820507Wheat
830506Unprocessed or Minimally Processed Fish860205Whey
830507Unprocessed or Minimally Processed Milk900204Wholesale and Retail Trade
850105Uranium Exploration830202Wild Caught Crustaceans (excl. Rock Lobster and Prawns)
850205Uranium Mining and Extraction830203Wild Caught Edible Molluscs
960106Urban and Industrial Air Quality830204Wild Caught Fin Fish (excl. Tuna)
960812Urban and Industrial Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity830205Wild Caught Prawns
960911Urban and Industrial Land Management830206Wild Caught Rock Lobster
961407Urban and Industrial Soils830207Wild Caught Tuna
960912Urban and Industrial Water Management850509Wind Energy
960610Urban Land Evaluation820306Wine Grapes
960708Urban Land Policy820599Winter Grains and Oilseeds not elsewhere classified
870105Urban Planning920507Women's Health
960611Urban Water Evaluation (incl. Water Quality)860505Wood Sawing and Veneer
960709Urban Water Policy860599Wood, Wood Products and Paper not elsewhere classified
920119Urogenital System and Disorders860407Wool Scouring and Top Making
V940504Work and Family Responsibilities
820215Vegetables940599Work and Institutional Development not elsewhere classified
860901Veterinary Biological Preventatives (e.g. Vaccines)939908Workforce Transition and Employment
860902Veterinary Diagnostics950409Workplace and Organisational Ethics
860999Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products not elsewhere classified940505Workplace Safety
860903Veterinary Pharmaceutical Treatments (e.g. Antibiotics)Y
890106Videoconference Services861305Yachts
950205Visual CommunicationZ
861703Voice and Data Equipment840108Zinc Ore Exploration
950311Wahi Taonga (Maori Places of Significance)

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