1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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21200.30 Abalone, frozen
21200.30 Abalone, prepared
35334.20 Abrasive cleaners
71320.10 Accident insurance services (excluding reinsurance services)
71420.00 Accident reinsurance services
93325.70 Accommodation placement support services, other
32600.00 Account books
88231.00 Accounting machinery manufacturing services
82212.00 Accounting review services
82219.00 Accounting services, other
34100.10.20.10 Acetylene
71511.00 Acquisition services
34400.20 Activated natural mineral products
71630.00 Actuarial services
45100.40 Addressing machines
35400.10 Adhesives
91131.00 Administrative agriculture related services
91134.00 Administrative communications related services
91133.00 Administrative construction related services
91124.00 Administrative cultural services
91121.00 Administrative educational services
91132.00 Administrative energy related services
91210.00 Administrative external affairs related services
91131.00 Administrative fishing related services
91131.00 Administrative forestry related services
91132.00 Administrative fuel related services
91122.00 Administrative health care services
91123.00 Administrative housing services
91131.00 Administrative hunting related services
91133.00 Administrative manufacturing related services
91133.00 Administrative mining and mineral resources related services
91137.00 Administrative multipurpose development project services
91124.00 Administrative recreational services
91124.00 Administrative religious services
91340.00 Administrative services of child allowance programs
91340.00 Administrative services of family allowance programs
91320.00 Administrative services of government employee pension schemes
91310.00 Administrative services of maternity benefit schemes
91320.00 Administrative services of old-age disability or survivors' benefit schemes, other than for government employees
91310.00 Administrative services of sickness benefit schemes
91310.00 Administrative services of temporary disablement benefit schemes
91119.00 Administrative services of the government n.e.c.
91330.00 Administrative services of unemployment compensation benefit schemes
91280.00 Administrative services related to detention of criminals
91135.00 Administrative services related to hotels and restaurants
91280.00 Administrative services related to rehabilitation of criminals
91135.00 Administrative services related to the distributive and catering trades
91136.00 Administrative services related to tourism affairs
91134.00 Administrative transport related services
82100.05 Administrative/constitutional legal services
93325.60 Adoption placement
83812.00 Advertising and related photography services
83690.00 Advertising services, other
42900.40 Advertising signs (excluding electric), metal
24410.00 Aerated waters, artificial, not sweetened nor flavoured
24410.00 Aerated waters, natural, not sweetened nor flavoured
24490.20 Aerated waters, sweetened or flavoured, bottled
24490.30 Aerated waters, sweetened or flavoured, canned
47400.10 Aerials for radio receivers
47400.10 Aerials for television receivers
35323.40 Aftershave
53129.30 Aged care buildings
44100.90 Agricultural and horticultural machinery and parts n.e.c.
53121.30 Agricultural buildings
34620.30 Agricultural chemicals n.e.c.
52100.90 Agricultural land, other
44100.10 Agricultural mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids
44100.10 Agricultural mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying powders
44100.50 Agricultural mowers
44100.20 Agricultural self loading or unloading semi-trailers
44100.20 Agricultural self loading or unloading trailers
44100.20 Agricultural tippers
44100.30 Agricultural wheeled tractors (excluding crawler)
54632.00 Air conditioning installation services
35323.90 Air fresheners
44800.48 Air heaters incorporating a motor driven fan or blower
43900.50 Air intake filters for internal combustion engines
43200.90 Air or gas compressors
67720.00 Air traffic control services
49600.90 Aircraft and parts thereof, other
32500.30 Airline tickets
67710.00 Airport operation services (excluding cargo handling)
85230.90 Alarm monitoring services, other
32600.00 Albums
34100.10.10.90 Alcohol derivatives (excluding phenol-alcohols) n.e.c.
34100.50 Alcohol peroxides
63300.10 Alcoholic beverage-serving services for consumption on the premises
34100.10.10.90 Alcohols (excluding ethanol) n.e.c.
34100.50 Aldehyde-function compounds
24310.10 Ale, bottled
24310.30 Ale, bulk
24310.20 Ale, canned
46400.90 Alkaline batteries
34100.10.20.90 Alkyne derivatives n.e.c.
34100.10.20.90 Alkynes n.e.c.
01230.01.90 Alliaceous vegetables, other
41280.10 Alloy steel flat-rolled products
33600.00 Alloys containing radioactive elements, isotopes or compounds
01360.10 Almonds, dried
01360.10 Almonds, fresh, whether or not shelled
01900.50.05 Aloe vera for fungicides
01900.50.05 Aloe vera for insecticides
01900.50.05 Aloe vera for perfumery
01900.50.05 Aloe vera for pharmacy
01900.50.05 Aloe vera n.e.c.
02129.10 Alpacas, live
46900.10 Alternators for motor vehicle, tractor or motor cycle
53200.55.20 Alumina industry constructions
41400.05 Alumina (excluding artificial and natural corundum and emery)
41400.90 Aluminium alloys n.e.c.
42900.90 Aluminium articles n.e.c.
41500.40 Aluminium flakes
53200.55.20 Aluminium industry constructions
41500.40 Aluminium powders
41400.10 Aluminium primary recovery
41400.15 Aluminium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41400.10 Aluminium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
01230.57.10 Amaranth, fresh or chilled
16120.30 Amblygonite
93192.00 Ambulance services
34100.30.10 Amine- function compounds other than lysine and glutamic acid and their derivatives
34610.30 Ammonia, anhydrous or in aqueous solution
34610.30 Ammonium carbonates n.e.c.
34610.30 Ammonium chloride
34610.10 Ammonium sulphate
44740.00 Ammunition
96910.90 Amusement park and similar attraction services, other
96990.00 Amusement services n.e.c.
83563.00 Analysis services of integrated mechanical and electrical systems
83562.00 Analysis services of physical properties
42900.98 Anchors and grapnels
41290.10 Angles, iron
41290.10 Angles, steel
15200.90 Anhydrite
34400.20 Animal black (including spent)
23300.10 Animal feed supplements
34610.40 Animal fertilisers
86129.00 Animal husbandry services, other
02900.90 Animal products n.e.c.
02900.50 Animal semen
35310.00 Anionic surface active agents
27100.30 Annexes
35400.20 Anti-oxidising preparations
14290.91.30 Antimony-gold concentrate
14290.91.20 Antimony concentrate
14290.91.10 Antimony ore
41600.30 Antimony primary recovery
41600.40 Antimony secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Antimony secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
44600.90 Apparel machinery and parts n.e.c.
21500.90 Apple sauce
01500.20.10 Apple trees
01311.10.03 Apples, Abas, fresh
01311.10.06 Apples, Akane, fresh
01311.10.09 Apples, Bonza, fresh
01311.10.12 Apples, Braeburn, fresh
01311.10.15 Apples, Crofton, fresh
01311.10.27 Apples, Democrat, fresh
01311.10.24 Apples, Earlidel, fresh
01311.10.30 Apples, Fuji, fresh
01311.10.33 Apples, Gala, fresh
01311.10.18 Apples, Golden delicious, fresh
01311.10.36 Apples, Goldina, fresh
01311.10.39 Apples, Granny Smith, fresh
01311.10.42 Apples, Gravenstein, fresh
01311.10.33 Apples, Imperial, fresh
01311.10.45 Apples, Jonagold, fresh
01311.10.48 Apples, Jonathon, fresh
01311.10.51 Apples, Lady William, fresh
01311.10.54 Apples, Legana, fresh
01311.10.57 Apples, Mutsu, fresh
01311.10.21 Apples, Ordinary delicious, fresh
01311.10.90 Apples, other
01311.10.60 Apples, Pacific Rose, fresh
01311.10.63 Apples, Pink lady, fresh
01311.10.24 Apples, Red delicious, fresh
01311.10.33 Apples, Royal, fresh
01311.10.69 Apples, Sturmer, fresh
01311.10.66 Apples, Summerdel, fresh
01311.10.72 Apples, Sundowner, fresh
42900.28.10 Appliances (including juice extractors) (excluding power operated), hand operated, domestic, metal
85990.10.10 Appraisal or valuation services of antiques
85990.10.90 Appraisal or valuation services (excluding real estate appraisal services), other
85100.30 Apprentice or trainee placement services
21500.20 Apricot stones and kernels, fresh or dried
01316.04 Apricots, fresh
53121.30 Aquacultural buildings
96421.20 Aquariums
04900.00 Aquatic animals, other
21200.30 Aquatic invertebrates, frozen
04200.92 Aquatic invertebrates, live, fresh or chilled, other
21200.30 Aquatic invertebrates, prepared
96421.10 Arboretums
83211.00 Architectural advisory services
35100.10 Architectural and decorative paints
83212.00 Architectural design services
42100.90 Architectural or building products n.e.c., aluminium
37300.90 Architectural ornaments, ceramic
83211.00 Architectural pre-design services
42100.20 Architectural products of iron n.e.c.
42100.20 Architectural products of steel n.e.c.
83219.00 Architectural services, other
84520.00 Archive services
85240.00 Armoured car services
42900.98 Armoured or reinforced safes and strong-boxes
96411.10 Art gallery services
96411.10 Art museum services
01230.02.90 Artichokes, fresh or chilled, other
38500.20.40 Articles for ten-pin bowling
37500.50 Articles n.e.c. manufactured from straw agglomerated with mineral binders
37500.50 Articles n.e.c. manufactured from vegetable fibre agglomerated with mineral binders
28340.10 Articles of artificial furskin
37900.20 Articles of asphalt or similar materials n.e.c.
27100.90 Articles of bonded fibre or yarn fabrics (excluding labels and badges)
42900.94 Articles of copper, nickel, lead, zinc and tin n.e.c.
31900.90 Articles of plaiting materials
48100.35 Artificial teeth, joints, limbs or eyes
96320.90 Artists, except performing artists, other services of
37500.20 Asbestos-cement articles
16390.05.90 Asbestos, excluding chrysotile
01230.04.10 Asian basil, fresh or chilled
01230.03 Asparagus, fresh or chilled
15330.00 Asphaltites and asphaltic rock
54400.20 Assembly of prefabricated non-residential constructions
54400.10 Assembly of prefabricated residential constructions
02113.20 Asses, live
38400.15 Athletic articles and equipment
32200.20 Atlases and maps or charts, whether or not in book form
47300.10 Audio-frequency electric amplifiers (excluding hearing aids)
47300.90 Audio equipment and parts and accessories, other
96100.30.20 Audio post-production services
93191.40 Audiology services
93191.50 Audiometry services
96100.90 Audiovisual and related services n.e.c.
96100.80 Audiovisual production support services n.e.c.
96100.40.90 Audiovisual program distribution services, other
96100.10.90 Audiovisual program production services, other
96320.90 Authors, except performing artists, other services of
87141.20 Auto electrical services
38500.20.40 Automatic bowling alley equipment
43900.40 Automatic goods vending machines, other
35100.20 Automotive clears
46100.70.90 Automotive electric motors n.e.c.
35100.20 Automotive enamels
35100.20 Automotive finishing coats
46300.10 Automotive insulated cable, wire or strip
35100.20 Automotive lacquers
35100.20 Automotive paints
35100.20 Automotive primer
35100.20 Automotive stains
35100.20 Automotive undercoats
46400.10 Automotive wet cell batteries (excluding traction or motorcycle)
35400.50 Auxiliary preparations for brazing n.e.c.
35400.50 Auxiliary preparations for soldering n.e.c.
35400.50 Auxiliary preparations for welding n.e.c.
33300.10 Aviation spirit
01316.08 Avocados, fresh- (all varieties)
27100.09 Awnings of textile fabrics (including canvas)
27100.09 Awnings of woven textile materials (including cotton)
34100.30.50 Azo- or azoxy- compounds

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