1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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01315.10 Babacos melons, fresh
49950.90 Baby carriages
01230.09.35.10 Baby Chinese chard, fresh or chilled
01230.09.40.10 Baby Chinese flowering cabbage, fresh or chilled
32100.04 Baby napkins of paper or cellulose wadding
28200.03 Baby napkins of textile fabrics
23990.90 Baby preparations (excluding milk, fruit or vegetable based)
21100.25 Bacon
27900.10 Badges (textile) with printed lettering or design
27900.05 Badges (textile) with woven lettering or design
38400.30 Badminton racquet
36400.30 Bags for garbage
32100.90.20 Bags n.e.c. (including paper multiwall bags) (excluding cones)
27100.03 Bags, canvas
29220.10 Bags, leather
29220.20 Bags, non-leather
36400.30 Bags, plastic
27100.03 Bags, textile
23400.90 Bakers' wares excluding biscuits, bread, cakes, crumpets, ice cream cones, meat pies, pastries, wafers and waffles
44500.90 Bakery and biscuit making machinery (excluding ovens)
44500.30 Bakery and biscuit ovens
03200.10 Balata and similar natural gums
46100.40 Ballasts used with lighting apparatus
49600.20 Balloons
03200.90 Balsams
42100.20 Balustrades of fabricated iron or steel
01317.10 Bananas, fresh
35200.10 Bandages, medical
35200.10 Bandages, surgical
82100.10 Banking legal services
32500.30 Banknotes
45200.30.50.30 Bar-code readers
42900.08 Barbed wire
97210.00 Barbers' services
16120.10 Barite
03900.10 Bark, ground
01150.00 Barley for grain
42900.48.10 Barrels of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, metal (excluding sheetmetal)
31700.20 Barrels, wooden
35323.10 Barrier creams
41500.10 Bars, aluminium
41500.10 Bars, aluminium alloy
41500.50 Bars, brass
41500.50 Bars, copper or copper alloy
41290.10 Bars, iron
41290.10 Bars, steel
15100.10 Basalt monumental or building stone
15320.30.05 Basalt, crushed and broken
14290.91.90 Base metal ores and concentrates n.e.c.
38400.20 Baseball mitts
41110.10 Basic iron n.e.c.
01230.04.20 Basil (excluding Asian basil)
35323.90 Bath preparations n.e.c.
35323.90 Bath salts
37200.10 Baths, ceramic
38400.35 Bats and sticks for cricket, baseball, softball, hockey and lacrosse
46400.90 Batteries n.e.c.
46400.30 Batteries, dry cell
46400.20 Batteries, wet cell, n.e.c. (excluding motorcycle)
46400.90 Battery components
14230.00 Bauxite
53200.55.20 Bauxite industry constructions
27100.21 Bean bags (excluding those of or stuffed with rubber)
01230.05.90 Beans, fresh or chilled, other
43300.10 Bearing parts
43300.10 Bearings
42900.28.10 Beaters, hand operated, domestic, metal
35323.40 Beauty creams
35323.40 Beauty lotions
35323.40 Beauty powders
35323.90 Beauty preparations n.e.c.
97290.00 Beauty treatment services n.e.c.
27100.24 Bed linen n.e.c.
24310.10 Beer, bottled
24310.20 Beer, canned
24310.30 Beer,bulk
02129.20 Bees
02900.15 Beeswax, natural
01230.06 Beetroot, fresh or chilled
36200.10 Belting, rubber including V belts
28200.63 Belts of textile fabrics for clothing
36200.20.10 Belts, rubber (clothing accessories)
14290.40.10 Beneficiated ilmenite
15400.05 Bentonite
15400.05 Bentonitic clay
34100.10.20.20 Benzene
34500.10 Benzole, from petroleum
34500.20 Benzole, other than from petroleum
01312.90 Berry and other small fruit n.e.c., fresh
67620.00 Berthing services
14290.91.40 Beryllium ore
41600.30 Beryllium primary recovery
41600.40 Beryllium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Beryllium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
96920.90 Betting services, other
01610.90 Beverage crops excluding roasted cocoa beans, unprocessed coffee and tea
88111.00 Beverage manufacturing services
63300.90 Beverage serving services for consumption on the premises, other
27900.30 Bias binding narrow fabrics
49950.10 Bicycles, not motorised
29220.10 Billfolds, leather
29220.20 Billfolds, non-leather
38500.20.40 Billiard articles and accessories
23400.10 Biscuit crumbs
23400.10 Biscuits
14290.91.60 Bismuth-gold concentration
14290.91.50 Bismuth concentration
01230.07 Bitter gourd, fresh or chilled
01230.08 Bitter melon leaves, fresh or chilled
01230.07 Bitter melon, fresh or chilled
37900.20 Bituminous mixtures asphalt or similar materials
12030.00 Bituminous or oil shale and tar sands
01312.05 Blackcurrants, fresh
44400.94 Blades for construction and earthmoving machinery
27100.06 Blankets (excluding electric or woollen)
27100.45 Blankets (excluding electric) of wool or fine animal hair
28200.33 Blazers, boys
28200.33 Blazers, men
35322.10 Bleaching preparations (excluding hydrogen peroxide)
42900.44.90 Blinds and awnings (excluding aluminium venetian blinds), metal, other
27100.09 Blinds of textile fabrics (including canvas)
27100.09 Blinds of woven textile materials (including cotton)
37500.50 Blocks manufactured from straw agglomerated with mineral binders
37500.50 Blocks manufactured from vegetable fibre agglomerated with mineral binders
37500.40 Blocks, concrete
39100.10 Blood meal for poultry feed
39100.10 Blood meal stock feed
28200.42 Blouses, girls'
28200.42 Blouses, women's
01312.10 Blueberries, fresh
38500.20.10 Board games
53129.60.20 Boarding houses
37500.50 Boards manufactured from straw agglomerated with mineral binders
37500.50 Boards manufactured from vegetable fibre agglomerated with mineral binders
46200.10 Boards, consoles and cabinets equipped with electrical apparatus for switching, protecting or for making connections to electrical circuits
37500.60 Boards, plaster
49220.30.10 Boat trailers
49400.10 Boats or vessels for pleasure or sport, of 5 tonnes or more displacement but less than 50 tonnes displacement n.e.c. (excluding inflatable vessels)
49300.10 Boats under 50 tonnes displacement
49210.10 Bodies and cabs for construction vehicles
49231.10 Body panels for buses
49231.20 Body panels for other motor vehicles
49231.10 Body panels for trucks
27100.21 Bolsters (excluding those of or stuffed with rubber)
42900.64 Bolts (including expansion bolts), metal
27900.30 Bonded fibre fabrics
82220.00 Book-keeping services, except tax returns
32600.00 Book covers
44900.10 Bookbinding and isotopic separation machinery and parts
96920.60 Bookmaking services
32200.40 Books n.e.c., printed and/or published by the same unit
31900.90 Boot lasts, wooden
31900.90 Boot trees, wooden
44400.98 Boring, sinking or tunnelling machinery
96421.10 Botanical garden services
42900.28.10 Bottle openers
36400.10 Bottles, plastic
01500.30 Bouquets
24100.20.10 Bourbon
38400.50 Bows and arrows for archery or hunting
49220.30.90 Box trailers
42900.48.10 Boxes of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, metal (excluding sheetmetal)
32100.24 Boxes of paper or paperboard
36400.20 Boxes, plastic
31700.20 Boxes, wooden
42900.32 Brackets and latch sets, metal
27900.90 Braids, textile
39100.40 Bran for animal feed
24100.20.20 Brandy
28200.06 Bras
41400.20 Brass primary recovery
41400.30 Brass secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41400.20 Brass secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
01230.09.90 Brassicas, fresh or chilled, other
28200.06 Brassieres
23400.20 Bread rolls
23400.20 Bread, excluding unleavened
23100.50 Breakfast cereals
48100.25 Breathing appliances and gas masks (excluding protective masks having neither mechanical parts nor replaceable filters), other
34400.20 Brewers' pitch and similar preparations based on rosin, resin acids or vegetable pitch
39100.60 Brewing dregs
39100.60 Brewing waste
15400.10 Brick clay
15400.10 Brick shale
37500.40 Bricks, concrete
37300.30 Bricks, refractory
67520.00 Bridge operation services
53200.10 Bridges
42100.40 Bridges and bridge sections, iron
42100.40 Bridges and bridge sections, steel
29220.10 Briefcases, leather
29220.20 Briefcases, non-leather
11020.00 Briquettes and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal
11032.10 Briquettes, manufactured from agglomerated lignite
01230.05.10 Broad beans, fresh or chilled
26700.10 Broadwoven fabric of artificial filaments
26700.10 Broadwoven fabric of artificial staple fibres
26800.30 Broadwoven fabric of glass fibre or textile materials other than cotton
27900.20 Broadwoven fabric of metal thread
27900.20 Broadwoven fabric of metallised yarn n.e.c.
26500.90 Broadwoven fabric of or predominantly of natural fibres (excluding cotton and special fabrics), n.e.c.
26700.30 Broadwoven fabric of staple synthetic fibres
26700.20 Broadwoven fabric of synthetic filaments
26800.30 Broadwoven tufted textile fabrics
26500.10 Broadwoven woollen fabric (including fine animal hair fabric), excluding elastic, pile or chenille
26500.10 Broadwoven worsted fabric (including fine animal hair fabric), excluding elastic, pile or chenille
01230.09.05 Broccoli (excluding Chinese broccoli), fresh or chilled
32200.40 Brochures, leaflets and similar printed matter (except advertising material), printed and/or published by the same unit
38900.39 Brooms
38900.39 Brushes excluding personal
38900.21 Brushes n.e.c. for personal use
01230.09.10 Brussels sprouts, fresh or chilled
36900.20 Buckets, plastic
44400.94 Buckets, shovels, grabs and grips for construction and earthmoving machinery
01190.10 Buckwheat for grain
01230.57.20 Buffalo spinach, fresh or chilled
36900.30 Builders' hardware n.e.c., plastic
31600.90 Builders' joinery and carpentry of wood n.e.c.
54790.90 Building completion services, other
54790.90 Building finishing work services, other
54521.00 Building framing services
15100.40.90 Building stone, limestone, other
37600.00 Building stone, worked
38700.10 Buildings, prefabricated, aluminium
38700.10 Buildings, prefabricated, aluminium framed
52200.00 Built-up and related land
44400.90 Bulldozers
42900.72 Bung covers, of base metal
39100.70 Bungs
54613.00 Burglar alarm system installation services
67510.00 Bus station services
44500.90 Butchery machinery
22900.10 Butter
22900.20 Butter oil
22900.30 Buttermilk (excluding cultured)
34100.20.40 Butyric acid

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