1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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18000.10 Ice
38400.05 Ice-skates
22900.50 Ice cream
23400.10 Ice cream cones
43900.10 Ice making machines and water coolers
23500.10 Icing sugar
46500.20 Illuminated signs, nameplates and signplates having a permanently fixed light source
32500.20 Illustrated postcards
14290.40.20 Ilmenite concentrate
34100.30.35 Imine- compounds
38900.24 Imitation jewellery
31300.00 Impregnated railway sleepers
32700.00 Impressed lithographic stones for producing printed matter
32700.00 Impressed media for use in printing n.e.c. for producing printed matter
32100.60 Imprinted paper labels (excluding commission printing)
32100.60 Imprinted paperboard labels (excluding commission printing)
92900.20 In-house training services
46500.30 Incandescent light fittings
93325.25 Independent living support services, other
42900.94 Indexing tags
95992.10 Indigenous group representation and administration
52900.30 Indigenous land
41600.30 Indium primary recovery
41600.40 Indium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Indium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
93325.10 Individual and family support services
71311.20 Individual pension services
82330.00 Individual tax planning services
82330.00 Individual tax preparation services
46100.40 Inductors n.e.c.
43900.05.30 Industrial air conditioning units
72222.10 Industrial buildings and associated land sales on a fee or contract basis
53121.90 Industrial buildings n.e.c.
35100.30 Industrial clears
38200.20 Industrial diamonds, ground or otherwise worked
16320.00 Industrial diamonds, unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted
44900.10 Industrial dryers (excluding parts)
43400.10 Industrial electric furnaces
43400.10 Industrial electric ovens
35100.30 Industrial enamels
35100.30 Industrial finishing coats
35100.30 Industrial heavy duty coats
43900.90 Industrial machinery and equipment n.e.c.
43900.95 Industrial machinery and equipment parts n.e.c.
44600.10 Industrial machinery and parts for textile fibre and textile manufacture (excluding industrial sewing machines)
44600.10 Industrial machinery and parts for textile fibre and textile treatment (excluding industrial sewing machines)
35100.30 Industrial paints
85330.10.70 Industrial premise cleaning services
35100.30 Industrial primer
72212.10 Industrial property management services on a fee or contract basis
82100.35 Industrial relations legal services
44600.90 Industrial sewing machines
43900.90 Industrial spray guns
35100.30 Industrial undercoats
28200.30 Industrial work shirts
21200.90 Inedible flours of abalone
21200.90 Inedible flours of crustaceans
21200.90 Inedible flours of fish
21200.90 Inedible flours of molluscs
21200.90 Inedible flours of other aquatic invertebrates (including abalone)
21200.90 Inedible meals of abalone
21200.90 Inedible meals of crustaceans
21200.90 Inedible meals of fish
21200.90 Inedible meals of molluscs
21200.90 Inedible meals of other aquatic invertebrates
21200.90 Inedible pellets of abalone
21200.90 Inedible pellets of crustaceans
21200.90 Inedible pellets of fish
21200.90 Inedible pellets of molluscs
21200.90 Inedible pellets other aquatic invertebrates
21200.90 Inedible products n.e.c. of abalone
21200.90 Inedible products n.e.c. of crustaceans
21200.90 Inedible products n.e.c. of fish
21200.90 Inedible products n.e.c. of molluscs
21200.90 Inedible products n.e.c. of other aquatic invertebrates
21600.30 Inedible tallow, excluding refined
38170.10.90 Infant car seats
49400.30 Inflatable canoes
49400.30 Inflatable rafts
49400.30 Inflatable rowing boats
49400.30 Inflatable vessels n.e.c.
93325.05 Information advice and referral support services
84300.10 Information retrieval services
84300.10 Information storage services
44300.00 Ingot moulds, ladles and parts
41120.20 Ingots, iron
41120.20 Ingots, steel
45200.30.40.50 Ink cartridges and the like for printers
38900.75 Ink pads
35100.40 Inks
65110.10.10 Inner harbour commuter ferries
34200.92 Inorganic acids n.e.c.
34200.91 Inorganic acids (excluding industrial gases)
34200.92 Inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals n.e.c.
34200.91 Inorganic oxygen compounds of non-metals (excluding industrial gases)
34300.10 Inorganic products for inorganic colouring matter n.e.c.
34300.10 Inorganic products for luminophores
34300.20 Inorganic tanning extracts of vegetable origin
02900.20 Insect waxes (excluding natural beeswax)
34620.20 Insecticides
82400.10 Insolvency services
87330.10 Installation and cabling services for computers
87330.20 Installation services for office and accounting machinery
54699.00 Installation services n.e.c.
87340.00 Installation services of communications equipment and apparatus
87360.00 Installation services of electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c.
87310.00 Installation services of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
87320.00 Installation services of industrial, manufacturing, and service industry machinery and equipment
87350.00 Installation services of optical instruments
87390.00 Installation services of other goods n.e.c.
87350.00 Installation services of precision instruments
87350.00 Installation services of professional medical machinery and equipment
87340.00 Installation services of radio equipment and apparatus
87340.00 Installation services of television equipment and apparatus
96920.40 Instant money sales services
46300.40 Insulated optical fibre cable for uses other than computing/communications
46300.50 Insulated winding wire
46900.90 Insulating fittings for electrical appliances and machines
54650.00 Insulation services
71610.00 Insurance brokerage and agency services
71620.00 Insurance claims adjustment services
71690.00 Insurance, other services auxiliary to
83311.00 Integrated engineering services for buildings
83312.00 Integrated engineering services for civil engineering works
83313.00 Integrated engineering services for industrial plant and processes
83319.00 Integrated engineering services for other projects
84100.30.10 Integrated services digital network lines
82100.40 Intellectual property legal services
84100.40 Inter-carrier charge services (including carriage and sales of capacity to other carriers and service providers)
42900.28.70 Interchangeable tools for power-operated hand tools
83410.00 Interior design services
27100.24 Interior furnishing articles, textile, (excluding curtains, floor coverings and similar woven articles)
41400.90 Intermediate nickel products
33300.40 Intermediate refinery products n.e.c.
37900.30 Intermixtures of expanded mineral materials
43100.10.10 Internal combustion engines for motor vehicles
43100.10.10 Internal combustion engines for tractors
43100.10.90 Internal combustion engines, other
83142.10.20 Internet applications (excluding internet services), other
84200.10.10 Internet dial up access services
84200.10.20 Internet permanent connection services
84200.10.90 Internet services, other
83910.00 Interpretation services
64213.00 Interurban scheduled road transport services of passengers
64214.00 Interurban special purpose scheduled road transport services of passengers
23990.90 Invalid preparations (excluding milk, fruit or vegetable based)
85210.90 Investigation services, other
71200.00 Investment banking services
71519.00 Investment banking, other services related to
42900.04.10 Iron expanded metal
41280.30 Iron flat rolled products clad, plated or coated
41280.20 Iron or flat-rolled products
43300.20 Iron or steel articulated link chain
43300.20 Iron or steel articulated link chain parts
42900.20 Iron or steel chain (other than articulated link chain)
14100.10 Iron ore and concentrates
14100.20 Iron ore fines
14100.50 Iron ore pellets
14100.40 Iron ore, run of the mine
14100.60.10 Iron oxide for cement manufacture
14100.60.20 Iron oxide for coal washing
14100.60.30 Iron oxide for gas purification
14100.60.90 Iron oxide, excluding for cement manufacture, coal washing or gas purification
41120.10 Iron pieces roughly shaped by forging
41120.20 Iron primary forms
41120.20 Iron semi-finished products

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