1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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41600.30 Hafnium primary recovery
41600.40 Hafnium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Hafnium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
38900.21 Hair brushes for personal use
42900.28.60 Hair clippers (excluding electric)
35323.20 Hair colouring
35323.20 Hair conditioner
35323.20 Hair shampoo
35323.20 Hair spray
35323.20 Hairdressing preparations n.e.c.
97210.00 Hairdressing services
01230.28 Hairy melon, fresh or chilled
21100.25 Ham
01315.90 Hami melons, fresh
35323.30 Hand cream
35323.30 Hand lotions
42900.28.60 Hand pieces for shearing machines
37900.90 Hand polishing stones
38900.27 Hand riddles, iron
38900.27 Hand riddles, steel
37900.90 Hand sharpening stones
38900.27 Hand sieves, iron
38900.27 Hand sieves, steel
44200.40 Hand tools with self-contained motor
42900.28.20 Hand tools (excluding gardening or power operated or pneumatic), metal
29220.10 Handbags, leather
29220.20 Handbags, non-leather
44200.10 Handheld blow pipes
49600.10 Hang gliders
38700.20 Hangars, complete, prefabricated metal or metal framed
53200.20 Harbours
45200.60.70 Hard drives
83141.00 Hardware consultancy services
31230.10 Hardwood in chips
31230.10 Hardwood in particles
96520.20.20 Harness racehorse racecourse/track operations
96620.10.20 Harness racehorse training services
29240.00 Harnesses of any material
44100.50 Harvesting, threshing and haymaking machinery n.e.c.
42900.32 Hat and towel racks, metal
28200.69 Hats excluding plastic, rubber and safety
01900.20 Hay
38700.20 Hay sheds, complete, prefabricated metal or metal framed
94221.00 Hazardous waste collection services
94222.00 Hazardous waste disposal services
94222.00 Hazardous waste treatment services
01360.40 Hazelnuts, dried
01360.40 Hazelnuts, fresh, whether or not shelled
28200.69 Headgear n.e.c. excluding plastic, rubber and safety
96520.10 Health and fitness centre operation services
53129.40.90 Health buildings, other
71320.20 Health insurance services (excluding reinsurance services)
85330.10.20 Health premise cleaning services
23990.90 Health preparations (excluding milk, fruit or vegetable based)
71420.00 Health reinsurance services
93191.50 Hearing aid dispensing
48100.20 Hearing aid parts and accessories
48100.15 Hearing aids (excluding parts and accessories)
43900.15 Heat exchange units
46900.10 Heaters, defrosters and demisters for motor vehicle, tractor or motor cycle
54631.00 Heating installation services
53200.55.90 Heavy industry constructions, other
33300.40 Heavy oils from bituminous minerals
33300.40 Heavy petroleum oils
29700.60 Heels, plastic
02122.10 Hens, live
96421.10 Herbariums
34620.30 Herbicides
34100.40 Heterocyclic compounds n.e.c.
92390.00 Higher education services, other
92220.00 Higher secondary education services
67520.00 Highway operation services
53200.05 Highways and subdivisions
42900.32 Hinges, metal
02113.20 Hinnies, live
73230.10 Hire/lease services concerning furniture
73230.90 Hire/lease services concerning other household appliances
73230.20 Hire/lease services concerning whitegoods
96411.20 Historic building museum services
43500.35 Hoist parts n.e.c.
43500.30 Hoists
63191.00 Holiday centre and holiday home services
41270.20 Hollow profiles, iron (excluding cast iron and seamless)
41270.30 Hollow profiles, seamless, iron (excluding cast iron)
41270.30 Hollow profiles, seamless, steel
41270.20 Hollow profiles, steel (excluding seamless)
23990.50 Homogenised food preparations including fruit
23990.50 Homogenised food preparations including fruit, vegetables, meat or composites thereof
23990.50 Homogenised food preparations including meat
23990.50 Homogenised food preparations including vegetables
01315.90 Honeydew melons, fresh
23200.20 Honey, artificial
44800.68.90 Hoods, other
42900.08 Hooks and safety pins
03190.10 Hoopwood
15320.30.30 Hornfels, crushed and broken
49220.30.20 Horse floats
01230.29 Horse radish, fresh or chilled
02113.10 Horses, live
44100.10 Horticultural mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids
44100.10 Horticultural mechanical appliances for projecting, dispersing or spraying powders
36300.40 Hose fittings, plastic
27900.30 Hosepiping, textile
36300.30 Hoses, plastic
36200.40 Hose, rubber
28200.66 Hosiery
53129.40.10 Hospital buildings
93110.10 Hospital obstetric procedures
93110.90 Hospital services n.e.c.
93110.20 Hospital services, specialised
93110.10 Hospital surgical procedures
85330.10.40 Hospitality premise cleaning services
93310.40 Hostel care services for the aged and/or persons with disabilities
53129.60.20 Hostels or lodges
44800.48 Hot air distributors incorporating a motor driven fan or blower
01230.41.10 Hot mint, fresh or chilled
17300.00 Hot water
44900.10 Hot working glass machines (excluding parts)
63110.00 Hotel and motel lodging services
53129.60.20 Hotels (predominantly accommodation)
54113.20 House addition services
54113.20 House alteration services
54113.20 House improvement services
54113.30 House maintenance services
54113.20 House renovation services
54113.30 House repair services
42900.80 Household articles and parts, sheet metal, non-electric, (excluding sanitary ware)
37200.20 Household articles n.e.c., ceramic
36900.20 Household articles n.e.c., plastic
87230.00 Household textile repair services
42900.28.50 Household tools n.e.c.
23100.60 Hulled or crushed cereals (groats) for human consumption
23100.70 Hulled or crushed cereals (groats) not for human consumption
23100.80 Hulled or crushed pellets
23100.80 Hulled or crushed rice (groats)
93199.90 Human health services n.e.c.
83113.00 Human resources management consulting services
43200.30 Hydraulic and pneumatic motor parts
43200.30 Hydraulic and pneumatic motors
42900.32 Hydraulic door closures
37400.20 Hydraulic lime
43100.20 Hydraulic turbine and water wheel parts
43100.20 Hydraulic turbines and water wheels
53200.55.10 Hydrocarbon industry constructions, other
34200.40 Hydrochloric acid
34200.50 Hydrogen

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