1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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16120.15.10 Earth and soil for construction work
42900.28.70 Earth boring tools
54330.00 Earthmoving services
21100.35 Edible extracts
22900.50 Edible ice excluding ice cream and frozen confections
21100.35 Edible juices
21100.35 Edible meals
21100.35 Edible meat flours
21100.15 Edible offals of asses
21100.15 Edible offals of bovine animals
21100.15 Edible offals of goats
21100.15 Edible offals of hinnies
21100.15 Edible offals of horses
21100.15 Edible offals of mules
21100.15 Edible offals of sheep
21100.15 Edible offals of swine
01240.90 Edible roots and tubers with high starch or inulin content, fresh or chilled, other
21600.20 Edible tallow, excluding refined
92900.90 Education and training services n.e.c.
53129.10 Education buildings
85330.10.10 Education premise cleaning services
45100.40 EFTPOS machines
23990.10 Egg albumin
23990.10 Egg yolks, fresh
23990.10 Egg yolks, preserved
01230.22.20 Eggplant (excluding Thai eggplant), fresh or chilled
23990.10 Eggs (not in shell)
02900.25 Eggs, hen, for human consumption
26300.10 Elastomeric yarn of cotton (containing polyurethane or similar thread, not containing rubber thread)
26300.10 Elastomeric yarn of fine animal hair (containing polyurethane or similar thread, not containing rubber thread)
26300.10 Elastomeric yarn of wool (containing polyurethane or similar thread, not containing rubber thread)
41500.30 Elbows, aluminium
41500.30 Elbows, copper or copper alloy
41500.30 Elbows, nickel or nickel alloy
44800.72 Electric blankets
46100.10 Electric generating sets and parts (excluding automotive)
46100.30 Electric generators parts (excluding automotive)
46100.20 Electric generators (excluding automotive)
44800.40 Electric heating resistors (excluding carbon)
44800.72 Electric irons
44800.72 Electric kettles
46500.10 Electric light or lamp bulbs or tubes n.e.c. (excluding automotive)
44200.20 Electric machines and apparatus for arc welding
46100.30 Electric motors parts (excluding automotive)
46100.20 Electric motors (excluding automotive)
46900.20 Electric or electronic alarm systems and parts
46100.10 Electric rotary converters and parts (excluding automotive)
44200.20 Electric soldering and welding machines, apparatus and parts n.e.c.
44200.20 Electric soldering irons and guns
44800.56 Electric water heaters or hot water systems and parts
44200.20 Electric welding irons and guns
46200.10 Electrical apparatus for switching, protecting or for making connections to electrical circuits n.e.c. (excluding inductors)
47100.90 Electrical capacitors
17100.90 Electrical energy, other
46900.90 Electrical equipment and parts n.e.c.
54611.00 Electrical fitting services
37200.90 Electrical fittings, ceramic
54619.00 Electrical installation services, other
46900.90 Electrical insulators
37200.90 Electrical insulators, ceramic
88232.00 Electrical machinery and apparatus manufacturing services
47100.90 Electrical resistors other than heating
54611.00 Electrical wiring services
53200.35 Electricity distribution constructions
86312.00 Electricity distribution services (on a fee or contract basis)
53200.35 Electricity generation constructions
69110.20 Electricity local lines distribution
69110.10 Electricity long-distance transmission
48200.60 Electricity meters
53200.35 Electricity transmission constructions
86311.00 Electricity transmission services (on a fee or contract basis)
17100.40 Electricity, diesel
17100.20 Electricity, hydro
17100.50 Electricity, photovoltaic
17100.50 Electricity, solar
17100.10 Electricity, thermal
17100.30 Electricity, wind
44800.72 Electro-thermic appliances n.e.c.
44800.72 Electro-thermic coffee or tea makers
44800.72 Electro-thermic frypans
44800.72 Electro-thermic hair dryers
44800.72 Electro-thermic toasters
42900.24 Electrodes of a kind used for electrical (including arc) welding, base metal
44800.90 Electromechanical domestic appliances and parts n.e.c.
45100.10 Electronic calculating machines and parts
45200.30.50.90 Electronic devices capable of optical recognition n.e.c.
45200.70 Electronic devices with internet capability, other
47100.90 Electronic equipment and parts, other
47100.90 Electronic integrated circuits
45100.10 Electronic machines incorporating a calculating device and parts n.e.c.
47500.90 Electronic media n.e.c.
47220.30.20 Electronic switchboards n.e.c.
47100.90 Electronic valves and tubes
44400.40 Elevators, continuous-action for goods and materials, specially designed for underground use
43500.20 Elevators, continuous-action, for goods and materials (excluding those specially for underground use), other
27900.90 Embroidery in the piece, strips or motifs
16390.35 Emery, crude or in irregular pieces
16390.30 Emery, crushed and powdered
85100.10.20 Employer funded permanent placement/personnel recruitment service
85100.90 Employment agency services, other
94120.00 Emptying services, tank
02129.50 Emus, live
35100.10 Enamels excluding heavy duty coatings
32200.10 Encyclopaedias printed and/or published by the same unit
93123.90 Endodontics services
43100.90 Engine (excluding vapour) parts n.e.c., other
83331.00 Engineering advisory services for buildings
83332.00 Engineering advisory services for civil engineering works
83333.00 Engineering advisory services for industrial plant and processes
83339.00 Engineering advisory services for other projects
83341.00 Engineering design services for buildings
83342.00 Engineering design services for civil engineering works
83343.00 Engineering design services for industrial plant and processes
83349.00 Engineering design services for other projects
83331.00 Engineering pre-design services for buildings
83332.00 Engineering pre-design services for civil engineering works
83333.00 Engineering pre-design services for industrial plant and processes
83339.00 Engineering pre-design services for other projects
83351.00 Engineering services for buildings during the construction and installation phase
83391.00 Engineering services for buildings, other
83352.00 Engineering services for civil engineering works during the construction and installation phase
83392.00 Engineering services for civil engineering works, other
83353.00 Engineering services for industrial plant and processes during the construction and installation phase
83393.00 Engineering services for industrial plant and processes, other
83359.00 Engineering services for other projects during the construction and installation phase
83399.00 Engineering services for other projects, other
43100.90 Engines (excluding vapour), other
33300.40 Enriched crude oil
28200.48 Ensembles, girls
28200.48 Ensembles, women's
38900.54 Entertainment articles n.e.c.
53129.50 Entertainment buildings
83131.00 Environmental consulting services
82100.25 Environmental legal services
94900.00 Environmental protection services n.e.c.
54400.20 Erection of prefabricated non-residential constructions
54400.10 Erection of prefabricated residential constructions
54691.00 Escalator installation services
43500.20 Escalators and moving walkways
97910.00 Escort services
82100.55 Estate legal services
34100.50 Esters of inorganic acid derivatives
34100.50 Esters of inorganic acid salts
34100.50 Esters of inorganic acids
34100.20.20 Ethanoic (acetic) acid
34100.50 Ether acetals
34100.50 Ether epoxides
34100.50 Ether hemiacetals
34100.50 Ether of alcohol derivatives n.e.c.
34100.50 Ether peroxides
34100.50 Ethers
24100.10 Ethyl alcohol
85330.10.50 Event venue cleaning services
54330.00 Excavating services
44400.60 Excavators with a 360 degree revolving superstructure
52900.10 Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
91111.00 Executive public services
32600.00 Exercise books
37900.30 Exfoliated vermiculite
37900.30 Expanded clays
37900.30 Expanded mineral materials n.e.c.
36300.20 Expanded plastic plates
36300.20 Expanded plastic sheets
36300.20 Expanded plastic strip
35400.30 Explosives
85310.00 Exterminating services
21100.40 Extracts of aquatic invertebrates, including abalone
21100.40 Extracts of crustaceans
21100.40 Extracts of fish
21100.40 Extracts of molluscs
35323.40 Eye makeup

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