1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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01900.40.10 Faba beans (including horse, tick), fresh or chilled
35322.10 Fabric washing preparations
42100.40 Fabricated and prefabricated constructional steel n.e.c.
88219.00 Fabricated metal product manufacturing services, other
42900.98 Fabricated metal products n.e.c.
28110.00 Fabrics, crocheted pile
28110.00 Fabrics, crocheted terry
28190.00 Fabrics, elastic knitted or crocheted
28190.00 Fabrics, elastomeric knitted or crocheted
28110.00 Fabrics, knitted pile
28110.00 Fabrics, knitted terry
27900.30 Fabrics, non-woven
28190.00 Fabrics, warp knit
28190.00 Fabrics, weft
28190.00 Fabric, crocheted, excluding pile and terry
28190.00 Fabric, knitted, excluding pile and terry
35323.40 Face creams
35323.40 Face lotions
35323.40 Face powders
27100.39 Face washers of cotton terry towelling or similar cotton terry fabrics
35323.40 Facial makeup
32100.44 Facial tissue stock
34800.00 Factice and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in plates
34800.00 Factice and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in primary forms
34800.00 Factice and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in sheets
34800.00 Factice and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in strips
53121.10 Factories
38600.00 Fairground amusements n.e.c.
38900.81 False beards
38900.81 False eyebrows
38900.81 False eyelashes
93321.20 Family day-care services
82100.30 Family legal services
86121.00 Farm animal husbandry services
22900.90 Fats derived from milk
21600.60 Fats, animal, processed
21600.60 Fats, animal, refined
21600.60 Fats, vegetable, processed
21600.60 Fats, vegetable, refined
21600.70 Fatty substances derived from wool grease
44100.90 Feed grinders
16390.20 Felspar
16390.30 Felspar, ground
27900.50 Felt products n.e.c. (excluding floor coverings, headwear or clothing)
54770.00 Fencing services
38400.55 Fencing swords and associated scabbards and sheaths
42900.12 Fencing wire (excluding stranded or barbed), iron
42900.12 Fencing wire (excluding stranded or barbed), steel
01900.50.10 Fennel for fungicides
01900.50.10 Fennel for insecticides
01900.50.10 Fennel for perfumery
01900.50.10 Fennel for pharmacy
01900.50.10 Fennel n.e.c.
01230.23 Fennel, fresh or chilled (sweet)
41110.20 Ferro-alloys
44100.60 Fertiliser distributors and manure spreaders
34610.10 Fertiliser grade ammonia aqua
34610.10 Fertiliser grade urea
16110.90 Fertiliser minerals n.e.c.
34610.90 Fertilisers n.e.c.
48300.20.20 Fibre bundles for purposes other than computing or telephony
45200.50.30 Fibre optic cable for computers/communications
31440.00 Fibreboard of wood or other ligneous materials (excluding fibre paperboard and particle board)
01900.40.90 Field beans for grain or seed, fresh or chilled n.e.c.
01900.30.90 Field peas, fresh or chilled n.e.c.
01316.28 Figs, fresh
46500.10 Filament and fluorescent lamp units
46500.40 Filament lamps for motor vehicle, tractor and motor cycle
35500.00 Filament tow, man-made (synthetic)
01360.40 Filberts, dried
01360.40 Filberts, fresh, whether or not shelled
32600.00 File covers
42900.52.10 Filing cabinets, base metal (excluding sheet metal)
35100.60 Filler
16120.15.20 Filling for construction work
96100.30.10 Film post-production services
32100.16 Filter paper or paperboard
43900.15 Filtering or purifying machinery for beverages other than water
82100.10 Finance legal services
51100.00 Financial assets
93325.40 Financial assistance support services
82211.00 Financial auditing services
71551.00 Financial consultancy services
71100.90 Financial intermediation services, except investment banking, insurance services and pension services, other
71559.00 Financial intermediation, auxiliary services n.e.c.
71100.40 Financial leasing services
51100.00 Financial liabilities
83112.00 Financial management consulting services
71549.00 Financial market administration services, other
71541.00 Financial market operational services
71542.00 Financial market regulatory services
91112.00 Financial public services
82213.00 Financial statements services, compilation
71553.00 Financial transactions clearinghouse services
71553.00 Financial transactions processing services
29100.10 Finished leather
54612.00 Fire alarm installation services
42100.20 Fire doors of aluminium
42100.20 Fire doors of iron
42100.20 Fire doors of steel
31600.40 Fire doors, wooden
49110.20 Fire engines, complete
43900.60 Fire extinguishers
91260.00 Fire protection services
44780.10 Firearms and parts thereof
15400.25 Fireclay n.e.c.
35400.30 Fireworks
91112.00 Fiscal public services
21200.20 Fish balls
21200.20 Fish cake
21200.20 Fish fillets
21200.20 Fish fingers
38400.45 Fish landing nets, butterfly nets and similar nets
21200.20 Fish loaf
21200.20 Fish meat
21200.20 Fish paste
51290.20 Fishing quota/access licence (e.g. abalone/paua fishing access licence)
38400.45 Fishing rods and other line fishing tackle
49300.10 Fishing vessels under 50 tonnes displacement
21200.20 Fish, frozen
04100.00 Fish, live, fresh or chilled
21200.20 Fish, smoked
42900.32 Fittings and mountings for windows and doors, other, metal
41270.20 Fittings, iron (excluding cast iron and seamless)
41270.20 Fittings, steel (excluding seamless)
36300.40 Flanges, plastic
48300.10.10 Flashbulbs
48300.10.10 Flashcubes
41110.10 Flat iron
53114.40 Flat, unit or apartment attached to a house
24490.10 Flavoured whole milk drinks
35400.40 Flavouring essences - industrial
23990.90 Flavouring essences, domestic
36300.10 Flexible plastic film
36300.10 Flexible plastic flat shapes n.e.c.
36300.10 Flexible plastic foil
36300.10 Flexible plastic plates
36300.10 Flexible plastic sheets
36300.10 Flexible plastic strip
42900.98 Flexible tubing, metal
49300.20 Floating cranes
49300.20 Floating or submersible drilling or production platforms
49300.20 Floating structures n.e.c.
27100.12 Floor-cloths
38900.30 Floor coverings on a base of textile n.e.c.
27200.20 Floor coverings, coir
27200.10 Floor coverings, felt (excluding underfelt)
27200.20 Floor coverings, other hard fibre
36900.40 Floor coverings, plastic
27200.20 Floor coverings, sisal
27200.10 Floor coverings, textile, n.e.c. excluding coir or sisal
54750.00 Floor laying services, other
37300.10 Floor tiles, ceramic
54740.00 Floor tiling services
44800.16 Floor, wall or window domestic fans
45200.30.60.10 Floppy disk drives
47500.70.10 Floppy disks, blank
47500.70.20 Floppy disks, pre-recorded
01500.30 Floral baskets
23100.30 Flour of dried leguminous vegetables
23700.90 Flour or cereal-based (farinaceous) products, other
21800.10 Flours of oil seeds (excluding mustard) or oleaginous fruits
21100.05 Flours, of meat or meat offal, inedible
16120.25 Fluorspar (excluding abrasives, dust and powders of precious or semi-precious stones)
16120.20 Fluorspar, crushed
16120.20 Fluorspar, mined
16120.20 Fluorspar, quarried
16120.20 Fluorspar, screened
35400.50 Fluxes
36300.20 Foam plates
36200.50 Foam rubber
36300.20 Foam sheets
36300.20 Foam strip
37900.30 Foamed slag
23300.90 Fodder
41500.20 Foil, aluminium
41500.60 Foil, copper or copper alloy
01230.24 Foo yip (Cantonese name)
44500.90 Food and beverage processing machinery n.e.c. and parts
43900.40 Food and beverage vending machines
44800.90 Food grinders and mixers
88111.00 Food manufacturing services
43900.30 Food or drink can or bottle washing machinery
43900.30 Food or drink canning, bottling and sealing machinery
43900.30 Food packing or wrapping machinery
23600.50 Food preparations containing cocoa n.e.c.
23990.90 Food preparations n.e.c.
63200.90 Food serving services n.e.c.
96920.30 Football pools services
38170.10.90 Footstools
29700.90 Footwear n.e.c.
29700.70 Footwear parts n.e.c.
87210.00 Footwear repair services
29700.10 Footwear with uppers and outer soles of plastic
29700.10 Footwear with uppers and outer soles of rubber
29700.30 Footwear with uppers of leather and outer soles of composition leather
29700.30 Footwear with uppers of leather and outer soles of leather
29700.20 Footwear with uppers of leather and outer soles of plastic
29700.20 Footwear with uppers of leather and outer soles of rubber
29700.10 Footwear, waterproof
91220.00 Foreign economic and/or social aid related services
71552.00 Foreign exchange services
91230.00 Foreign military aid related services
51290.30 Forestry cutting rights
03900.90 Forestry products, n.e.c.
52100.90 Forest, other
42900.20 Forged articles of iron or steel n.e.c.
49500.20 Forged iron or steel tyres and wheels for railway or tramway locomotives
49500.20 Forged iron or steel tyres and wheels for rolling stock
89220.00 Forging services, metal
43500.40 Forklifts
42900.28.50 Forks (excluding solid silver or gold), metal
24200.10.90 Fortified wine, other
93325.65 Foster placement services
28200.06 Foundation garments
54512.00 Foundation services
53114.30 Four or more storey flat, unit or apartment not attached to a house
31900.10 Frames for mirrors, wooden
31900.10 Frames for paintings, wooden
31900.10 Frames for photographs, wooden
31900.10 Frames, wooden, n.e.c.
21100.55 Frankfurters
96100.20 Freelance production services to other businesses
44800.20 Freezers, domestic
49220.20 Freight containers (excluding stock crates), metal
71333.00 Freight insurance services (excluding reinsurance services)
67910.00 Freight transport agency services
01230.05.20 French beans, fresh or chilled
01230.69 French endive, fresh or chilled
23990.15 Fruit based baby preparations
23990.15 Fruit based health preparations
23990.15 Fruit based invalid preparations
21500.90 Fruit jellies
21400.10 Fruit juices, concentrated
21400.10 Fruit juices, single strength
21500.90 Fruit otherwise prepared or preserved
21500.90 Fruit peel otherwise prepared or preserved
21500.90 Fruit puree and paste
01319.00 Fruit, fresh, other
21500.90 Fruit, frozen
33300.30 Fuel oil
03130.00 Fuel wood, in logs, billets, twigs, faggots or similar forms
43200.40 Fuel, lubricating or cooling medium pumps for motor vehicles
43200.40 Fuel, lubricating or cooling medium pumps for tractors
43200.40 Fuel, lubricating or cooling medium pumps for trucks
15400.30 Fuller's earth
38500.20.90 Funfair games, articles n.e.c
97120.00 Fur product cleaning services
48100.10 Furniture and parts for medical, dental, surgical or veterinary other than of sheet metal
38170.90.90 Furniture and parts n.e.c.
48100.05 Furniture for medical, dental, surgical or veterinary of sheet metal
38170.90.30 Furniture parts n.e.c. (excluding wood and sheet metal)
87240.00 Furniture repair services
38170.10.30 Furniture, domestic, complete and assembled, metal
38170.10.30 Furniture, domestic, complete and assembled, predominantly metal
38170.10.20 Furniture, domestic, complete and assembled, predominantly wooden
38170.20.10 Furniture, domestic, complete and assembled, predominantly wooden n.e.c.
38170.10.20 Furniture, domestic, complete and assembled, wooden
38170.20.10 Furniture, non-domestic, complete and assembled, wooden n.e.c.
38170.20.90 Furniture, non-domestic, complete assembled, n.e.c.
38170.90.50 Furniture, sheet metal, n.e.c. (including parts)
38170.10.90 Furniture, domestic, complete and assembled, n.e.c.
28340.90 Furskin articles n.e.c.

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