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  • access Census TableBuilder Basic data without registering
  • includes Census 2016, 2011 and 2006 data
  • users can't save tables or submit large tables.
  • registered access
  • Census TableBuilder Basic and Pro
  • includes Census 2016, 2011 and 2006 data
  • save tables, submit large tables, create custom groups.
  • registered access
  • includes datasets such as health, education, labour force, preschool education, migrants, motor vehicles, crime, disabilities, ageing and carers
  • save tables, submit large tables, create custom groups.

TableBuilder is an online tool for creating tables, graphs and maps using ABS microdata. There are two TableBuilder systems: Census TableBuilder and TableBuilder for all other datasets. The TableBuilder User Guide provides detailed information about both systems, including practical examples and video tutorials. Features include:
  • select, customise, create and save tables and customised data
  • display counts, percentages and relative standard errors in your tables
  • calculate means, medians, quantiles and ranges for continuous variables
  • produce output as tables, graphs or maps (maps are currently available for Census TableBuilder datasets only)
  • download tables as CSV, Excel and SDMX files
  • download graphs or maps as PDF and KMZ files
  • create, save and share customised geographic areas and recodes with other users (registered users only).


Census TableBuilder contains datasets from the Census of Population and Housing. There are two levels of access:
  • Census TableBuilder Basic is a free product designed for users who want to construct basic data tables. Census TableBuilder Basic provides access to most Census data in a range of topic-based datasets that include classifications such as age, education, housing, income, transport, religion, ethnicity and occupation. Users can access Basic datasets as a guest user or by registering to enable additional features such as saving tables, submitting large tables and creating custom groups.
  • Census TableBuilder Pro is available for subscription. It is designed for advanced Census data users who want the freedom to create large and/or complex tables. It provides access to nearly all variables available in the Census data, supporting a large variety of cross-classified tables. Users need to register and subscribe to access Pro.

Supporting material for Census TableBuilder datasets:


There are many datasets available in TableBuilder available for subscription, listed on the Available microdata page. There are a wide range of topics including health, education, labour force, preschool education, migrants, motor vehicles, crime, disabilities, ageing and carers. Some datasets provide access to ABS survey results, while other datasets are administrative data collected by other organisations.


See How to apply to register for and access free and subscribed TableBuilder datasets. Census TableBuilder Basic datasets can also be accessed without registering, as a guest user.

A list of available TableBuilder datasets as well as supporting material are linked on the Available microdata page. Each dataset links to a microdata publication, with the TableBuilder variables listed in a Data Item List on the Downloads tab.


Further assistance is available for paid TableBuilder subscribers via the help desk support at microdata.access@abs.gov.au. Alternatively, for assistance with your table results, fill in a request for an Information Consultancy quote. This is a charged service.

The ABS privacy policy outlines how the ABS handles any personal information that you provide to us.