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Survey Participant Information - Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity


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This page contains information to help businesses that are included in the Survey of Financial Information - Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity for the 2012-13 reference period. For general information about participants in business surveys, please see Business (FAQs).

If your question about the Survey of Financial Information - Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity is not answered on this page, or in the information provided on your web form, please contact the ABS on 1800 882 430 (free call excluding mobile phones).

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What is the purpose of the survey and who uses the data?

The survey informs public debate on Australian investment in Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity (VC&LSPE) activity and provides data with which to assess relevant government policy and programs. The amount of investment in Venture Capital is a measure of capital spent on new innovative businesses, while investment in Later Stage Private Equity measures capital spent on established businesses seeking efficiency gains through improvements in productivity and streamlining.

Data from the 'Survey of Financial Information - Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity' is primarily used by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIICCSRTE) in determining the effects of government programs they provide to VC& LSPE vehicles through either co-investment in early stages or providing tax exemptions. DIICCSRTE also use the data for international comparison purposes.

Other users of the data include the Productivity Commission and various State governments when determining policy for small business funding.

How did this business get chosen for the survey?

The ABS compiles a list of all VC&LSPE managers using membership lists from industry bodies such as Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Limited (AVCAL), participants in government programs, Venture Capital journals and other news media.

In scope are
  • VC&LSPE vehicles domiciled in Australia (including those with overseas investments)
  • Australian Fund of Funds
  • VC&LSPE vehicles that expect returns through capital gains rather than regular income streams
  • VC&LSPE vehicles that invest in unlisted companies
  • VC&LSPE vehicles that become part owners or acquire a minority share as part of their investment
  • Incubators with significant equity investment in seed enterprises

Not in scope
  • Business angels
  • VC&LSPE vehicles based overseas
  • VC&LSPE vehicles that only invest in listed companies

What is the reference period?

The reference period is for the year ending 30 June 2013.

How long will this business be on the survey?

Data for all VC & LSPE vehicles are reported on an annual basis, until all investment activity has wound down.

What questions are on the survey?

The survey asks for various information about the VC&LSPE vehicle in reference to the year ending 30 June 2013;

Data reported includes:
-VC&LSPE manager (if applicable) and vehicle details
-VC&LSPE vehicle source of capital (investors)
-VC&LSPE vehicle assets and liabilities
-Inflows and outlays between the VC&LSPE vehicle and investors
-Inflows and outlays between the VC&LSPE vehicle and investee companies
-Investee company information

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How do I access the web form?

To access your web form, click on the following web link or copy into your web browser - To log in, use the 6 digit 'User Identifier' and then the 'Password' details that are included in your letter from the ABS. If you have misplaced your letter and log in details, please call 1800 136 430 (free call excluding mobile phones) to request a new password.

Can I save an unfinished web form?

Yes, there is a functionality to save the web form when partially completed so you can return to it later. To do this simply click the Save and Exit button at the top of the form. This will save your form and exit you from the system. You will receive a confirmation message. You can then log back in to complete the survey at any time. Please be aware that, for security reasons, if there is inactivity on your computer for 20 minutes the web form will time out without saving.

Can I keep a record of my completed web form?

Yes, the ABS highly recommends that you keep a copy of your completed form for your own personal records.
    • To print a copy of the form, click the Print button on the receipt pages.
    • A sample version of the form is available to download by clicking Download Form from the navigation menu

Can I get an extension or request assistance to complete the web form?

If you need assistance in completing the web form, or have difficulties in meeting the due date, an extension of time may be available. Please call 1800 136 430 (free call excluding mobile phones) and advise our staff of your situation.

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I have already sent you the information requested

If you believe you have already provided the ABS with the information requested for the 2012-13 Survey of Financial Information - Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity, please call our staff on 1800 136 430 (free call excluding mobile phones).

How can I get access to the results of the ABS survey?

Results from the Survey of Financial Information - Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity are available on the ABS website (catalogue number 5678.0) online at 5678.0 Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity, Australia

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The ABS is grateful for the cooperation of businesses in submitting completed forms promptly to enable early processing and timely release of results from our surveys. We look forward to your continued support.

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