2011 Census Fact Sheet: eCensus

      2011 Census Fact Sheet


• The eCensus should be completed on Census night, 9 August 2011.
• However the eCensus website is open from 28 July 2011 and it is possible to complete the eCensus from that point onwards.
• The eCensus is a fast, easy and secure alternative to the traditional paper form, with online help available.
• This is the second time the eCensus option has been available.
• It’s expected that 30 per cent of the population or more will choose the eCensus option.
• There is plenty of reserve capacity to cope with more people than this choosing the eCensus option.
• It takes about 24 minutes to complete the eCensus form, depending on the individual. For each additional person add 10 minutes.

Key Statistics (based on 2006 Census data)

• In 2006 10.15 per cent of households submitted their information via the eCensus.
• Women aged 30 – 34 were more likely to use the eCensus option.
• Families with children (12.30 per cent) were more likely to participate in the eCensus than families without children (10.60 per cent).
• The Australian Capital Territory had the highest take-up rate of all the states and territories in 2006, with 17.15 per cent using the eCensus.
• If you have problems completing the eCensus contact the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 338 776.