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Disclosure log numberRelease dateSummaryLink to information Other information
2015/0730 May 2016Retention of names and addresses collected in the 2016 Census of Population and HousingFOI_30May2016.pdf
2015/0813 May 2016Social media policy and guidanceFOI_13May2016.pdf
2015/0413 October 2015Application of confidentiality for International Merchandise Trade: Confidential Commodities List, Aug 2015FOI_26October2015.pdf
June 2015
Current Training Manuals and related material used to train staff engaged in the collection and preparation of data for the compilation of the CPI, specifically material that provides guidance to staff about when and how they should make adjustments to prices on account of a change in the quality of a product or service.FOI_5June2015.pdf
2015/035 May 2015Documentation on:
  • the participant selection process;
  • the process for selecting geographical locations; and
  • the geographical locations selected
for the current ABS Monthly Population Survey.
2015/012 February 2015Application information for ABS IT job vacancies advertised from 2009-2014FOI_2February2015.pdf
2014/021 September 2014Copy of the ABS' 2013/14 Patient Experience Survey.FOI_1September2014.pdf
2014/018 July 2014Documentation on:
  • the decision to amend the tariff classification from statistical key 10 to 34;
  • the decision to amend the statistical information description for ABS import statistics;
  • the consultative discussions with industry prior to the changes being implemented; and
  • ABS policy documentation regarding the withholding of import statistics since 2011.
The request is limited to import statistics relating to imports of insulated cable from the USA and China.
2013/0224 April 2013Copies of the monthly briefings on 6202.0 Labour Force, Australia prepared by the Labour Branch for use in the lockup of departmental officials on the Thursday morning of the Labour Force release. The request is limited to those briefings that took place between January 2011 and March 2013 inclusive.FOI_24April2013(2).pdf
2013/0124 April 2013Any cyber security incidents over the last 5 years that have resulted in the production of internal ABS documents that were written by people (and not generated by an anti-virus program).FOI_24April2013.pdf
2012/0224 July 2012All information relating to the review, the early release of the information, and the names of the six recipients, from the retail trade incident identified in the May 7 ABS media release.FOI_23July2012.pdfFurther Documents - released on 13 Aug 2012.pdfRelated media release
2012/0123 March 2012Documents, created or received between January 19 2012 and February 19 2012, relating to:
  • the decision to publish 'Employment Level Estimates versus Employment to Population Explained' in 6202.0, January 2012; and
  • claims made that employment growth had slipped to its lowest in two decades in 6202.0 in December 2011.
2011/0318 October 2011All documents produced in the past 6 months about the extent of non-compliance with the 2011 Census.FOI_18October2011.pdf
2011/027 October 2011All minutes from the 2012 Personal Safety Survey Advisory Group meetings.FOI_7October2011.pdf

16 June 2011All records and communication of the Australian Bureau of Statistics relating to work on autism spectrum disorder in conjunction with FaHCSIA.FOI_16June2011.pdf