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Disclosure log numberRelease dateSummaryOther information
2017/0610 November 2017A request regarding the posting of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey forms specifically:
  • Information on what ordering strategy was chosen, for example, by area, surname, randomly, etc; and
  • Information on the decision-making process that was used to choose that strategy.
FOI_10 November 2017.pdf
2017/056 November 2017A request for documents created between 25 September and 8 October 2017 specifically :
  • An extract of a document aggregating the number of applications for a replacement marriage law survey form identifying the reason for the application (ie that the applicant's form was damaged, lost, not received or the applicant has a new mailing address), but excluding any personal information of applicants and other persons;
  • A document identifying the aggregate number of people who received responses that the ABS was not able to verify their details against the Commonwealth Electoral Roll after they applied for a replacement survey form using the webform; and
  • A document identifying the aggregate number of people whose applications for a replacement form were refused.
FOI_6 November 2017.pdf
2017/045 October 2017A request for:
  • Draft templates or designs proposed for the form to be sent to all people on the electoral roll for the postal survey on same-sex marriage.
FOI_5 October 2017.pdf
2017/0322 September 2017Four requests for documents created between 1 February 2017 and 11:51am on 9 August 2017 relating to:
  • any proposal or discussion about the Australian Bureau of Statistics running a postal plebiscite on the issue of same-sex marriage including challenges or difficulties; and
  • any correspondence (since 1 August 2017) between the ABS and either the Treasurer (or his office), the Minister for Small Business (or his office), the Finance Minister (or his office) or the Special Minister of State (or his office) relating to Same Sex Marriage, the Census and Statistics Act, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act, plebiscites or postal votes.
FOI_22 September 2017.pdfThe ABS received four requests with similar scopes which have been combined into one document release.
2017/025 September 2017A request for documents that add to the Personal Safety Survey explanatory notes at http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Lookup/4906.0Explanatory+Notes12012 specifically:
  • any document that details the instructions given to interviewers, including the words to be used by interviewers (i) in seeking information, for the purposes of enumeration, about household residents, (ii) in explaining the voluntary nature of the survey, and (iii) in ensuring that the interview was conducted in private with the interviewee, without the knowledge of other household residents; and
  • any documents that indicate how many times interviewers attempted to contact a person in the household for (i) the initial purpose of enumeration, and (ii) to interview the randomly selected potential interviewee
FOI_5 September 2017.pdf
2017/017 July 2017A request for:
  • Documents from the Department of Education and Training to the ABS specifically on SES methodology used to fund schools and the the detailed review of the SES methodology by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria; and
  • On the same subject matter documents from the ABS to the Department of Education and Training between 1 March 2017 and 31 May 2017. 
FOI_7 July 2017.pdf
2016/2224 May 2017A request for:
  • Emails to and from an ABS employee between 1st April 2016 and 31st August 2016 with the keyword "culcha" in either the body of the email or the header (subject line, to or from email fields etc).
FOI_24 May 2017.pdf
2016/2130 March 2017A request for:
  • Documents wherein the outcome of any enterprise bargaining ballots were communicated to the department by the entity who undertook the ballots. This shall include the YES/NO vote amounts or percentages as well as any additional information related to the vote. For example, a breakdown of the vote by employee location, or APS level. The scope of this request covers any such documents that were received as a result of EBA offers made to staff under the Workplace Bargaining Policy 2015 or the Australian Government Public Sector Workplace Bargaining Policy 2014.
FOI_30 March 2017.pdf
2016/2020 March 2017A request for:
  • Document(s) which describe the data provided to the external organisation(s) responsible for conducting the ballot(s) for all Enterprise Agreements put to staff for a vote. The scope of this request is limited only to those ballots undertaken for enterprise agreements which were proposed to take effect after 30 June 2014. The document shall describe the data given to the ballot agent. For example, employee name, employee identification number, employee email address, etc. This request excludes the data for specific employees; the request only relates to the 'meta-data'.
FOI_20 March 2017.pdf
2016/1920 January 2017A request for:
  • Disclosure Review Board (DRB) terms of reference (DRB is a committee that assesses 'disclosure risks' of at-risk microdata files.
  • Template for submitting a statistical release to DRB for review/assessment.
  • Policy for releasing microdata (unit record files as opposed to aggregate information).
  • 'Life cycle for research' principles.
FOI_20 January 2017(2).pdf
2016/1820 January 2017A request for:
  • Communications in the three months before 9 August 2016 to and/or from the Chief Statistician and/or Head of 2016 Census warning and/or cautioning about the level and/or adequacy of Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) protection for the 2016 online census.
FOI_20 January 2017(1).pdf
2016/1720 December 2016A request for:
  • Briefing material about the implementation of the 2016 Census prepared for Ministers with responsibility for the ABS from 01/01/2015 to the date of this application (11:26pm 09 August 2016) or at the request of the Office of the Treasurer and other Treasury portfolios.
FOI_20 December 2016.pdf
2016/161 December 2016A request for:
  • Current FOI delegations and any related directions issued in respect of FOI.
FOI_1 December 2016.pdf
2016/1518 November 2016A request for:
  • Any and all correspondence (letters, emails, phone conversations) between the ABS and Murdoch University regarding 2 emails the applicant sent to David Kalisch from his work email address on 05/08/2016 and 10/08/2016.
FOI_18 November 2016.pdfWARNING: FOI_18 November 2016 contains language that may offend some readers.
2016/1411 November 2016A request for:
  • All instructions given to Census Mainstream Field Officers regarding privacy or confidentiality. This does not include brief mentions/reminders in otherwise unrelated communications.
  • All instructions/information given to Census Mainstream Field Officers regarding access to property.
  • Provisions for securing Census data when Census Mainstream Field Officers are using the 'App' on their personal devices.
FOI_11 November 2016.pdf
2016/139 November 2016A request for:
  • Raw server logs for the last 100 successful visits to the eCensus on 9 August 2016.
FOI_9 November 2016.pdf
2016/1225 October 2016A request for:
  • all correspondence (the final emails) regarding 'the potential and/or actual failure of the online 2016 Census website', involving one or more of the following: Duncan Young, Chris Libreri, Jonathan Palmer and David Kalisch, not including the public. Timeframe is from midnight 8 August 2016 to the date of this application (12:39pm 10 August 2016).
FOI_25 October 2016.pdf
2016/1113 October 2016A request for:
  • copies of all emails, memos or other written documents sent to and from the Census Communications team on Census day (Tue 9 August), specifically relating to the @ABSCensus Twitter feed and tweets by that account. This includes information about what the account should or could publish, as well as discussion about tweets already published
  • internal communication within the team, i.e. emails between team members regarding the @ABSCensus Twitter feed.
FOI_13 October 2016.pdf
2016/1012 October 2016A request for:
  • all corporate credit card spending by David Kalisch since July 1, 2015 until the date of this request; and 
  • all expense claims lodged by David Kalisch since July 1, 2015 until the date of this request.
FOI_12 October 2016(2).pdf
2016/0910 October 2016A request for:
  • Documents that support the following statement from the Australian Statistician: "We know that if people supply their name they're more likely to provide accurate information in the other parts of the Census."
FOI_10 October 2016.pdfFOI_07 November 2016.pdfFOI_07 November 2016 was released on 07 November 2016 as additional documentation following an internal review.
2016/0827 September 2016A request for:
  • Reports in relation to public feedback with regard to the Census, through to 19 August 2016.
FOI_27 September 2016.pdf
2016/0723 September 2016A request for:
  • All referrals from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner notifying them of a suspected data breach or other breach (from 2013 onwards) under the IPPs or APP.
FOI_23 September 2016.pdf Related media release
2016/0614 September 2016A request for:
  • All documents, reports, emails, texts and other communications generated on August 9 and 10 2016 both to and from:
    • the Australian Statistican, David Kalisch
    • the Deputy Australian Statisican and Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Palmer
    • Minister Michael McCormack
FOI_14 September 2016.pdf
2016/0512 September 2016A request for:
  • Redacted information relating to a previous FOI - Disclosure Log no. 2015/07.
FOI_12 September 2016 (ABS Ref 201617-26).pdf
2016/0412 September 2016A request for:
  • Policy/procedural documents which are currently in effect and relate only to individuals who refuse a direction to complete the Census.
2016/0309 September 2016
A request for:
  • Internal correspondence relating to a Census media inquiry.

FOI 201617-14 Disclosure Log.pdf
FOI_12 October 2016(1).pdf
FOI_12 October 2016(1) was released on 12 October 2016 as additional documentation following an internal review.
2016/0208 September 2016A request for:
  • Census Australia Facebook User Rules
FOI_08 September 2016.pdf
2016/0122 August 2016A request for:
  • Ministerial briefs and correspondence between the ABS and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner since 1 January 2015 regarding ABS practices with regards to identifying information collected as part of the Census
2015/1025 July 2016A request for:
  • Application details for Area Supervisors for the Beaudesert area for the 2016 Census
2015/0730 May 2016A request for:
  • Retention of names and addresses collected in the 2016 Census of Population and Housing
2015/0813 May 2016A request for:
  • Social media policy and guidance
2015/0413 October 2015A request for:
  • Application of confidentiality for International Merchandise Trade: Confidential Commodities List, Aug 2015
2015/025 June 2015A request for:
  • Current Training Manuals and related material used to train staff engaged in the collection and preparation of data for the compilation of the CPI, specifically material that provides guidance to staff about when and how they should make adjustments to prices on account of a change in the quality of a product or service.
2015/035 May 2015A request for:
  • Documentation on:
    • the participant selection process;
    • the process for selecting geographical locations; and
    • the geographical locations selected
for the current ABS Monthly Population Survey.
2015/012 February 2015A request for:
  • Application information for ABS IT job vacancies advertised from 2009-2014.
2014/021 September 2014A request for:
  • Copy of the ABS' 2013/14 Patient Experience Survey.
2014/018 July 2014A request for:
  • Documentation on:
    • the decision to amend the tariff classification from statistical key 10 to 34;
    • the decision to amend the statistical information description for ABS import statistics;
    • the consultative discussions with industry prior to the changes being implemented; and
    • ABS policy documentation regarding the withholding of import statistics since 2011.
The request is limited to import statistics relating to imports of insulated cable from the USA and China.
2013/0224 April 2013A request for:
  • Copies of the monthly briefings on 6202.0 Labour Force, Australia prepared by the Labour Branch for use in the lockup of departmental officials on the Thursday morning of the Labour Force release. The request is limited to those briefings that took place between January 2011 and March 2013 inclusive.
2013/0124 April 2013A request for:
  • Any cyber security incidents over the last 5 years that have resulted in the production of internal ABS documents that were written by people (and not generated by an anti-virus program).
2012/0224 July 2012A request for:
  • All information relating to the review, the early release of the information, and the names of the six recipients, from the retail trade incident identified in the May 7 ABS media release.
FOI_23July2012.pdfFurther Documents - released on 13 Aug 2012.pdfRelated media release
2012/0123 March 2012A request for:
  • Documents, created or received between January 19 2012 and February 19 2012, relating to:
    • the decision to publish 'Employment Level Estimates versus Employment to Population Explained' in 6202.0, January 2012; and
    • claims made that employment growth had slipped to its lowest in two decades in 6202.0 in December 2011.
2011/0318 October 2011A request for:
  • All documents produced in the past 6 months about the extent of non-compliance with the 2011 Census.
2011/027 October 2011A request for:
  • All minutes from the 2012 Personal Safety Survey Advisory Group meetings.

16 June 2011A request for:
  • All records and communication of the Australian Bureau of Statistics relating to work on autism spectrum disorder in conjunction with FaHCSIA.