Review of 2021 Census topics

The five yearly Census provides critical data to inform Australia's important decisions. Every Census, the ABS makes a recommendation to the Australian Government on the topics that should be included in the Census.

The 2007.0 Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on Topics, 2021 provides important details on:

  • what information is collected in the Census;
  • what stakeholders have been telling us to date;
  • what is the criteria for deciding what to collect;
  • what is the submission process; and
  • what is required in a submission.

Start your submission to inform the review

The ABS public consultation on the review of 2021 Census topics is open from Tuesday, 3 April to 30 June 2018. This consultation provides all Census data users with an opportunity to identify your data needs and share your views on the most useful information to collect in the 2021 Census.

ABS Consultation hub: Start your submission to share your data needs for the 2021 Census

Topics collect on the Census
Topics have been organised into the following broad themes and detailed information is available:

Image: Two figures speakingWatch and learn about the 2021 Census Topics briefing

You can now watch the 2021 Census topics briefing about the review of the 2021 Census topics and how members of the community can participate in this important process - informing Australia's important decisions.

The one hour briefing focuses on the review of 2021 Census topics and includes
  • an overview of the topic review process
  • early directions on topics for 2021 on what may be added, changed or removed
  • public submission process
  • Q&A session.

What does the review involve?

The review has started with individual consultation with key stakeholders and the ABS. A public submission process will be open from April to June 2018 (with details published in March).

A summary of the consultation will be published to inform the refinement of the ABS' recommendations to the Australian Government. The ABS will publish the final 2021 Census questions in late 2020.

Image: 1.ABS begins consultation

Future census planning

As we work towards 2021, the ABS will share information and seek views to inform our planning on how people can participate in the Census, our approach to ensuring privacy and security of information or how we provide the final Census results.