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71. Agriculture statistics - general

7103.0.80.002ABS looking for comments on its next Ag Census (Media Release), 2010-11
7105.0.55.003Have your say – improve Australia’s agricultural statistics (Media Release), 2013-14
7111.0ABS releases first estimates from 2005-06 Agricultural Census (Media Release), 2005-06
7111.0Agricultural production rebounds after drought (Media Release), 2003-04
7111.0Crops and livestock make good recoveries in 2011 (Media Release), 2010-11
7111.0Drought hits wheat production and sheep numbers (Media Release), 2002-03
7111.0Drought impacts crops; sheep & lambs at lowest level since 1924 (Media Release), 2006-07
7111.0Large wheat crop highlight of the 1996-97 season (Media Release), 1996-97
7111.0Livestock numbers up but crops production was down - first figures from 2001 Agricultural Census (Media Release), 2000-01
7111.0Major crops down in 1997-98 - ABS (Media Release), 1997-98
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2008-09
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2011-12
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2012-13
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2013-14
7111.0Record wheat and canola crops: ABS (Media Release), 1999-2000
7111.0Rice, sheep and lamb numbers drop to lowest levels since 1920s: ABS (Media Release), 2007-08
7111.0Sheep and meat cattle numbers up in 2004–05, but winter crops down (Media Release), 2004-05
7111.0Sheep flock sizes at lowest levels in 100 years (Media Release), 2009-10
7111.0Summer rainfall leads to a bumper sorghum crop (Media Release), 2014-15
7111.0Wheat production up, beef herds down - ABS (Media Release), 1998-99
7111.0.55.001ABS provides a picture of changes to farm business management practices (Media Release), 2001-02
7111.0.55.002Apple production steady, while pear production falls in 2001-02 (Media Release), 2001-02
7111.0.55.003Large grain crops - Highlight of the 2001-2002 season (Media Release), 2001-02
7113.0Agriculture Australia shows the state of rural industry today (Media Release), 1997-98
7113.0Gross value of agricultural production up to $30.2 billion (Media Release), 1999-2000
7113.0Gross value of agricultural production $28.8 billion (Media Release), 1998-99
7113.0Results of the latest Agricultural Census on new CD product (Media Release), 1996-97
7121.0Agricultural Commodities, Australia (Media Release), 2010-11
7121.0Australia's grain production up (Media Release), 1998-99
7121.0Barley and Wheat Leading Farm Sector Recovery: ABS (Media Release), 2003-04
7121.0Broadacre crop production up, livestock numbers down (Media Release), 2009-10
7121.0Broadacre production down, livestock numbers steady: ABS (Media Release), 2004-05
7121.0Bumper crop production for 2016-17 (Media Release), 2016-17
7121.0Canola breaks records in 2012-13 (Media Release), 2012-2013
7121.0Drought drops sheep numbers to lowest since 1924, crops fall by half: ABS (Media Release), 2006-07
7121.0Drought hits agriculture hard in 2002-03 (Media Release), 2002-03
7121.0Impact on agriculture as drought lingers: ABS (Media Release), 2007-08
7121.0Increased livestock disposals drive up agriculture’s gross value (Media Release), 2013-14
7121.0Mixed results for agricultural production in 2015-16 (Media Release), 2015-16
7121.0Production of Australian wine grapes reaches record levels (Media Release), 1997-98
7121.0Record cotton production in 2011-12 (Media Release), 2011-12
7121.0Record wheat, canola and grape crops: ABS (Media Release), 1999-2000
7121.0Sheep and lamb numbers fall to their lowest levels since 1905 (Media Release), 2008-09
7121.0Sheep numbers at lowest level since 1948: ABS (Media Release), 2001-02
7121.0Value of Australian farm production rises to $54 billion (Media Release), 2014-15
7122.0.55.001Wheat grain stocks estimated at 7 million tonnes: ABS (Media Release), June 2009
7127.099% of farm businesses in Australia are Australian owned (Media Release), 2015-16
7127.0Agricultural businesses almost entirely Australian owned. (Media Release), December 2010
7127.0Foreign ownership up but farms still mostly Australian (Media Release), Jun 2013