Media Releases by Catalogue Number

56. Finance

5609.0Revised ABS Housing Finance Statistics publication - new tables (Media Release), Mar 2004
5609.0.55.003ABS to adjust first home buyer loan estimates up 20 per cent after investigation (Media Release), 2015
5611.0ABS Snapshot Shows Finance Sector Means Business (Media Release), 1999-2000
5655.0ABS survey shows healthy venture capital investment (Media Release), Dec 2000
5672.0ABS and ATO in latest initiative to reduce 'red tape' paperwork (Media Release), 1995-96
5673.0.55.0039.8 million wage and salary earners in Australia (Media Release), 2009-10
5673.0.55.003Big earners: where are they? Regional income data released for all Australia (Media Release), 2003-04
5673.0.55.003Men still earn more than women Australia wide (Media Release), 2005-06 to 2010-11
5674.5Foreign-owned firms account for 25 per cent of WA private new capital expenditure (Media Release), 1998-99
5678.0Healthy Growth In Venture Capital Despite Global Downturn (Media Release), 2001-02
5678.0Investing in Venture Capital reaps rewards in 2003-04: ABS (Media Release), 2003-04
5678.0Slowing growth in venture capital (Media Release), 2002-03
5678.0Steady growth in venture capital continues (Media Release), 2004-05
5678.0Steady growth in venture capital (Media Release), 2001-02
5678.0Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity, Australia (Media Release), 2012-13